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Altair Club Cars ELECTRIC MUSTANG SUV 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review

ELECTRIC MUSTANG SUV 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E review by The Straight Pipes. The Ford Mustang Mach E is pumping out 346hp and 428 lb-ft tq from a 2 electric motors and a 88 kWh battery. At $69,245 CAD, would you take it over a Tesla Model Y, Polestar 2, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang GT350?

I’m gary i’m jacob we’re going for a drive 2021 ford mustang mock e premium all-wheel drive without launch control that’s pretty good horsepower and torque 346 horsepower 428 pound-feet of torque from two motors and an 88 kilowatt hour battery whoa whoa you’re saying this is an electric mustang yes yuri and an suv yeah yeah and it’s got four doors i don’t

Know if it’s a mustang though uh all right what should we start with we should probably start with the looks this looks like a mustang it does they did a great job of hiding the suvness of it by making the top black with the spoiler and black at the very bottom there’s definitely a lot of parts that do look like a mustang while other parts kind of don’t the

Back half definitely looks more mustang to me starting with the front we do have a mustang emblem at the front but it’s more electric it’s got lines on it yeah and it’s all white in the front unlike the gt which gets like a blacked out kind of more traditional grille so then this grille kind of has that little hook that goes around it and then there’s a line

That comes across the bottom of the bumper which kind of makes it look like a weird smile and the headlights look really cool they are cool they can light up really bright in auto mode or if you’re in your parking lights they’re dimmer and we’ve got sequential up there too yeah it’s really nice like overall the front end does look mustang-ish then we’ve got a

Long hood which is weird for an electric car but you can actually pop that hood and you have some storage there yeah and it’s really cool because you can actually use that for tailgating because there is a drain plug and cup holders in there but will it fit a box i don’t know box test no it doesn’t fit any in the front it does only fit one box it’ll probably

Fit a little bit more than that but we didn’t bring our boxes because we only have a couple hours with this car and before we keep digging in with the looks we’re driving in the sportiest mode i’m going like 50 i’m just gonna floor it not bad good pickup but nothing like extreme or anything no it’s not like a model y or model 3 performance because that would

Be the gt okay side view kind of looks exactly like a mustang but just like weird proportions yeah this is where they use a lot of black body panels for like eye trickery and it really does work especially with the hood and the bottom part because that’s where it kind of looks like a mustang in the white parts and the body lines are good i mean white’s probably

Not the best color fork but like against a dark background can’t even notice the other stuff yeah other than the height of this suv and not having actual door handles helps so you’ve got a little button that you have to click and then you’ll pull the driver side door open i think they changed it from the pre-prod that had a little hook which was really awkward

Yeah because we attended the launch of this when they debuted it first in california and it definitely did have like a weird kind of hook thing this is i guess a little bit better but it’s still awkward you have to like push and then change your handing position to like open it up compared to a normal door handle i don’t like it yeah i’m not really sure why that

Was required and the coolest thing is this still has the keypad which i have on my raptor and i use quite a bit okay back doors have a little button as well but no handle at all no so you got to slide your fingers in there and i think it pops out a little bit more than the early pre-prod that we drove what are we traveling 35 miles per hour through here yeah

What’s that in canadian i don’t know however the one that we’re currently driving is also a pre-prod except much closer to production and looking in my rear view mirror i can still see those big hips it kind of still does have that it still has a lot of mustang in it it’s very mustang-ish and then do you like these wheels uh they’re all right they definitely

Could have done better at the launch event they showed us all these cool pre-production prototype wheels from drawings which looked amazing they didn’t really land with anything too good no they’ll probably save those for the gt though but what would be the continental recommended tire for the first electric mustang well since this is an suv that would be the

Cross contact lx25 and now to the back end i think that’s kind of the weakest part of it well that’s the part that definitely looks mustang because of the tail lights yeah but then like the trunk just kind of looks weird and soft and like the exhaust tips are like nothing like a mustang you can’t even see them actually just kidding electric car jokes okay these

Tail lights are really really good though the way they have sequential in them and the way they light up they’re white when they’re off i think they killed it with that yeah i do like the back end and it is a hatchback it does have kick to open and the roof is black and it’s actually a sunroof yes and i also own a mustang which is a hatchback i own a fox body

