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We raced a Mercedes C63 AMG against an Audi RS3! This was an amazing drag race!

Hi guys and welcome back and welcome to the airfield where today we are drag racing once again your drag racing with a mercedes c63 amg and we are putting this up against an audi rs3 let me just explain quickly what these cars both have on them this is tuned to 580 brake course by gad tuning of tune this car they tuned the mercedes c63 and the bmw m4 which we

Raced before so this is going to be ballistically fast and we also have this 450 brake horsepower audio rs3 this car is all-wheel drive the ground is quite damp at the moment it might get quite interesting considering that this is rear-wheel drive so 580 brake horsepower out of the rear wheels is going to be interesting but let me bring in christian from bo tv

The man i’m going up against yeah i’m quietly confident today i mean the launch on the audi it’s just phenomenal as you’ve seen before so yeah but that is in a straight line that is so quick you are the guys who give away a car every single week every single week we have 180 cars to choose from online at ticket start from just 90 p and you only have to be 16 or

Over and it’s a worldwide competition as well so doesn’t matter where you are you can win all over the world the sun has just come out so i’m hoping that it just gets drier and drier i think we should just go now right we’re gonna go for the first run which is going to be a launch control so let’s go ok so here we go i’m looking forward to this one i am in the

Mercedes c63 amg and today going up against an audi rs3 what’s going to win i mean i really don’t know honestly the or drive and the rs3 makes me think that on a launch control this car could get away from me quite quickly but i’m hoping with this 580 brake horsepower i can potentially reel them in or maybe i will get as good a launch i mean it’s highly doubtful

Being rear-wheel drive but i’m hoping for the best let’s go up to the line for run number one come on c63 right ready paddles in padlocks confirm go get the truck sit down my god get the power down and now i’m off and now the car is off the rs3 is gone was good and then he got off the light quicker my rear wheels are spinning up a bit because it was just a

Little bit damp and then he was gone but the c63 patches the rs3 you can see i’m always like reeling him in just a little bit so if i can get that launched better then i could stand a chance but i just couldn’t stand a chance and solely because of the wheels are spinning and the tragic controls tried to go and then second you like come on second gear and at that

Point it’s two ladies going paul wheel joy helps you oh you saw the rs3 got a very good launch there i’m gonna try trash control off traction troll is off i don’t know jackie’s gonna help me i’d have enough talent for this you ready paddles are in padlocks confirm sliding joshu kajal is staying fully on oh my good god i was just sideways at probably 85 miles

An hour so i feel this is unfair currently yeah because the ground is a little slippery still i cannot tell you how i know the full potential of that car it is so quick but i also know how good the launch control is on this we’re launching and i’m spinning up wheels well the first time i left church control on and i just couldn’t get the power down it wasn’t

Allowing me to sort of move then we turn then you off at that point then we turned it off oh my god i thought you’re about to pin it i could see you in the rear view mirror just completely sideways it is – rolling starts and that is where well i’m excited for that you look so comfortable i still think i’ve got it i still think i’ve got it now let’s go this is

The part when i hope this car will win i feel this is where it will come into its own traction control is gonna be fully on and it’s gonna be a rolling start if something you would have seen these drag races before and how we do the rolling start what we do is we do 30 miles an hour and we go up to the white line and at that point we go and we see who wins stop

On the c63 rolling start 30 miles an hour come on the k sec again come on 25 miles an hour it’s gonna be seriously close oh my god how much it was but i got him right on the line thought is gonna be a dead heat and then i got it right on the line we did it again we did it again this is the final rolling start could be close but we’re gonna find out right now

So let’s do it let’s go come on right second get i’m gonna be in third gear i reckon over the line that’s 28 miles an hour now we’re talking see you later thank you oh these attraction and then i just felt the car coming totally into its own is dry enough that the rear wheels didn’t properly spin up and then it just went kind of suck bogged down a bit and then

Boom then you can get the power down i think it’s unbeatable yeah but it’s getting that 580 brake horsepower down to launch controls to him to roll these faster me have it that is the end what i’m always good fun right it was so good it i mean a very hard work for me in the wet with this car it is a monster i didn’t your your life flash before your eyes a couple

Of moments in those drag races yeah i mean obviously we tried it with traction on then we tried traction off but i feel i always knew it sort of come into its own when it sort of had grip yeah 580 brake horsepower it’s incredible but what you have the all-wheel drive it’s mental it and the launch on is so so good the gearbox and the launch is absolutely phenomenal

Because when we put the a45 up against the rs3 this is in another league yeah so it’s this get so much at the start and you need something crazy to get that back because it’s just effortless isn’t it manage to yeah real man off the line on the and and then the rolling as well but you guys well you guys have more to the point can have the chance to win one of these

Cars yeah you can yet ticket start from just 90 p and we have over 180 cars to choose from so you might even be watching this video going no i don’t like either of those also a completely different you can have an ak online bo tv.com you only have to be 16 or over to enter and it’s a worldwide competition as well we will leave all those links down below and your

Chance to win a car and also a massive thank you to gad tuning who tuned so many cars and they’ve made this what it is today and also awesome gti who have turned that into what that is as well so yeah i hope you guys have enjoyed it we need to have a think about as always what next we’re gonna drag race yeah well let them decide ok put it in the comments so don’t forget subscribe

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DRAG RACE! MERCEDES-AMG C63 VS AUDI RS3! By Archie Hamilton Racing

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