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Altair Club Cars Electrified G80 | RE:CREATE (with. ) |

Electrified G80 | RE:CREATE (with. ) |

문화칼럼니스트 김태훈씨와 함께 하는

I’m an arts and culture columnist, and today i’ll be your personal guide you are at the oil tank culture park located in mapo-gu, seoul. this place used to be a top security facility closed off to the general public. an oil reserve site, a symbol of south korea’s industrialization. what was once an off-limit zone has now transformed with its change from being a

Restricted area to a fully open place, the oil tank culture park now represents the ideal of a new era that is the sustainable future. as soon as you enter, you’ll see a wall elegantly installed near the entrance, on which the objective of this exhibition is written in detail. an exhibition that displays newly discovered possibilities, formerly found in ruins but then

Reclaimed as a masterpiece, similar to the space that it is being hosted – a space once abandoned but turned into an arts and culture hub. and we can grasp the determination of the genesis electrified g80 to represent a new type of luxury, going beyond being merely another means of transportation. so, now, let’s take a look at the artworks on display, finding out what

A sustainable future is as we take each step. it seems it may have some underlying meaning. from afar, you can see the countless media particles shooting straight up in unison, creating this gigantic installation. the steel and concrete represent the enclosed space that once stored around more than 69 million liters of oil. in other words, this artwork portrays the

Virtue of the past; the floor is composed of objects that symbolize petroleum, and with the vertically facing lights, we can see the changing shapes and forms. the multitude of particles, each emitting its own light, depending on which direction we look at it, so in a way, the artwork implicitly expresses the energy cycle from oil to electricity. the transformation of a

Once oil-filled house to a space that connects people and what an energetic work, reinterpreting the essence found in the changing of eras! it makes me want to look at other displayed artworks as well. what comes to your mind when you think of products made of oil? in south korea alone, about 4.9 billion plastic bottles are discarded per year – that’s about 71,400

Tons in weight. and the artwork you’re looking at right here is one of those ideas. marbling and fine particles are made of plastic waste? kang young-min, the artist behind this exhibition, is a world-renowned upcycling designer creating various artworks out of discarded plastics. “the way we observe matters is critical for discovering true beauty,” says kang.

Let’s have a quick chat with him about the exhibition and his works. we’ve briefly looked around, and i have got to say, i am quite impressed. would you please elaborate on what you were trying to express and how you executed it? all the objects you see here, even this space we’re in, breathing life back into them was the concept upcycling is a huge theme of your

Work, expressing the idea of transformation and circulation. what do these ideas, transformation and circulation, mean? my goal was to provide a new perspective by going through the process of taking apart discarded plastics, putting them back together, and having them reincarnated into a beautiful piece of art. on the one hand, it could simply be trash, but it can

Become something completely new when you look at it differently. that’s how you expressed transformation and circulation. wastes during the process of coating plastic pipes. i wanted to invite people to see them as art pieces rather than trash. i heard there is an artwork on display based on the actual genesis. if you see right here, i’ve created g80 silhouette

Collage by combining the actual eco-friendly leather fabric that goes in the g80 and pvc plastic pipes that go to waste. that its look changes depending on where you stand. from the left side, you see the actual view of the g80 vehicle. from the right side, you see the silhouette and the brand’s symbolic two lines. the collage is composed of the following – the left

Side shows the actual image of the g80. and texture of a marble stone, made using discarded plastics. the actual fabric materials that go inside the car. listening to your explanation for each artwork is not only helpful to understand the work’s significance, but it is also entertaining at the same time. getting an understanding of works you are not familiar with is

Always interesting. this is where we reflect on the previous exhibition zones. it would be safe to say that this space transcends physical width and height; it’s more of a container of time and stories. create new value, as it will become a source of energy that lasts. and before we wrap it up, anything else you want to say first off, i’d like to thank everyone who

Came all the way here to see the exhibition. we build walls around ourselves based on our knowledge and experience. i hope you’ll be able to bring down those walls here in this space. it would be a great honor if you can enjoy what we have prepared while focusing on the type of future we can create together by looking at things around you with a brand new perspective.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you continue to give us different perspectives and insights on this world through your works. moving forward, we are now stumbling across genesis’s let’s find out what genesis’s innovative technology has i’ve been glancing at this electrified g80, and i am especially impressed by its deep ocean color. now that i think of it,

Regarding the main artwork in the center of the exhibition hall, its images change according to each viewer’s angle. exclusive color representing the pureness of matira beach in the south pacific. it reflects genesis’ objective for sustainable luxury. experience changes in color depending on where they stand. it’s an exclusive charger specially designed for genesis.

That shiny installation on the other side looks like another artwork. symbolizing the v2l or the vehicle to load technology. the v2l allows you to enjoy the outdoors by connecting the vehicle with various electronics and lighting products. we’ve met the first electric vehicle of genesis and looked at the in-depth artworks under the theme of sustainability. the theme

Of this exhibition is quite similar to the history of mobility. there was a time the value a gasoline-powered car was determined by its engine’s emission and its number of cylinders. now, what we need to do together has never been clearer. we need to shift our paradigm of thinking to make a sustainable future possible. we have just taken the first steps, but with this

Exhibition, i’m sure we’re a step closer to a new beginning that is the wise coexistence. check out more on the official genesis website and youtube channel.

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Electrified G80 | RE:CREATE 전시 도슨트 투어 (with. 문화칼럼니스트 김태훈) | 제네시스 By Genesis_worldwide

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