As you can see on this shirt that i’m wearing and yuri’s also wearing limited edition shirts check them out yeah and we should probably give everyone an update on my mustang because the car star egglington is working on both of our cars if you don’t know yuri also has a civic with flames on it they are getting all of the rust repaired check out some of these

Updates definitely follow us on instagram at the straight pipes at yuri territion and follow car star egglington we should probably see what this machi would look like with your mustang’s paint job since they’re both hatchbacks oh my goodness yeah that’s pretty wild however my mustang will not be staying that pink color so that’s why these shirts are limited

Edition okay overall looks of the mustang machi they did a great job of making an suv electric mustang looking thing yes like i keep saying it definitely looks mustang-ish and i think they nailed it okay flooring it on a left turn it’s all-wheel drive traction is off but the computers do what they want it gives a little bit of tire scrolling but like nothing

Real it sounds like an electric saw not being able to saw like it knows that you’re trying to do something but it’s not letting you so obviously not burnouts no no burnout this is all wheel drive hopefully with some other rear wheel drive version because there are rubber real drive versions the gt version is all-wheel drive so i kind of doubt it unless they

Actually let you do it through the infotainment to turn off the front motor but i don’t know yeah it’d be nice if they had a line lock mode at the actual event we asked the guy because nobody asked that they’re like this is a mustang this is mustang dna at the bottom at the end of the line it’s mustang my first and only question was can it do a burner yeah and

Nobody else asks it’s just us and the guy had to ask someone else and they’re like uh i don’t know and then the guy’s like what do you mean it can’t do a burnout we’ll be able to make sure this thing can do a burnout by the end of it so far still can’t do it burnout this isn’t the rear wheel drive but my hopes aren’t very high that the rear wheel drive will

Be able to burn out i still think it will be able to but there’s only one way to find out his weight and then to quickly talk about the general interior before you drive you have one major flaw yeah so as i’m sitting here in the passenger seat at six foot one and a half you may not have this issue my knee is bashing into the bottom right part of this screen

And it is actually painful so if this car got into an accident i think i would lose my left kneecap and it looks like this whole giant screen is shifted a little bit towards the passenger so the driver has more knee room but i guess there’s only one way to find out with me in the driver’s seat stampede launch control a little bit of slip but i mean it rips

Pretty decently but but there’s no like huge kickback show or anything off the launch no not even close because again this isn’t the gt the gt will be able to do zero to 100 in around three seconds this does it in around five seconds when you took that left turn did your knee bash into this infotainment screen still it did actually so i can confirm from the

Driver’s side it is still annoying and i would actually have to put some sort of soft rubber material or something there as as a passenger watching this you being tall this gives me anxiety seeing your knees so close to that yeah if you ever had any knee injuries like this is just gonna add like i just feel really sketched out by that but as a passenger i got

A ton of room because i’ve got small little legs yeah and sitting behind myself i actually have a ton of room back there as do you obviously yeah it’s a nice back there it’s nice having this cool sunroof and everything yeah it’s huge how about everything else in this interior the materials are actually really good like there’s a lot of leathers and stuff like

That there’s also some cool textures on speakers like the bang olufsen system looks cool and it does function really well the system is really good and this whole material here is like speaker material then you got carbon fiber leather stuff like everything about this inside is very nice much nicer than i thought a mustang could be yeah this is like 10 steps

Above a tesla interior material wise but when it comes to user interface and everything tesla is like a huge head up over this oh yeah we’ll get to that in a second how this drives though is actually really nice it does feel sporty it does feel like an electric car it does not feel like a mustang it just feels like a really good electric car because you floor

At any moment you’ve got torque because it’s instant because it’s electric the steering feels i mean pretty vague but i can’t really speak to handling just because we haven’t driven this for very long but i can speak to the comfort of the suspension and it is very comfortable much more comfortable than a regular mustang yeah this is just a nice normal electric

Suv wrapped in a mustang’s body with a ton of mustang marketing that the marketing department did a really great job on yeah i think they spent equal amounts on the production of this and the development that they did on marketing of this which i think they had to and they had to attach that mustang name so that this sells because if this was just a regular

Electric car didn’t quite look like this didn’t have the mustang name they wouldn’t sell as many but it would still be a very good electric car yeah like if they call this the ford flex it would suck and everyone got over the whole like marketing and name thing like it’s been like a year and everyone’s fine with it yeah did you know like video games movies

