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Altair Club Cars Driving The Aston Martin DBS with James Bonds Stunt Driver – Fifth Gear

Driving The Aston Martin DBS with James Bonds Stunt Driver – Fifth Gear

Tiff takes the DBS for a spin, then enlists Adam Curley for a drive.

Basten’s are always beautiful but this this is stunning and every inch is designed to make the car faster except it isn’t the vanquish s switch this replaces as aston’s new flagship is more powerful and will top 200 miles an hour the dbs will only do 191 with it’s just the big numbers where it loses out where it really matters 12 gets it to 60 in three seconds

Precise so this rare occasion about 300 yards thus it was this is right one of the major delights is the ride quality trick new adaptive suspension is standard and sensors post we monitor everything from the throttle position to the amount of steering to work out the best damper setting it’s the kind of car that will cope equally well with every surface between

Here and monte carlo inside is where it gets really special okay it takes a while to work out what each of these little buttons does we have to treat it all like a complete piece of sculpture it’s an amazing thing to behold from the feel of this chunky looking gear lever to the special leather chosen for its extra leathery smell then the wave of the exposed

Carbon fibers all perfectly lined up even the carpet has got special weight saving fibers then comes the time to start adapt the key i was asked and like to call it the emotional control unit is made out of sapphire so it won’t scratch okay it’s easy to dismiss as a gimmick but actually rather like it especially as it’s a key which becomes a start button now that

The shears sound of that v12 warming up wasn’t enough to get you excited about the high-speed motoring but the mere thought of using the full 510 horsepower gets the adrenaline pumping and this vitro to a special little valve inside the induction system it creates more airflow at about five and a half thousand rpm and gives they should kick a performance i feel

I’m going to need it is the back now from the power into this i’ll tell you what this is a big gt car it’s not a nimble little sports racer this breech i’m handling silicon i’m not getting myself into any big bother left and right pick her out oh joy of joys here we go now of course i did slightly criticize the ferrari 599 not having the soul i want an enjoyment

Really quick gear change i walk my man you’ll get a pan by manual track to control i’ve already got more on the track but i’d hoped for the first time a snow fitted carbon ceramic brakes as standard they’re more impressive than ferraris were for that say something and alone this car can’t be suffer re out now pace it just hasn’t got the power that hasn’t quite got

The ultimate grip i tell you for the first time in my life i’m gonna say if i had the choice i’d say gaston it is an incredible car we’re about to find out how dbs is when it’s raced over the limit i’ll be racing a man who’s done more exciting things in a dbs than anybody else daniel craig’s double and james bond stunt driver adam curley who at the age of 25 put

The dbs into the guinness world record books by rolling it seven times in casino royale and you were one of the first-ever drivers one yeah i think i was i think i was lucky number four to actually get to drive it i was actually daniel craig was number three and i was number four so yeah we did some testing in it which was fantastic the more bunged up the future

You’re working on the new one now i understand yes yeah i’ve just been doing some testing actually yesterday for the new film which is a lot of involvement with the dbs you’ll hopefully see a lot more of it than we did in the last film any things that you gonna talk break cure seven times rolling over record now for unfortunately i don’t think i’m gonna be going

For any more records no more rolling of it but we’ve got a lot planned for the car so it’s gonna be a busy sequence but i’ve always admired the amazing things you stunt guys doing television when it comes to precision rolling and crashing always wondered how quick are you around a racing circuit yeah be interesting i think i haven’t got much experience actually

Through sort of driving on tracks and so racing side of driving my main flew experiences through films and and suchlike so we’d always break down a corner and basically do it over and over until we’d get that peace right and then we’d move on i sort of build up the sequence like that as opposed to now having to do the whole track it’s gonna be quite a daunting

Thing especially with tiff in the seat next to me sort of analyzing everything so it should be fun so who will be quickest a fearless stunt driver or it’s spirits racing driver that’ll kill yes good this tricky well break now we come to the tricky who it’s words we’re over seven 6.50 second again i grew up watching tip on tv quite a lot as a kid and sort of

Watched him skidding cars about all the time it’s quite an inspiration i’m safer getting into the industry that i’ve got into nathan showed me how it’s properly done the audience sits in a half we are why since drew shore yeah greysun korean i preserved the reputation of racing drivers but adam gets the last laugh only he will get to drive the dbs on the next

Bond movie quantum of solace but if the producers ever need a stunt double for the stunt double they know i’m available however while the ride was smooth changing from ford gear to reverse was anything but but reversed a lot of the stalk stopped moving

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