drag race nissan kicks vs skylin
Altair Club Cars Drag Race Nissan Kicks VS Skyline | Mana Yang Lebih Kencang?

Drag Race Nissan Kicks VS Skyline | Mana Yang Lebih Kencang?

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The second day of our journey starts from this very beautiful pine forest the all-new nissan kicks e-power defeated the nissan skyline in the baggage challenge and fuel consumption challenge and in this 2nd episode, we will take a walk in the jogja city while continuing the last two challenges, which is the instagram challenge and the drag race challenge so dipo took a

Photo first before the parking lot was crowded he was a bit cheating even though the challenge had not yet started so we are a little difficult because we have to find a photo spot that is different and better than dipo and we’ll wait for this vote for up to 24 hours to make it fair because the photo is compared to skyline, which is already beautiful i am very optimistic

That i will win this instagram challenge because in my opinion, the only thing that can beat the beauty of 4-door skyline is only 2-door skyline we leave becici peak and head to our first destination which is merpati motor lots of collections that are really interesting to see i and dipo were really amazed because they had a huge collection of all kinds of vehicles from

The two-wheeled vehicle that didn’t have an engine, which is a bicycle two wheels that have an engine, which is the motorcycle unfortunately, ziko and i are not qualified people to review the hundreds or even thousands of collections here so the two of us can only observe and admire the entire collection of very well maintained and well-kept vehicles owned by mr. handoko

Thank you very much mr. handoko has allowed us to go around in it to see all the collections which are truly extraordinary the city is beautiful, many buildings and structures can be said to be classic or old and if you go to the suburbs there are many rice fields from there we didn’t find any traffic jams at all, but now we get stuck too it’s a shame i’m at tugu jogja but i

Cannot make a good video here now we just go to where we want to have a coffee for a while and rest for a while here we take a break while backing up the road trip data then after dinner, we leave silol and head to the hotel soon we will arrive at our private hotel, which is wisma bsi i currently ride it with only one pedal, the throttle pedal so it’s really good for use in

The city and it’s really economical because when we open the throttle pedal this car will charge the battery from the power it dissipates because we don’t accelerate because it’s already late, tomorrow we want to drag race early in the morning now we are heading to where we will do the drag race i’m sure that this time skyline will win against nissan kicks this morning when

I started the car it was a bit stuck at the low rpm even though before leaving, i replaced the damaged coil but hopefully, when the boost is in, it can still beat the kicks after a 1.5 hour trip, we arrived at depok airfield especially danlanud adisucipto air force marsma tni ir. bob henry panggabean kadisops adisutjipto air base colonel pnb sri raharjo and kabinpotdirga

Major pnb oktavianus olga satya nugraha who have supported our campaign regarding keep driving safe we really hope all young people in indonesia can understand the importance of safe driving and definitely a safe place for yourself as well as others this depok airfield can be a venue for automotive events which will certainly have a positive impact for more information,

You can contact yogyakarta adisucipto airbase and i have never launched this car so i am a little horrified i’m a little scared that something is broken, so i’m not being rude but i think, i was sure to lose in the beginning and i’ll chase it in the middle but above 100km / hour skyline already has a boost so he can overtake because i was afraid to damage either the axle,

Whether the clutch or the driveshaft and everything is still stock, in fact, i’m afraid the gearbox can be damaged too if i launch too hard

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Drag Race Nissan Kicks VS Skyline | Mana Yang Lebih Kencang? By Garasi Drift

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