They spend i think like two-thirds or at least half on marketing for what they do on production so it makes sense why wouldn’t they for a car right yep and we’re trying to mess around a little bit with the traction control system again this is not a final version but it does let a little bit of slip angle but you can tell it’s just it does not want to let you

Drift or anything like there’s not much fun in this other than just flooring it in a straight line it’s definitely nothing like a track mode in a model 3. exactly and then as for pre-production as well there’s a propulsion sound that we can’t get to turn on in this one because pre-production i guess yes we did hear a very early version of it they actually had

Like a whole room with headphones that we can listen to because they had like different sounds i asked them in the future if you’ll be able to download sounds they said maybe so we’ll see what happens with that but not this model no exactly so we can’t hear what it’s supposed to actually sound like yeah there’s just there’s no i think that’s the sound it was

Like multiple layers of yeah or that might have been a different car it’s hard to tell feeling unbridled you might arrive at the whisper i don’t know if anybody’s remixed the car before yeah electric cars don’t really have like a sound that you remember which is kind of uh kind of sucks but as for drive modes we do have engage whisper and unbridled feeling

Unbridled so basically comfort normal and sport but unbridled feeling unbridled used to be called stampede in the pre-production style yes in the very early ones so they did change that later and we also do have one pedal driving as an option which is really nice to have it as an off it’s not like super hard but it comes to a stop but you can’t change how many

Variations of it and off no it’s just on or off which is what i like that and i don’t notice any difference between any of the drive modes like they all feel exactly the same there’s a little bit more pedal input that you have to give it in like comfort or whatever it’s called but other than that they feel identical and as for the badge on the side of the car

I don’t understand why it says mock e4x i understand four for all-wheel drive but then what’s the x i don’t know i think four and x are kind of the same yeah so ford leave a comment on this video i don’t get it and if any engineers want to point out something that we did wrong hit me up uriteration on linkedin and send a message with your request so i know why

You’re adding me i also doubt we did anything wrong but well we got everything right all the time exactly and then as for daily commute driving this does have really good lane centering yes again we haven’t fully tested it because we’ve had it for a short time but so far very very good and it even comes standard on the base models which should be a huge selling

Feature because they are competing with tesla yeah which charges you like an extra like 10 grand or something yeah unlike cadillac supercruise which we still haven’t tried to this day yeah yeah and then this also does have automatic parking which works really well there’s actually a hard button for that this only has hard buttons for automatic parking and your

Hazard button but what this also has is the hardware built in so that in the future on highways you’ll be able to drive basically hands-free because there’s gonna be a camera watching your eyes making sure you’re paying attention right now it can’t do that but this will get like over-the-air software updates just like tesla i doubt they’re gonna add like fart

Mode stuff but it’s cool that they’re like future proofing the car yeah like the camera’s already there exactly like the hardware for it and one thing that i noticed about the handling is that it feels really heavy you can feel that all the weight is below you because that’s where all the batteries are it’s kind of like a skateboard type thing so if i just turn

Right here which isn’t cliche corner unfortunately you can feel all the weight in the bottom of it which is cool because you get a low center of gravity yeah get used to that because that’s what every car is going to feel like soon pretty much and then road noise in here it’s pretty quiet it is so now more interior stuff like let’s dig into this infotainment so

Unlike the new teslas this does have a gauge cluster in front of steering wheel but we’ve got this gigantic screen which is like the tesla’s but this has a volume knob built into the middle at the bottom i really enjoy having this display in front of me i don’t have to look to the side to look at my speed everything that i need is directly in front of me like

My range my battery my speed and if i’m in drive that’s all i really want out of that you can change it between light and dark mode i prefer dark mode but it’s cool to have that option other than that it doesn’t really change it changes a little bit between the drive modes but not much yeah and like the whisper mode or something we got like that curtain that’s

Going in the background yeah like weird things but it’s cool good really nice graphic design but that’s it for that gauge so on to this main screen so there’s an interesting attempt at copying tesla it’s definitely not as user friendly we got very confused going through controls and settings and figuring out what actually did what but after a little while you

Kind of get used to it but it seems like it’d be tricky to do while driving and it’s really confusing especially in driver assistance because there’s additional settings but there’s also settings at the top which both of them take you to the same menu well if you click the settings at the top then you need to click driver assistance again but additional settings

