driving and launching my 800hp a
Altair Club Cars Driving and LAUNCHING my 800HP Audi RS7 For the First Time It Sounds Incredible

Driving and LAUNCHING my 800HP Audi RS7 For the First Time It Sounds Incredible

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There’s a crow in the road better move hey guys i’m sam crack and this is how you launch an audi rs7 safety first got to make sure put on our seatbelts then got the car in dynamic mode we’re going to put the traction control which is right here into sport mode we’re gonna shift it all the way down foot on the brake put the foot on the gas so we’ve made it

To mexico this is the first true drive of the audi rs7 this car feels amazing so right now i have the exhausting quiet mode i have the car riding in comfort mode and i’m so impressed at this air suspension when i think of air suspensions i think of soft i think of floaty kind of lincoln you know old lincoln town car style this thing is nothing like that even though

It’s in comfort mode it still feels planted it feels well connected the steering is really good and that’s one of the things that come promote does too is it kind of like numbs down the steering so i can’t wait to actually turn into a dynamic mode and then we’re gonna really really feel everything he just give this thing a little bit more than normal throttle just

A little bit just a little bit that’s what the exhaust valves closed it’s amazing how it takes off all right so i reset the trip when i started and over the last 10 miles i’ve been averaging 23 miles per gallon what sort of car do we know as this amount of power and get 23 miles per gallon that’s pretty amazing all right we are turning on our closed road here

In mexico we’re gonna give it one good mash when we get straight the dry footage is far from over but i wanted to let you guys know that might be new to my channel that this 2014 audi rs7 is not stock what you’re hearing is a full armytrix valve exhaust system with a race cat setup i’ll get a little bit more into this spec in the detail of the modifications

After you watch this gotta get it in manual mode is so much fun listen to first gear pops this thing is it unreal fun this would be crazy this will be insane at a drag strip insane just for those that are curious here is a first second gear small pull with the exhaust flaps closed oh starting to get some rain darn it we had about as fun of a time as we

Could here in mexico but we got plenty of good driving in this car is an absolute blast we’ll talk more when this rain dies down when i first went to launch the car you can see it right here i gave it throttle then i let off immediately because i felt those rear wheels grabbing caught me off-guard because on most outies that have dual clutch transmissions or cars

Like the volkswagen gti there is no grabbing of the wheels what happens when you let off the brake in those cars the clutch bangs into gear and you’re off and it really almost kicks you in the back a little bit i was quickly reminded of the 8-speed automatic in the rs7 because there is none of that sort of stuff that’s like launching a regular automatic car now the

Reason why out he went with an automatic over the dual clutch transmission is durability and reliability issues his 8-speed transmission can hold a lot more power reliably than the dual clutch and this car really was meant to be more of a cruiser car than it was a drag strip missile but it’s pretty much a drag strip missile and the cruiser car does both very well

Everybody talks about a brutal launch that you get with a really fast car that’s all wheel drive and it really isn’t the case in this car actually first gear in the rs7 is really really easy and i attribute that to the software whether it’s the aftermarket performance software that’s been loaded onto this car or maybe it’s something from audi directly it really

Feels like they’re limiting boost in first gear to give you all that traction let’s break this launch down first gear notice the car rolls away really smooth both inside and out as the driver what i really didn’t feel was it fighting for traction you could see the traction light was flashing all towards the top of the first gear when it shifts in the second it’s

When you really can feel that boosts for those of you unfamiliar with my rf7 i bought this car totaled at a salvage auto auction i’ve been documenting the rebuild process here on youtube so if you want to go back and check out some of my previous videos on this car like how much i paid for it or what it took to get it to this stage be sure to check out the playlist

In the description box below one other thing really cool about this specific rs7 is it was on youtube before i actually started showing it on youtube the previous owner uploaded a dino video where the car made over 700 wheel horsepower on a hundred octane it puts the power figures on this car at over 800 horsepower to the crank and all the runs that i was doing

Previously we’re just on 93 octane running the 93 tune now what gives this car more power over stock is a few hardware upgrades and of course this software the software can be run at either 93 octane or at a hundred octane this is a stage two tune which requires the use of a catalyst or a race cat down pipe i opted for the race cat or the high flow cat option

Complementing the performance is the armytrix valved exhaust this thing looks the part and is really high-quality and of course as you guys heard before and sounds the part the nice part is though it’s not loud all the time it actually comes with the remote and you can turn it into quiet mode where it closes the valves on the exhaust and during normal driving sounds

Pretty much stuck it’s when you open those valves up that this car really comes to life and if you want to set it and forget it there’s an automatic mode it will keep the valves closed but open them up when the car gets to a certain rpm hands down this has been my favorite rebuild project to date i’ve grown to love this car it will be one of my favorite cars of

All time and all in it will only cost me a little bit over $30,000 which is tough to beat for this amount of performance and luxury i had an amazing time making this audi rs7 first drive video if you guys enjoyed it as well be sure to hit that like button also if you’re not ready follow me on instagram what are you doing i post a lot of audi rs7 content as i’m

Working on it i’m also going to be posting a lot of supercar build stuff yes that’s right supercars coming to the channel very soon i mentioned it a few times but just right here go to instagram or description box below click the link hit the follow button you’ll be good to go want to give a quick thanks to army tricks for making my rs7 sounds absolutely amazing

Check out their youtube channel link in the description box below as well for more amazing drive and sound videos guys i want to thank you very much for watching and i will catch you very soon

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Driving and LAUNCHING my 800HP Audi RS7 For the First Time! It Sounds Incredible! By Samcrac

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