dual 10 sub box for 2015 2018 co
Altair Club Cars Dual 10 Sub Box for 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab by Subthump

Dual 10 Sub Box for 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab by Subthump

Our Newly Designed Sub Box for 2015-2018 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab Trucks

Hey fellas this is steven sub thump i want to take a quick moment and show you our box for the 2015 colorado crew cab this a lot of people been one in a dual down fire that goes under the backseat and this is what we’ve come up with as you can see the the subs fit underneath there’s quite a bit of clearance underneath they can hold two we can make it for a single

A lot of things we can do with this platform but let me go ahead and we’ll install this and see yeah see what but all it’s going to take to get it put in before we get started i’ll show you what we got to do to to clear this area basically we do have to clear this shield and the support bar and the tools we got to clear this area for the box to fit in we’ve got

Other boxes that can fit with this stuff in place but this particular box in order to fit that two tins we had to figure out a way to clear all this so basic tools that you need an impact driver there’s a couple torx bits you need there torx 50 and a torx 40 i believe it works 40 and then you’ll need an 8 millimeter nut driver so there’s four screws on the ends

They’ll come out with a torx 40 they’re just basically screwed into the carpet they’re not real deeper or heavy or anything next we’ll switch over to the eight millimeter and we got to take all these screws out of all these rubber stoppers for bumpers there was two more here and here that that screw into the straps i’ve already got them removed and sight from that

Before this comes off unstrap your tire tools and put them aside they can actually fit behind the seat when we’re done but we’ll just set them there for now so that’s all that that’s the shield ends we’ll take that out momentarily this is the support bar even though the seat does have a built-in stop the seat actually sits on this bar so torx 50 and that’ll take

The screws out of it and it will come out the box that we’ve got will actually take the place of this support bar nothing to it put that aside i said there’s there’s two more straps that tie in back here and i’ve already got them removed so if you run into those just take them out they’re easy okay so we’ve got the floor pretty much cleared and if you’ll notice

The seats they do have a stop so the support bar just gives it extra help and supporting the front of the seat so i’ll go ahead and grab the box and we’ll set it place and show you what it looks like here’s the box basically just slides into place kind of locks down the way it’s built terminals are on top two subs they’re down fire plant clearance it’s kind of a

Restricted box there’s not a lot of subs that will fit but we found a few and we’ve got those listed on our website this box is carpeted in black which is a pretty nice match to the factory carpet we’ll let these seats down lap you can see you heard it snap in so it’s the seats locked in no problem there you can sit on it no problem so but the way the box is built

You’ve got plenty of clearance for your subs and so that’s not going to be any problem so as you can see the way the box is notched it actually tucks in under this front lip of the seat so the box actually locks in and it’s really not going to move or come out of there so it’s one of the nice features of this box terminals are right here on top convenience so you

Can hook up to your amp and case you don’t know this there’s there is a spot here behind the rear seat here on the driver’s side where you can mount your aunt so aunt mounting is not a problem we don’t have to integrate that into the box or anything to take up valuable airspace so and behind the seat now you can add two tins down fire under the seat check us out sub com you

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Dual 10 Sub Box for 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab by Subthump By Subthump1

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