drag racing in the nissan z
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Drag Racing in the NISSAN Z

Got to track the new Nissan Z! What a fun opportunity & event hosted by Nissan. Upon driving, launching, and tracking the Nissan Z, we really got to know the car. Everything from the nismo exhaust note, to the manual & automatic transmissions.

Where’s the clutch oh guys we’re driving the automatic here and they are back look at all the z’s lined up this is like the perfect combination of crayons what is up cg family welcome back to another video today we are in we are in what do you mean we’re in where are we we’re in vegas as you guys see right behind us over here we have the new nissan z we’re driving

Manual automatic and it’s not just gonna be some oh we’re gonna go hop on a ride and we’re gonna get a ride in the z around the track and get a feel for it no we actually get to be the drivers of the vehicle we get to take it out on the track we get to launch it um so let’s get straight into it let’s go strip let’s go to the strip right now okay i get a large fleece

Absolutely i’m so excited let’s go we got the z’s out here waiting for us first driving impression you’ll have in the all-new z it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to feel the improved horsepower and torque acceleration as you’ll get two runs in every car all right you guys so we are going into the 370z the 50th anniversary edition to start up front we have

The performance package limited slip differential this is the sport package which is just below the performance package this z has a open differential oh i’m trying to see you guys i’ve never driven a 370 before that’s funny and you owned a 350. so this one has the open differential but this one is actually a little bit louder than all the rest because the nismo

Team got a little bit jumpy and jumped to the gun they threw a nismo like exhaust on this sport so it goes that’s awesome though don’t you think i think it’s cool it goes sport performance and then like the limited edition that they’re coming out with the first 250 or something like that and then we are in the 50th anniversary 370 and they want they basically

Put this out here because the news these are built on the same platform as the 370z and they want us to be able to drive this to feel the difference between new and old and also one thing i’d like to point out right then and there what i realized the newsie has two cupcakes that does sound good all right excited yes i’m super excited fantastic let me see let’s i

Just turned traction control off perfect awesome that’s what we want she knows what she’s doing all right let’s do it i’m ready ready they’re not gonna let me drive the z yo they’re gonna kill me i don’t want to go back they’re going to yell at me for what they said get some tire spoons i went sideways you’re fine bro that’s bad this is bad you’re so extra

No they’re not going gonna like me there’s the new seas this is the whole this is pretty cool so they have two sections and we kind of didn’t mention this they have two sections the straightaway um acceleration section which we are currently doing and then they have a tracking section around the actual race circuit course that they laid out we’re going to be doing

That next then after the track we’re going to do a 45 minute drive i don’t want to say through the canyons but something similar 45 minutes there and back so we’re going to really get to know the new z today and i’m super excited wait we got to switch now grass and you can have 370. we gotta do it before they catch up let’s go let’s go let’s go all right grant’s

Gonna show hold them how it’s done you’re gonna go sideways a lot actually did you see me go sideways you didn’t catch it yeah it did okay we just switched yeah new driver hopefully let’s see if i stall stop oh man why are those cones knocked down was that me how’d you like it i like it i first i’ve never driven a 370 either i know right it’s cool because

Like we we’re the first people to experience the 370z right before the new z so i’m really excited now also what i am expecting obviously we’re not in the z yet we haven’t driven it this is going to be our first run it’s going to be an acceleration run in the z and what i’m expecting is a lot more stiffness and a lot better handling they stiffened the chassis about

25 or something like that that’s sweet so we got fighter jets flying overhead as we’re driving the news yeah we got a free air show with us as we are over here tracking the new z we’re having f-16 and f-22s flying overhead what a perfect day man so now we are hop it’s so windy today open up this is a nice bike all right you guys see us about to get it where’s

The clutch oh guys we’re driving the automatic here oh man so do you want to just start with the launch control so both of you get to experience it all right fantastic so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go left foot brake okay and you’re going to press that brake as hard as you can sounds good then you’re going to go paddles back full throttle it’ll

