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Altair Club Cars DRIVEN: Is The 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo Good Enough To Justify Its Oddball Looks?

DRIVEN: Is The 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo Good Enough To Justify Its Oddball Looks?

In today’s video, I drive the original Porsche Panamera. Specifically, the 4.8L V8 Twin Turbo version, with 500hp on tap. However, the car has always been somewhat controversial for the way it looks – but can the way it drives make up for that?

Hello everybody today i’m doing what i call a bit of bullseye this is a review where i look at a car i very seriously considered buying but just didn’t for whatever reason in case you’re watching from america or you’re young and you don’t get the reference bullseye was a 1980s british tv show and if you’re in the mood preferably if it’s late at night and you

May be a bit drunk search out an old episode on youtube and prepare to be amazed it’s a glorious slice of 1980s british culture wonderful show so today’s review is about this a 2010 porsche panamera turbo now i did actually consider buying one of these quite seriously instead of the jaguar that i bought which then turned into my maserati in many ways this is

A fabulous car and probably the one that i should have bought but a few things put me off and i’ll talk about those in a bit in truth the panamera is really something of a modern miracle because even in 2010 bringing out a car like this didn’t seem to be a very sensible option in fact were the panamera not already a pre-existing model the porsche today would

Definitely absolutely not be making a car like this the reasoning is really rather simple even in 2010 the dominance of the suv was becoming clear and porsche’s cayenne was doing very well for them indeed porsche had been flirting with the idea of a four-door saloon for quite some time going so far as to build a one-off nine-to-eight four-door as a present to

Their boss however when the car actually launched i think it’s fair to say a lot of people were not that impressed the reasoning really is down to one thing the way it looks on paper this is actually a spectacular car it’s large but not massive it was powered by a broad range of both petrol and diesel engines with your smaller v6 diesels as the entry level

Economical option going all the way really up to the turbo and turbo s this car puts out 500 horsepower courtesy of a 4.8 liter direct injected v8 it produces 550 pound foot of torque at 700 newton meters more than enough to get a car which does weigh about 2 tonnes down the road at a fair old lick it’s not short of gadgets either in comparison to my maserati

This is a real tech fest it does make that car feel the age it is and technically speaking both the cars are actually the same year but this was the first of the panameras and mine was the last of that generation quattroporte and they really do feel a generation apart the infotainment in here is broadly the same as say a late 997 911 you’ve got satnav that you

Could actually use you’ve got a mixture of analog and digital screens up here that works really really well some proper gauges too including stuff you don’t really see on cars very much at all anymore we’ve got oil pressure how many cars now give you an oil pressure gauge you also have perhaps the sexiest most over engineered spoiler in motoring history look at

That absolutely amazing not unsurprising that’s apparently one of the cars known failure points although the entry-level panameras were offered with a manual you’ll almost never see them and the higher end cars like this turbo came exclusively with the seven speed pdk gearbox at the time a fairly new thing the overall impression really is one of a very very high

Quality car it feels infinitely better put together than the maserati it’s got leather on everything very nice dark alcantara headliner although that does make the rear seats just a little bit oppressive you see the reason this car looks so strange is it was built as a fairly sleek looking thing but porsche’s boss at the time vendelin veda king insisted on being

Able to sit in the back in comfort and he’s a fairly tall chap so it wasn’t until they basically raised the profile of the roof at the rear quite a bit that he gave it his seal of approval and that’s why it looks like a bit of an odd duck today’s car is standard barring an upgraded mill tech exhaust now we’re not sure exactly how much of the exhaust has been

Upgraded but it was about four grand worth i’m told and so we think quite a bit has been swapped out this is good because the regular turbo was noted for not making an awful lot of noise at all whereas the naturally aspirated panamera gts sounds amazing this car uses air ride suspension and feels very similar to a lot of other air damped cars that i’ve driven so

The primary ride is excellent over less demanding surfaces it’s actually pretty good does float just a little bit however it has some real issues with the more demanding smaller but sharper bumps i went over some rumble strips earlier and the whole car just seemed to shudder and shake it did not like it at all however we are currently driving in normal mode and

This is a car which i’m told when you come to push it really does defy physics so we’re gonna get it through the next town i’ll switch it into sport mode and then we’ll see what she’s got but as i think to just cruise about him it’s really quite nice the steering doesn’t have the pinpoint precision of a 911 which you wouldn’t expect that however i’d say it’s a

