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Altair Club Cars Dutch Car Review on a 2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible

Dutch Car Review on a 2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible

My name is Dutch and this review is of my friend Thomas’s mini cooper. There are some real cool parts you have to know about this car as the tires still work even if they are flat. And the roll bar will extend up during a roll over. Just saying

Hello i’m dutch and i’m thomas and i’m here to talk about how the sun can give you maybe enough vitamin d no i’m here to talk about thomas’s future daily driver the 2009 mini cooper s convertible now this is the first convertible we’ve ever done now these things were go back a long time many was still made in the 60s they had the cooper that was even smaller

It was even more mini so this is many but the old ones were really many and this key fob you’ve never really seen that because the way you start it is crazy i’ll show you that and it makes a lot of noise kind of like the infinity qx60 which i did um a while back one a few videos back now when you look at this you’re thinking i remember about the subaru scent

When it had that um carbon fiber looking thing it doesn’t look like carbon but it’s the same meaning it it’s for like rock so it doesn’t hit paint that’s you know actual paint scratches the whole car up when you look at the side skirt it’s just so sporty looking that’s because it’s the cooper s and the s and cooper s stands for sports so it has denser suspension

It’s got a better gearbox and things like that that’s and it’s a manual by the way i’ll show you that and then you have this whenever you open the door you can’t like jiggle you have there’s a little button inside the handle and that’s how you do when you shut it the window goes up just a smidge kind of like the dodge challenger these days and these mirrors too

They’re very chrome you can see everything you can even see my ugly face right there which is really nice and then you see this really cool s in the little i don’t really know what you call it but this little circular blinker thing it’s it’s it’s astonishing cool and these wheels these tires they’re very sporty it makes these turns a little bit sharper and stuff

Like that and these rims too they’re very cool whenever cooper released this one the 2009 one people were not expecting these kind of rooms to be on it now the hood when it opens some people notice but most people don’t the headlights don’t go with it they like stay here when you open the hood so this whole ring goes up all this just goes up with the hood you

Have a really nice hood there and this um this grille looks like it looks like a moustache it doesn’t look bad and you have cool plates obviously now people are always wondering what is this chrome thing for it’s still whenever we whenever you hit the um headlight windshield wiper things this thing will pop out and sprays this whole headlight to clean it off

Whenever it’s you know whenever it gets really dirty and grimy and you have these which i’m not they’re not like a jeep windshield don’t come down even though it’s a convertible obviously they don’t hit this is i really don’t know why these are here so i’m sorry so the interior um is really is this is the spongy part how you start this thing is crazy so like i

Said it starts extremely weird my voice kind of echoes because well well you’ll see in a minute because it’s just a tight enclosed space whoops so here’s how you start you get this side with the buttons and you insert here and you go until it clicks so okay there you go so when you do that that means now it has to make sure you hit a little click when you do

It so because it’s a manual as you can see here at six speed you push in the clutch and you hit the button it’s already a lot louder it’s really loud and this air conditioning is loud too now i’m gonna go ahead and put down the screw if you push that way and it takes a little bit time when it gets all the way down and it’s also electric so all these windows

Go down and it makes a buzzing noise as it goes down all the way and that’s our first that is our first um convertible going down it’s electric that’s good so it does make a lot of good noise kind of qx 60 like it doesn’t infinity it makes some great noise it has a handbrake so um you can see this handbrake as it goes you could yank it you can drift it but this

Thing can’t because well it has extremely sharp steering i can’t move this because if i do the moment i move this gearshift it’s going to start rolling forward and you have these gauges this is the really cool part about maze because you have this huge racing gauge because whenever you’re driving really fast and you’re looking you have you need to look at a big

Game because they’re super small you may not be able to see it that easy nothing is digitally there’s no digital screens which is okay it’s an 09 they didn’t really have those it doesn’t have backup cameras that they didn’t really have those back then you have your rpms and this gauge right here you can be it’s hard to see a little bit but this tells you how much

Time your roof has been down on the car that’s cool and that can really come in handy when you really need it and you have a really nice stereo so you have speakers in the back it’s very tight you have this chrome racing roll cage looking thing this thing’s clearly not meant for rolling especially when the roof’s up because it’s almost a class when you’re done

With this car and you want to turn it off you just hit that button and you pop the key back out simple that no questions asked and then you see these these all the buttons and knobs in this car are really really cool because they’re all chrome and you get this big antenna it just it’s the way many designed this car is astonishing really and the gas mileage is

Pretty good because it’s a standard so you won’t be using the engine you can just let it kind of stall as you’re going downhill so you’re not even using the engine and here’s a really cool part it won’t do it maybe hit it it won’t do it my bad because the roof down but it will only do when the roof’s up when the roof’s up this thing goes down instead of up like

You’d expect so it just goes like that and it goes up it goes backwards and then you have these really cool kind of big bore very jiggly exhaust pipes they look really cool they’re kind of chromish and this thing just makes a beautiful noise as you’ve already heard now the crazy thing is this thing is light but it’s a four cylinder not a v6 not a v8 but it’s

Four cylinders that’s a good that and because of how light it is when you’re drying you got your foot down you’re gonna pick up some speed really really quick anyway i hope you enjoyed thomas’s future daily driver that is my review on the 09 mini cooper s convertible later

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Dutch Car Review on a 2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible By Dutch Bethea

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