e235 lets crawl it kyoshos miniz
Altair Club Cars E235: Lets Crawl It Kyoshos MiniZ Land Rover Defender 90 On Test At Brock Valley

E235: Lets Crawl It Kyoshos MiniZ Land Rover Defender 90 On Test At Brock Valley

Published 07/10/22

Hi there and welcome to another episode of andy robinson rc cheers for checking out the channel today and on this episode we have this we’re going to be trying this out which is the kaya show 4×4 mini z land rover defender 90 in the heritage livery which is a proper genuine uh land rover uh livery it was in the uh the last of the defender run it’s in it’s a nice

Grasmere green anyway uh we brought it here on location to brock valley which is nearby you can fell so we’re going to give it a little try out and and see what it’s like now this is a it’s almost a micro crawler it’s at 127th scale according to chaos show so it’s a little bit smaller than the 124th charisma uh land rover i’ve got where i’ll put a link to that in the

Description if you’ve not seen it and i’ll also put a link to the unboxing of this that we did as well uh so it’s a little bit smaller than the charisma but we’re going to see what it’s like it’s probably got a little higher sense of gravity because it’s got a hard body uh but we’ll see what it’s like also as well um if you didn’t see the unboxing on this i purchased

This from inside line models there are new hobby store and they’re based in thorns and cleveleys on the file coast and of course i’ll put a link in the description of their shop and web address and you can go and check them out but this is where i got this from uh so yeah go check them okay so uh we’re gonna put this down on the ground and we’re gonna see what it can

Do now as i said it’s got hard body so i think that center of gravity is going to be slightly higher than it if i had a lexum body also although it’s got quite scale looking tires i’m not sure is that just how much grip they will give they are nice and soft but i’m not sure about the grip level but i’ll tell you what we have got right on this the detail uh which

I mentioned in my other video is superb it is really high detailed the body is absolutely brilliant on it right anyway let’s put this down and see what it’s like it’s probably it probably drives better than my actually driving skills allowed but we shall we shall give it a go okay so i say we were testing this a bit further down and it was a bit the ground was a

Bit dusty and it did really sort of struggle for for grip and we made hard work of it anyway but we’re gonna drive it on here and we’ll just see what it’s what it’s like and hopefully i’ll uh i’ll do it with some some control and a bit of uh style we’ll see as you can see it’s just lifting that no hey there we go it’s rod air throttle can’t even speak throttle

Modulation is quite good on this i mean duck i’m hardly pressing it and it’s pretty good that still going over objects let’s go back up here again and we’ll follow a different path after that uh you do get i think you said in the the original video you do get quite a few gearing options with this and this is completely stock i’m not even begin to mess with the

Other pinion gearing options so that will be something i’ll try at some point but uh he’s got it has got it feels like it’s got loads of torque it doesn’t feel like it’s low on power drop down here oh there we go yeah it does look rather it looks really really good when it’s moving it out there as soon as the body starts to roll uh the weight central high center

Of gravity seems to kick in so which is a shame but i’m sure it just needs some extra weight adding low down that might help cure it but i’ve said i’m running this completely as it is out of the box i mean it’s one of the good things about these as well um we’ve come on a walk today uh solo come out to film this we thought we’d come on a walk you can just shove

This in your bag and you can just uh you know carry on your walk and then if you have a stop somewhere you can just sort of there without sounding a bit weird you can get it out and play with it but uh yeah i mean it’s all it’s all good fun i mean i i um i could probably sit here and do this for ages i’m not sure that i’d be allowed to but i can quite happily do

This for ages let’s see will it get up that let’s have a look now you see yeah those tires start to lose grip but well a bit of power there and off we go oh yeah well i mean a lot a little plot like this i mean it suits the scale of the vehicle and you could just pretend you’re on a little mini off-road course it’s brilliant it’s just that body lean you’ve got to

Watch but you know i mean you can see from the video it it’s uh if you’re providing your watch how you’re driving it is it’s pretty capable thing especially for the size of it you know the thing is as well especially in the uk these uh kaiosso mini z’s are not cheap so i’m a bit low so i don’t want to roll it and damage the body i mean i have already rolled it

Once on test before we started filming but you know i mean you can’t tell if i’m watching it now so you know they are expensive i won’t want to really up the body on this i must admit but uh you know he says see it’s like commentators first i thought i could be that i was doing this anyway i think we’ll just bring it back down and then i’ll give you a few

Of my final reports on it foreign i could spend ages doing that but especially in a place like this it’s so especially today it’s really peaceful and tranquil and it’s just nice um right so so what do i think of it then well slightly biased to start off with because it looks like a land rover um so that’s a win-win for me the biggest problem for me with this

Is the high center of gravity so if it had a polycarbonate body on or it wasn’t it was just a square shape maybe it was more of a truck you have a lower center of gravity with the body and they obviously do a huge range of different body shells on these um so yeah that’s a slight issue with it but as you can see it managed to do that you just got to pick your

Lines which to be honest that’s what crawling uh and trail running is about picking your lines um now as i said in the video earlier they are expensive you know so i wouldn’t generally go and say yeah go out and buy one of these if you want a mini crawler because of the price range on them now they do cost because it’s the uh kosher ones and to do i’m assuming

To do with the import as well like about 2009 pounds which is a good chunk of money and you can get a safe for example the charisma one that i’ve run before that’ll do all of what i’ve just done it’s a fraction bigger it’s a hundred pound it’s half the price um but if you’re i mean if you die a hard land rover fan like me or you have got this the disposable income

To get one and then by all means i think it’s great i love it and but i would also consider other options especially if you’re again uh you’re buying it for a younger person say anyway um i hope you enjoyed checking this video out really enjoyed doing this one of course as well thanks to uh my other patient wife for filming uh cheers for to inside line models um

Video isn’t sponsored by them but it made it so much easier being able to go there and get it um so yeah um we’ll see on the next video soon if you haven’t already please consider subscribing to the channel and checking us out on facebook and on instagram under andy robinson rc okay uh we’ll see you soon take care of yourselves see you later bye

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E235: Let’s Crawl It! Kyosho’s MiniZ Land Rover Defender 90 On Test At Brock Valley By Andy Robinson RC

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