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Altair Club Cars Electric Mercedes Luxury Sportscar (AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+) Launched | Walkaround Review |The First Look

Electric Mercedes Luxury Sportscar (AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+) Launched | Walkaround Review |The First Look

August 2022: Team V3Cars gives you a detailed walkaround of the newly-introduced performance electric car from Mercedes-Benz – AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+. It is priced at Rs 2.45 crores.

Hello and welcome to v3 cars yeah again series vents eqs 53 4matic plus procedures first amg electric car and with the claimed range of 586 kilometers it is now the longest range electric car in india agra badahire it gets 610 liters of boot space or its cartilage size 21 inches since mercedes-benz amg version introduced a front or rear bumper design sporty here

And it gets black alloy wheels with red brake calipers particularly frontal design highlight is front for grill or headlamps integration here from a distance these together look like they’re one piece apart from the vertical clone slats and mercedes-benz logo you have a amg badging a dash related sensors headlamps digital type so these are adaptive and are powered

By leds is the front bumper underside black detailing which thickens at the side and runs throughout the car talking particularly about the side design the eqs frameless type doors are there formative branding and right besides it is the electrically adjustable and foldable door mounted orbms gen camera auto dimming type and it also includes puddle lamps sk door

Handles front and rear doors flushed and it certainly feels special to use them eqs my 21 inch black alloy wheels are there with red brake calipers and it’s worth noting driver’s side rear quarter panel charging socket for me however the biggest draw of the equestria’s design is its proportions although a rs gt says are the tall but it looks low and at the same

Time it’s very long stretched like the air add to it the fact is so the wheelbase is really long or is the sloping roofline design or sleek appearance here it looks like a bullet to me there’s also a lot to like about the rear of this car is tail lamps connecting light boot spoiler treatment of the bumper just everything here looks sporty and appealing overall

But it is the design as well which is very important for a luxury sports car i mean off this car’s design now would you like to see apart from the digital instrument cluster which gives driver centric information is the middle passenger side screen features your functions the other highlight is the two-part center tunnel this can easily portion with storage or

Charging options because it’s an amg it’s the interior theme sporty here in all black hair with black roof that gets a front and rear sunroof it’s a dashboard or door panel leather trim here and the upholstery is done in relatively softer leather finish drivekit perspective says my electrically adjustable steering wheel adjustment steering wheel heating sport

Seats electric seat adjustments and memory touch sensitive steering wheel buttons ambient lighting or auto dimming irv notable features with the front seat set to a five feet eight inch drivers comfortable position updates more than adequate knee spacer and there’s also space to stretch my feet under the front seat talking particularly about the space here they

Have a head room merely okay here and the seat is also quite wide so i think setting two people here will not be uncomfortable you see it your bucket type seats but there is some space to seat a child over here in the middle and because there is not much of a transmission tunnel hump over here so i think parakeets are sufficient now if you are seating two people

Over here and there is a screen over here apart from this there are a lot of features for rear seat occupants uh starting with this comfort neck pack just questions there’s also a wireless phone charger over here in the armrest and you also get cup holders over here other than this there are uh b-pillar mounted aircon vents here and there are also middle aircon

Vents on the back panel of the center tunnel of the front seat so a lot of features on offer here for the rear passengers additionally you also get a panoramic sunroof to the parts divided there’s the front larger part and then also a rear part that runs all the way through the roof of the car so this was all about the interior of the eqs yes which does justice to

The kind of performance that is on offer on this car and the interior is also quite up market as well chilean features apart from all the features that we’ve discussed in the video eqs amg multiple drive and region modes air quality monitoring adaptive ambient lighting amg specific steering wheel pedals dorsals and mats front seat memory pack with steering wheel

And ovm memory front seat ventilation heated rear seats auto ac active parking assist with 360 parking camera connected card tech burmester surround sound system wireless smartphone integration head up display nine airbags level two a dash features a nine inch rear axle steering adjustment sixty kilometer comes as far as output of its motors is concerned this key

Maximum power is 762 psi or peak torque 1020 newton meter and it can go from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in 3.4 seconds which is 0.1 seconds slower than the e-tron gt just the output otherwise is come here it is worth noting that both these cars get all-wheel drive set up subscribe it’s out of budget for most of us but i personally think performance perspective

Say occasionally luxury sports car lena then switching to electric is a good option these cars are somewhat more practical than their sporty ice counterparts maintenance comparison may come here the eqs amg for example will require routine service in two years and most of it will be checkups not to mention the fact is running follow curry links video description available

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Electric Mercedes Luxury Sportscar (AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+) Launched | Walkaround Review |The First Look By V3Cars

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