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Altair Club Cars EASY HOW TO replace oil pan 96-2002 Chevy Express

EASY HOW TO replace oil pan 96-2002 Chevy Express

Oh hey what’s up if you like uh if you like our videos go ahead and uh subscribe and share them and hit that like button for me hey everybody it’s matt with everworld repair tonight what we’ve got going on is i’m doing the oil pan on a 2000 chevy express van now if you watch the last mobile mechanic life episode then you know that i’m taking care of a fleet

Of vehicles and you might remember that i did an oil change on a 2000 chevy express and i mentioned how the drain plug was uh not wanting to seal up or how i had to get it really tight it was starting to strip out i don’t remember exactly what i said but it just would not stop leaking couldn’t get it tight enough new uh a new plug new washer the plug would

Not stop leaking so and it was leaking around the gasket anyways so we’ve got a new pan we’re putting in a new a new oil pan and you might say oh well matt why not why not do a oversized drain plug well because it’s already leaking from the gasket that’s the first thing the second thing is what if that doesn’t work well i’m going to do another oil change

Put in this this hokie thing that i’ve never used before i don’t know how well they work i don’t think it’s a good idea the pain is not that expensive this is a professional vehicle it’s a tax write-off it just doesn’t really make sense to me to do a half-assed job so we’re replacing the pan per my recommendation the the pain dude so it’s a 2000 chevy with

A five seven and the freaking there’s two different oil pans so i had o’reilly’s just get us both oil pans and then i had o’reilly’s just get us both oil pans and then i’m gonna take it off match it up and whichever one it is you know will return the other but first chocolate croissant from panera all right so we hit our first hiccup apparently the normal

Place where we put the key uh to get into the key box it’s not there uh i’m here pretty late i don’t know i don’t know where the key is but what this means is that instead of changing uh the oil pan on this nice flat concrete i get to do it in the dirt so that’s what i get for not communicating with the customer lesson learn first thing we’re going to do is

Jack this thing up now i’ve got it set on jack stands on the frame and here i’m gonna get the light up in here we can see that i tried to put a new crush washer but it’s just not working and i thought that it didn’t crush the washer but i can see i can tell by looking at it now it did in fact crush the washer but it’s uh it’s still not working so the first

Thing i’m going to do is i’m going to take my milwaukee impact i’m going to come up here and spin that thing off and drain the oil out all right you can see the bolts for the oil pan they’re all around let’s see if i can get you up there and then there’s a couple that are kind of hard to get to in there so these are the tools that i use to get them off a 10

Ratcheting wrench extensions wobble uh swivels the oil pan i don’t know all data has you taking off like the oil filter adapter the exhaust all kinds of stuff i don’t really know if we’re gonna need to do that if we do cool you know whatever but it looks like i’m just gonna take the bolts off the oil pan it’s gonna be that simple i think okay so i took all

The bolts out and then i took my hammer right there and i just flap flap now i’m going to show you as i try to take this thing out i’m pretty sure it’s just going to come right out but first let’s talk about why it’s daylight right now so yesterday i started this job i drove down here i went to o’reilly’s i picked up all the stuff and then i came over here i

Jacked this car up i videotaped that and i i uh went to start taking the bolts out for the oil pan and they i didn’t have my tools i didn’t have my main toolbox with my extensions i didn’t even have a ratchet or i did have a ratchet but i didn’t have extensions okay i could not i didn’t have any pliers screwdrivers nothing so uh last night that took a whole

Like hour driving back to the house to get that i come back here i’m sitting here taking all these bolts out and i was falling asleep underneath the car like three or four times i woke up and it was pitch black you know and i’m underneath the car and i’m like man i’m pretty i’m pretty tired uh i guess it’s just dark and i just fall asleep or something so i

So i just went and slept in the car and uh now i’m here and i’m still gonna have to go and leave i don’t even have i don’t even have shop towels i don’t know what i was i left like everything at the house no razor blades and our tv so i’m going to make an autozone run real quick and o’reilly’s run for these guys but yeah right now i’m going to show you taking

The oil pan out okay so there’s these little tabs i’m pretty sure i’m not gonna be able to get it out without taking those out let’s grip it right here so do some of this action both of these tabs out so so it’s actually hung up on the oil filter lines so that’s probably why all data has you taking the oil filter adapter off because it’s got these two

Oil lines attached to it but you know what um i’m gonna try and do it without without that i don’t wanna i don’t wanna take the oil filter adapter off so we’re going to push this thing to the passenger side and you know what i’m going to take these this uh torque inverter cover up so there you go guys so the only other thing i took off besides the oil pan

Bolts were the uh the torque converter cover all right so there’s that oil pan is the old one and then there’s the new one there’s two oil pan options you’ve got a four quart and a five quart the five quart has the oil pan on the uh the drain plug on the bottom this one has it on the on the side right there as you can see right now what i’m doing is taking

My scraper and i’m gonna get up in there and i’m gonna i’m gonna scrape some stuff now i’m not gonna be able to film this but just know you need to get all the stuff off okay don’t gouge into your don’t gouge into your stuff with your razor blade but you got to get all this stuff off let’s see if i can give you a little little taste okay you see that see how

It’s all coming off that’s actually already pretty clean but i’m gonna get in there i’m gonna i’m gonna scrape it all and then i’m gonna take shop towels and wipe it off if i need to or it might just be good enough all right we’ve got our new oil pan our new gasket people say to put uh sealant on the four corners i don’t know if this is how people do it but

That’s how i’m gonna do it if it leaks i’ll take the thing down and do it again another thing oh and in case you’re wondering the rtv that i’m using is just this okay all right now i want to show you right here with this gasket the oil pan the oil dipstick is gonna go right through this hole in the gasket what i did was i took it let me zoom out i took the

Oil pan and i slid it on the gasket and i slid it on top of this and got it underneath of this and then i’ve got it up there and now where i put the gasket sealer on the four corners is holding it kind of in place it doesn’t look like it’s holding it down there yet but i’m just gonna it’s holding it okay and i’m gonna take the oil pan over there and i’m gonna

Bring it and i’m gonna and i’m gonna bring it in and i’m gonna flip just like that and it’s gonna slide right in and just remember how i had to pull the thing this way this way in order to get it past the oil filter adapter so i’ll bring it in and i’ll probably come this way all right i started by getting the corners right there and then right there and now

I’m just gonna go ahead and put all the bolts back in well there you have it guys i just put all the bolts back in tighten them up no leaks no big deal if you have any questions maybe i can help you leave them down below in the comment section go ahead and like and subscribe if you haven’t already guys what what you

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