Little bit more natural and intuitive than the maserati the seats are also i would say a little bit better they’ve got billion way adjustment in them so i think i could spend all day here trying to get them absolutely perfect and eventually i think you would find that oh there’s the lumber there’s the seat back oh there’s tilt oh there’s everything there’s buttons

I think no that’s not memory because memory is up there oh there’s there’s a lot you can do with these seats oh that’s the side bolster oh yeah oh they’re gripping although they’re kind of gripping my back a little bit but this is certainly doing a better job of holding me in place than the mazda that’s that’s terrible now one of the issues with these cars and

To be fair the maserati is not really that much different is they are quite big not quite sort of full long wheel base seven series or s-class big but not really that far off so if you’re going to use it for daily duties and you live in a sort of small british town like i do you will find a bit of a struggle parking anywhere i remember one of my neighbors got

Given one of these by his local porsche dealer as a courtesy car for a few days and he said he absolutely loved it but he couldn’t take it anywhere because it was far too big for every single parking space he could find it does at least justify its size by having enough room in here for four adults even if they’re six footers and the boot is an okay size too i’d

Say probably similar to the maserati depends what kind of stuff you want to put in it it’s got an electric tailgate although doesn’t have soft closed doors doesn’t have double glazing like the mazda but does have heated seats and quite a few different modes my maserati rides on fixed suspensions so there’s no adjustment to that whatsoever this you’ve got quite

A few choices now something i really really don’t like about this car is the way they want you to change gear if you leave the pdk box to its own devices it does a fairly good job of being an automatic if you want to change gears yourself there are two ways to do that either you can move the lever here and you do that the wrong way so forward for up towards you

For down or you’ve got these very very weird paddle button sort of mashups on the steering wheel both of which operate the same way so you push them for up and pull them for down they feel quite nice in the hand i have to say but it’s just a very very bizarre setup have they been set so they were opposite ways to each other you know this one over here you pull for

Up this one over here you pull for down and then they do the opposite as well that would have been very very cool because then you could drive this car one-handed and change gear yourself like in a mclaren that would be very nice but this is just strange the overall specification of this car too is i would say archetypal porsche in that it’s very very bland and i

Have to say i used to be a fan of this kind of look and now i’m just not you have a black exterior luckily not black wheels but you have black leather interior black stitching black headlining it’s a little bit dull you would think this car being on air ride and the maserati on a deliberately sporty single rate setup that this would be far better over the lumps

And bumps and manhole covers and stuff no it’s not it’s really really quite unhappy so thus far actually the maserati i think is surprisingly the better car but it’s on a tight twisty road where you want to have fun that car does rather fall apart is this any better because it should be let’s find out so i’m gonna go with john’s recommended setting of sport mode

But without sport dampers also going to put the car into manual and try and work with these paddles oh and i should give you a bit of noise as well well there’s no denying the straight line ability of this car it’s devastatingly fast and makes a mockery of its two-ton kerb weight this thing is ludicrous however it actually in some ways feels like a massively

Oversized version of the noble that i drove the other day yes give me a minute i will draw a parallel here you see once you start getting on it the whole front seems to go a little bit light and the car becomes very very vague it’s not the steering is letting you down it’s just that you can tell it’s really really fighting to contain that weight i’ve actually put

The suspension into sport mode because in comfort the thing just wanted to roll around and actually pretty sure i was getting air at some points turbo engine is very very strong there is lag but it’s reasonably imperceptible and the thing responds pretty hard no matter what rpm you’re at doesn’t sound the most vocal from in here it’s always making the same sort

Of noises there are some huge gaps between those gears when you see the revs drop massively sometimes between the ratios let’s put it at lower rpm and see how she can pull in a more demanding situation so 2000 rpm fifth gear yeah she’ll still pick up not instantly and not with the same savagery she would at four grand that’s of course a bit obvious the maserati

By comparison is a naturally aspirated engine with a bit less power and a lot less torque so you have to drive it in a very different way i had hoped that this car might have a little bit better steering i mean it can go around the bends better than the mazda absolutely no doubt about that and i’m not falling out of the seats like i would be in the italian however

You do feel just a little bit out of control with this thing you are grateful for the all-wheel drive and indeed that’s one of the reasons john wound up with this car he has previously been a serial jag buyer but sold his car last year when work dried up then when the work came back he thought right i need something and was initially gonna buy a four by four

For those two or three days of the year where it snows he needs to be able to get to work the family do have a volvo xc90 but it’s not going to seem any more winter so he was thinking of the kn as a way of replacing that car and getting himself something a bit fun as well then when he went shopping he remembered that porsche made the panamera and that comes in