Takes you to the settings menu of the driver assistance and on top of that some of the animations and transitions in here are quite slow but i am going to attribute that to this being a pre-production i am giving them the benefit of the doubt i don’t buy they’re not going to add more ram later but anyway so if we go to our sirius xm satellite radio we can set

Our favorites we can rewind right on the main screen that’s cool but if you click channel left and right then the thing pops up and when you scroll the thing that’s where it gets kind of like weird and in this car we do have a reverse camera and 360 camera but we’ve got the reverse camera at the bottom the 360 camera higher which i think i complained in another

Video that the company didn’t do the layout properly it’s not the highest res but it’s like an okay start for 2016. and then also while driving i had my phone on the wireless charger but then like every couple minutes it would give me a warning that my phone isn’t there correctly and it was like hey just let it go like again that might be a pre-prod thing but

Even funnier is my iphone 12 pro max barely fits in the wireless charger so i don’t know how future-proof this car is for phones yeah and i actually returned the 12 pro max and i got the 12 pro because even though the 12 pro max is the better cameras and stuff i just it was just too big for my hand but this does have wireless android auto and apple carplay and

Apple carplay is amazing it is huge okay it’s also wired yes you have the option to choose but yeah it’s gigantic in like a weird way not like a sideways like cool bmw way yeah just the icons are massive and when you’re driving that is fantastic but i still prefer the way bmw does it where it’s farther up on the dash and more widescreen than a big square but the

Funny thing about this apple carplay is the side icons are probably bigger than the main icons on porsche infotainment probably like basketball players this is the car for you if you got big hands but then their knees are going to bash into this oh yeah they got no chance they’re gonna have to sit from the back and then as for compartments below where we put

Our phones for the wireless charger there’s a lot of room there it’s nice and sticky we have usb and usbc we’ve got a weird circle shifter like from a ford gt and a gt500 because this is a mustang but what’s weird about the drive selector is if you turn it left to put it into park you just have to like keep turning there’s no like hard stop yeah that is a little

Weird and then another thing that they mentioned from the presentation a year ago we’ve got our arm rest here they put into consideration for women who have nice bags they didn’t want to put their purses or something down where people are putting their muddy feet they have this and then you could also slide this open and put a nice bag deeper in there with the

Armrest up while driving that is a very nice purse you ready thank you it is my fanny pack and i love this because i can put all my stuff in it look look at all that all right and lastly if it’s a medium cup just fine i think it’ll fit a small cup and the most important part of the visors three two one full pass all right good job good job good really good job

Yeah and there’s also the indicator up here which it’s a ford and then quickly let’s look at the trunk space even though we don’t have the boxes with us and i guess we probably should have mentioned early on what the range is this yeah so there’s several different ranges for the particular one that we are driving which is the premium all-wheel drive with the

Extended battery pack it is 435 kilometers or 270 miles and any rear wheel drive model will have more range than an equivalent all-wheel drive model whether it’s extended or non-extended yes and then as for charging times on a level two this can charge fully in 10 to 14 hours depending on your level two charger and then level three which is your fast chargers is

About 45 minutes to 80 percent because that’s basically what everybody does now is calculate to 80 because the last 20 is a much slower so i think that’s everything with the mach e mustang let’s get to the price the cheapest version of the maki starts at four hundred ninety five dollars canadian and this one that we’re driving is sixty nine thousand two hundred

And forty five dollars is that pretty much equivalent to a model y it’s all in line with a model y basically and there’s also the pulstar ii which competes with this however we haven’t driven that yet we’ve only driven the pulstar one which definitely doesn’t compete with this and we haven’t driven a model y but we’ve driven model threes which i assume are kind

Of the same yeah so there’s a lot to like about this especially because it’s from a large manufacturer like ford i don’t think you’re gonna get as many production problems as you did with teslas but the only thing this is like their first like big halo electric car which they can’t afford to screw up which is why i really think they’re going to go the extra

Mile to not screw it up and the most expensive version of this which will be the gt premium is going to be around 82 000 you can get a shelby gt350 for less than that yeah but i mean i know you know i don’t like to put limits on people cross shopping but nobody is cross shopping this mustang with the gt350 they really aren’t literally zero people i think i’m

Just saying that because mustang and mustang there’s no other cars that are so opposite with the same name and the same badge very true so if you’re a fan of mustangs you should probably subscribe because we got mustang shirts we’re driving electric mustangs we drive gas mustangs he owns mustangs come on guys hit the subscribe button for mustangs you

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