Say launch control as soon as you see that side step to brake and just you’re gonna go ludicrous speed instantly okay all right guys oh we gotta be in drive oh yeah that’s that’s that’s really important paddles back full throttle and go so we’re going to switch we’re going to switch this video is so rushed you guys like i’m sorry but everything’s like it’s good

It’s like everything’s really quick go go go it is my turn all right so here we go you guys left foot brake right foot on the gas um paddles gas you gotta put in drive drive we forgot there we go ready when i launched the 370 i was going sideways and just wiggling around and something else about the steering wheel um it really stays true apparently to the

R32 as well as opposed to having a perfectly circular shape it has more of an oval shaping wheel d mode we need to figure that out so much about the trim and the packages and everything that we just don’t know yet so don’t hate on us for not knowing we’re still learning it as we go but right now we’re just taking in the experience sir so we are getting in this one

Now this one is manual this is not the performance but the lower trim level called the sport i feel like i’m in my 350z right now like in the best way possible um with these seat adjustments and everything and obviously it’s a manual in comparison to a higher trim um auto nissan z this is is this the open diff or yeah okay i wish we got to know the 370z a little

Bit better so that we could compare because this is the 370 platform of course but we obviously got to know 350 because we owned one only driven the 370 like twice they’re doing launches in front of us ready yep they do have different uh infotainment centers so they have like a nine inch in comparison of what each trim level they have like nine inch 12 inch

Like there’s a lot of little things that they change amongst the trims that add up um that’s where the key is but um we also get the signature double cup holders on each side and just like the 350z those came in super handy so i absolutely love those these very important too i absolutely love this this is very my frontier has this too yeah and this is great for

Your phone right here um obviously you guys know all about this stuff the significant three gauges necessities if you live out west and we made it to the next section here we go so now we get to actually track the car so we’re going to be dealing with a lot of corner cornering acceleration breaking breaking yes kind of applying everything into one so that is the

Lead car taking off and everybody else is going to follow i think the left side is automatic and this row is manual and this is another lead car right here so we have four cars to the drivers and two cars for the instructors we got the z’s tracking right here and uh i know i have helmet hair i look goofy right now but i want to talk to you guys about something

Real quick there is an embargo on the content until may 16th meaning we cannot post any of the content discussing price or impressions so nothing from inside of the vehicle for driving but we can post exterior so i don’t know exactly how we’re gonna split up the content if we’re gonna make two videos um the first one coming out right away like it’s probably the

Very next day which is what you guys are seeing right now i don’t know how we’re gonna go about it is what i’m saying but my point being on may 16th we’re coming out with everything the full unreleased like raw footage of the content our real impressions um but right now we’re limited to what we can post so this is the best we can get for you guys it’s still

Like up there because this is the first uh exposure to the public of the z actually tracking so i think this is pretty sweet for now but make sure you guys also stay tuned for may 16th 1201 a.m eastern time that’s when that is lifted and we are able to post all the raw content so just want to put that out there as well and they are back look at all the z’s lined

Up this is like the perfect combination of crayons i love it so how this is going to run is basically me and grant are going to rock paper scissors to see who drives the automatic or the manual we are yep oh okay yeah right yes okay all right grab your drive is this manual this is a manual i love the red interior man i will never get sick of this totally hit

My head now it’s christina’s turn and we’re hopping the blue auto i got the auto you got the auto thanks grant hey i’m sorry you lost on rock paper scissors straight away we’re going to do our first rotation and just like that we are back in the hotel room what a day it has been make sure you guys stay in touch with us uh on instagram at grant underscore

Sloan and christina rookie we really got to drive all the different trim levels and get a feel for the difference between the autos manuals and we’re gonna come out with a video like we had said more in depth on those specifications and just the difference between the different trims and platforms of this vehicle this is just such a great experience we are here

At the aria in las vegas right now and we’re flying back to detroit in the morning anyways you guys want to thank you guys so much for watching this video and that’s all i got for today so peace out

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Drag Racing in the NISSAN Z! By Christina \u0026 Grant

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