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Altair Club Cars DRIVING In A Audi S6 FOR THE DAY *444 HP*


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Do you two welcome back to the channel guys i’m here with another video another dope ride for you guys review for you guys whatever y’all want to call it so today we have the audi s6 and just looking at this car already this car looks beautiful like from the headlight design to the front grill go man i do like the tail light design on here the pipes decent

Amount of room in here not gonna lie to y’all decent amount yeah what size are these tires 255 35 okay all right let’s start it up look how nice it looks in here oh my god i feel like i’m in this spaceship look here you go oh is that the music i like that style that sounds crazy i like this display i see the gear just right here let’s turn that down before we

Get copyrighted but the buttons right here i like this steering wheel it’s on here but before we get and further into this drive guys what i need y’all do is like this video comment also subscribe if you haven’t already but let’s go ahead and see how it is audi s6 2020 it feels so smooth i gotta find a sport mode on here okay i found it right here so i just got

To pull it back down one more time but i do like how it’s like the navigation right here that’s pretty dope what i’m making right out of here let’s see man all the scc this is my first time in the audi too i gotta put my seat belt on hold this woman first time in the audi check out the keys and this one got three keys i’m gonna put this thing in sport bro i

Gotta see how it gets down so i’m not even sure how i would even do that y’all let me know guys how would i put it in sport oh here you go spot right here yeah it changed the exhaust too okay so now it’s in sport back and drive right there it sounds different in sport though just like i don’t know if y’all can hear it but just the tone of it changed gas right

Here so is there a way that i could see like the top speed on here or whatever’s on the dash i don’t see none of that but just look at this screen oh my god there’s another screen right here too that’s why i said i feel like i’m in a spaceship right now memory seats i wonder what type of speakers in here and the doors this right here is hard too i like that go

Let me show you how to back though it does have the s on the seats without y’all guys i wouldn’t be getting in these cars like the cars that i’m getting in like amaze me my audi s6 like this is hard this is tough i thank y’all though without y’all i wouldn’t be i wouldn’t even be getting in these cars right now oh man every car like has his own way of driving

Like his own feel for the drive and it feels good very torquey too but i just like the navigation right here i didn’t even fix the mirrors when i got here and it down shifts and it’s down shifting oh go so let’s see him so i have my i can pull up my navigation from right here too so not only is it right here but it’s also right here all of my controls let’s

Turn the tracks now oh so it’s in sport stabilization i see it’s off is that where i can pull up the draw modes like bro it’s too many like functions on this thing vehicle let’s go to vehicle uh i don’t know there’s a lot of stuff in this car bro staring it’s a lot it would take me like an hour to get to know everything’s out in here oh man when i hit the

Gas and i let off it make y’all you hear the exhaust look yeah like verbals it burns a little bit let me see that oh it sounds good oh oh my gosh that sounds good yo that sounds good brad yo that sounds good hold on let me let me mess with the powder just for you guys because it sounds good i’m in second gear right now let’s see how it does on the car oh

This car moves let’s drive one more time the pops that’s what i like that i like that in cars like the pops yeah i like that lay down shifts for me oh this sounds good y’all it sounds good this sounds good oh my god i just like the screen display on here too very different comfortable seats other than the speed on this car i like you know the features that

This car has the drive the suspensions feel good like go seats feel feel nice put you in your seat too but like a type of luxury feel you know hugging the curves too good nice handling if y’all liking this already right now like this video this is the audi s6 it’s my first time in the audi when i do these videos y’all not only getting my first time in them

But yeah this is my first time you know i’m saying so that this is crazy i feel so good yeah so it’s in sport mode let me just i’m gonna go back to regular and then use them like that oh that sounds so good that sounds amazing this is dad this is nice though this car is so smooth though like it doesn’t even feel like i’m going fast that’s the thing i

Don’t feel it i don’t feel it at all like somebody asked do you know how fast you’re going i don’t know i don’t so let me show y’all so it does have your like gas how much gas you have left up here in the top corner powder sugars on the side i wish they were bigger though i like the navigation is right there yeah i like how the navigation is right here too right

Where you’re looking at it yeah so i don’t have to you know what i’m saying this would be like a daily for me i had my hot and cold temperature gauge on this on this side and then i had the gas on this side so one thing about two i want to show y’all like it has like bars for your gas which is what’s different you know it’s also this little like wooden pattern

Also in the doors too it gets up fast like look no lag for no lag there’s no lag on this car like that oh i love that sound i love that sound like this cars like for your drivers see and it also shows me the gas stations too you see it it shows me like the gas station too like it shows me that it’s two shells near me so like smooth though you feel like

When i had made that turn like that cool so but yeah it shows me the gas stations on here it shows me coffee stations like this is nice you see i’m staring at you right though let me get my boy am i ready for him here what i ready for a real oh the steel pedals i got to show you how to steal pedals i love the steel pedals i get a lot of room in here 5 10.

So here you can change your mirrors and stuff like that i wish it had the heads-up display that’s one thing i would think this car had that would just come with the hands at this point but i guess you don’t these are metal too i like that that’s a lot of stuff that would take me a long time to go ahead and know how to work see look how it looks like birds are

Surrounding very smooth then you just put it in part you just press this button right here and that’s it but yeah guys just wanted to go ahead and give y’all a video on this already s6 2020 i’m amazed by it this is probably one of the top cars i’ve been in you know other than the bmw m4 and my other drives i just got to go and check those out but this is very

In the top line for me so but um if y’all like this video like this video comment subscribe if you haven’t but i’m gonna catch y’all next one stay tuned because i got a lot of videos while i’m up here in virginia that i’m gonna go ahead and get for y’all so yeah stay tuned but i’m gonna catch our next one peace out

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