All-wheel drive as well with the turbo that’s standard so he went out found this bought it and has been very very happy with it he’s not had it for all that long so i can’t tell you whether this car has been particularly reliable it’s not great on fuel in fact when he arrived it was averaging 18 to the gallon although over what time period that is i don’t know the

Panamera certainly has a better reputation for reliability than the kn but they still can and will go wrong it’s not always particularly expensive spare parts will be a bit of a mixed bag and keep an eye out on the prices of things like brakes it’s on cars like this where you’re often surprised because you’ll find out they can be more expensive to replace than

On a ferrari the panamera model generally speaking has been reliable you often find that it’s the bigger engine cars the v8s which seem to be the more durable lumps the old v6s always the ones that seem to have reliability issues in the k n as well as this however there are some things to be aware of the oil level sensor on these is known to fail and they don’t

Have a dipstick so if you are getting very inconsistent oil readings do exercise some caution because you may damage the car by overfilling it that spoiler mechanism has been known to fail on occasion so do make sure that it operates correctly and properly any car with air suspension can have air suspension related problems and i have to say that in general these

Seem to have a much better reputation than the equivalent mercedes or jaguar if you are going to go and view one of these cars though do make sure if you go and see it and it’s cold that the car is sat nice and level and doesn’t drop overnight because that’s a sign of a problem with your suspension the pumps have been known to fail they are expensive but again

That’s not something i’d be too concerned about the big issue is the gearboxes generally speaking pdk has been very robust but in the panamera they apparently do suffer so make sure the car changes smoothly when it should and swiftly when it should this gearbox is fairly nice it doesn’t have the same bite as in a 911 but then that wouldn’t suit the nature of

The car the issue i’m told is that because this is a very big heavy vehicle and it’s driven in a very different way even at low speeds you can actually feel it sort of working the clutch which is very unusual for this kind of gearbox and there are clutches in it i mean it’s a dual clutch system so they will still wear the theory is that with most cars they wear

At such a small rate essentially the car would be shot to pieces long before the gearbox however with these that’s not always been the case there have also been some recalls for various parts on these cars coolant hoses in particular have been something of an issue so just make sure that the maintenance has been done and any recalls that are out there have been

Completed in truth i was put off of the panamera for a couple of reasons firstly it is an ugly duckling and as as much as i would like to say for my daily drive a sort of ordinary boring car it doesn’t matter it doesn’t work that way i’m a petrol head i’m just wired that way and the maserati is simply the more appealing more unusual car that interests me and

Excites me more also at the budget i had around 25 grand i would be looking at either the top of the maserati market or the bottom of the panamera market and generally speaking i’d always much prefer to buy the best example of a car i could find rather than the worst when you get to dealing with cars like this you’ll find that buying a cheap one is not cheap at

All overall this car has left me somewhat confused the things it should be good at going over manhole covers and the like it’s really really very poor that ordinary daily driver stuff it just seems to struggle more than it should i’d also like one with a bit of a more exciting spec than this and unfortunately you’re just never gonna get away from the fact that

It’s not a pretty car that bothers some people it doesn’t bother others but it would bother me there’s no doubting this is a quick car i mean like devastatingly seriously properly autobahn smashingly quick the maserati is feeble by comparison yes it may have only 60 horsepower less but in practice it’s probably a heavier car and is so far down on torque by the time

The maseratis come on song this thing will be in the next postcode the steering feel and interaction in here is maybe not quite as good as i’d hope but it’s decent enough you know what the car is doing however when you really really do start to press on there’s still no escaping from the fact this is a big old bus and that means it’s not necessarily particularly

Happy being dragged down a country road it’s not actually as difficult to place as you might imagine rear visibility is somewhat poor but at the front you can see a lot of that bonnet more than you would expect and so it’s not a particularly daunting car to drive but it is still a big old thing that being said i would still recommend to anyone and everyone who’s

Considering a kn to try one of these because it should be for the most part a better car really i was expecting to come out this review going yep you know what it is indescribably ugly but on every single other front it does roundly beat the maserati however that’s just not the case and i’m itching now to get the mazza back anyway i want to say a big thank you

To john for bringing this car out finally my first experience of an early panamera never driven one before in fact never driven to panamera at all until this year when i drove the new one thanks to you as always for watching please like comment down below hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and i’ll see you for the next one bye you

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