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Altair Club Cars E-throttle to the Maxx Exciting Audi S4 updates and news

E-throttle to the Maxx Exciting Audi S4 updates and news


Hi guys and welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be going through a few updates and some announcements on the audi s4 so so all this time i have been planning on using a vims ecu which i’ve had for a number of years now over christmas i pulled it out and powered it up and ran through it and it’s still a fantastic ecu there’s no denying that however

It is a little bit old now and i kind of wanted something a little bit more modern with a few more features and i also wanted the ability to display all of the ecu data via can to a nice easy to read display so whilst i was looking at ecu’s online and trying to decide which one to go for i kind of made up my mind of what i wanted to go for and then i was looking

For a place to purchase it from turned out that one of those places was a company called pro race engineering it just so happens i’ve known stace one of the guys at pro race for a number of years i first met him on a ring trip in 2011. so i dropped a message we got chatting and a deal was done so pro race engineering are a company run by people like you and like

Me who like to play with their cars now they do concentrate heavily on the volkswagen audi group which i obviously have albeit with the style engine and they don’t just sell off-the-shelf pieces from other manufacturers they do also design and sell their own branded products as well as well as offering full race engine builds and custom work to your requirements

So after watching this video please go onto their website the link is below in the description have a look through their store and if there’s anything there that you’d like a bit more information on please just contact stace or one of the guys there i’m really thankful the support that pro race engineering gave me at beginning of 2022 it’s really given me a boost

To get this finished and on track this summer so without further delay this is the issue that i’ve chosen max ecu so this is the race and i’ve gone with the premium that has a flying loom to go with it really really excited to get my hands on this get it wired up it’s got so many features i’ve also gone for an adu7 which is a seven inch display now i knew that i

Definitely wanted an adu7 and genuinely when i was looking online for the best price for race engineering they’ve actually got these on sale at the moment so definitely definitely go over to the website have a quick look there could be something there that you’re after and they are fantastically priced now i’ve got a few other things over this side of the bonnet

Um i picked this up over christmas from kit car electronics actually the wife bought that for me so thank you very much plans to have things like traction control on the fly adjustable on some of these and i’m not looking to have any stalks so indicators lights all of that straight from the button wheel now this little device here is a mode unit blue obviously it

Says it there it’s kind of like a pdu but it’s for motorbikes however i want to use the the features that this offers for things like the indicators because it works really well to control them it also offers bluetooth connectivity to my phone and that allow me keyless starts which is quite a nice thing to have because i’m used to driving a tesla and i’ve got no

Keys at all for that and finally in this box here i’ve got a drive by wire throttle body it’s a 82 mil made by bosch the reason why i’m going for this is it works well with the max ecu and it will enable a lot more features to come so that is what we’re going to be getting on with today so first things first i’ll have to remove the manifold and unbolt this manual

Throttle body i’m going to have to cut off the flange which is welded to the manifold because that doesn’t fit this i’ve also got a plate which i’m going to make a new flange for this so i can weld to the manifold so i’ll get this removed now so there we go one throttle body anyone after a 80 mil manual throttle body let me know i have one spare right over the

Bandsaw get this cut off so there we go so i’ve managed to cut that off really close to the flange so the new throttle body will be in exactly the same direction as the old one obviously i want that to line up with the intercooler pipe that i’ve i’ve made already so i don’t want to have to modify that as well so all i’m gonna have to do is clean this up with a

File and then flatten it off and get ready to make a new flange to fit on so this here is the throttle body flange that i’ve just made um it’s quite obviously useful having a lathe because i wouldn’t have been able to make that without one um what’s also particularly useful is that i’ve managed to taper the inside here so this outer edge is exactly the right

Diameter that matches the throttle body and then this side the diameter matches perfectly to the inside diameter of the manifold which is about a mil and a half smaller than the throttle body itself put this on the manifold it lines up absolutely perfect no steps at all so that is absolutely perfect there and then you can see that is slightly concave there so

You can see there that matches the inside of the throttle body exactly so i have already marked up the orientation this flange needs to be on the manifold so all i’ve got to do is weld that on there now before i wear this on um i’ve just realized that i didn’t mention the recess that’s in there the recess is in there so i can fit an o-ring so i don’t have to worry

About gasket or putting any gasket make around there it just makes it a bit of a cleaner install and less likely to leak there we go i don’t think that’ll be falling off anytime soon looks all right pity the worst bit is at the top where i start stopped but i probably should have started on the other end but oh well i’m quite happy that i’ll let that cool

Down and then i will bolt up the uh the rock body as you can see in there perfectly smooth quite happy with that so bolted up to the car this is how it looks and as you can see there’s a bit of a gap between the throttle body and this intercooler pipe not too much of a problem because i’ve heard that if you clamp onto the throttle body directly with a silicon

Hose there’s not really much here for it to grip to and obviously there’s not much of a lip there to keep it secure and they can often pop off but obviously with this massive gap here what i’ve done is i’ve spun this up on the lathe and that will fit just in there like that and i’ll weld that directly to the throttle body what i’ve got to do now is unbolt that

Throttle body while this beast on so let’s give this a go hopefully we don’t mess up this throttle body there you go not coming off looks pretty good not too hot a little bit warm but it’s not over the top so there we are that is welded on to the throttle body i’ll go bolt that up to the car now i think that’s turned out pretty damn well all right so that

Is back on the car and that looks absolutely fantastic perfect gap here um there’s about 10 15 mil between the two lines up perfectly just got to get the coupler on there and that will be job done so i’m going to pretty much end the video there however before i do i did mention that there were a few updates on the car which i’ll run through now quickly so there’s

Not huge amounts done but you can see this uh coolant filler cap here on the back side of there there is a line which runs to the wastegate for water cooling um i’ve not finished plumbing that in we’ve also got a fan mounted here and then just under here i pull this off quickly you can see this pipe has been made up which goes to the electric water pump so that’s

Down there obviously as well you probably noticed yellow lights bit of a euro look but i quite like it you probably hate it i don’t really care um and finally one thing that probably is quite interesting to you is i’ve done these skirts in fact i’ve only just done the one so i kind of got carried away i started on doing this skirt um didn’t get the cameras out and

Kind of finished it i’ve still got to do the other side so that’ll be the next video that’s one for you to look forward to two things before you go though first please go to pro race engineering thank you very much for their support and i really really can’t wait to get my hands on that ecu and start playing around with it and trying to set up the adu7 um i feel at

The minute going through all the paperwork i may have bitten off a little more than i could chew but hopefully i’ll work out in the end secondly please like the video if you have enjoyed it and there’s a lot of few that aren’t subscribing so if i check here 57 of you who watched the last video are non-subscribers so if you want to see more of my content please

Subscribe and you’ll get a notification as soon as i upload but yeah hope you like the video and i’ll see you next one

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E-throttle to the Maxx!! Exciting Audi S4 updates and news! By Andy Ponting

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