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Altair Club Cars DRAG RACE Mercedes A45 AMG VS AUDI TT RS


You hi guys and welcome back and welcome to another drag race where today we have the audi tt-rs against my mercedes a45 amg all might have storyful might have seen when i drag race my mercedes a45 against the alpha male julia and i won get it it was pretty cool christian’s behind the camera shake you test i’m going to bring him in see you again this

Is a round two round two a four-wheel drive car nice i finally could be english where there’s always a little bit it’s going to i’m very i’m actually really worried 395 horsepower yentl wheel drive universe’ 16 13.7 second where do we go and you all might know christian because christian is the man who gives away a car a week yeah yeah guarantee winning every

Week my jobs are gone deliver said car and you can win one of these cars you’re gonna race him and see who wins so are you ready oh yeah good luck okay so the tt rs against the mercedes a45 amg this could be quite close i am a little bit worried for many reasons that teacher s looks pretty quick so this could be mad you know you look so ready i’m so annoyed

From lizzie’s so confident that the four-wheel drive system on the audi i have heard from loads of you guys online that it is very very impressive so this is going to tell basically they run number one we’re not going to do a launch control we’re going to just do a standing start and go and then run number two is going to be a launch control similar to what

We did with the alfa romeo giulia we’re going to do a very similar format and yet the ground is greasy but drawing is dry very quickly it’s a lot drier on christian site and we’re already got my excuses ready so yeah it’s a three foot on the brake and then full speed on the throttle and basically who is quickest to the line so let’s three two one oh god i

Lost i love to run abroad i haven’t lost her odd number one that gprs is fast new their leader okay so we’re now we’re going to go with a launch control are you ready for a launch control question is are you ready ready three you are joking oh my god it disappeared 101 how he never left me that’s rachel e3 calling the g giant has beaten me fair and square

I don’t understand that i’ve literally this thing is rapid 150 coming up here 150 miles an hour pulls like a train yeah yeah yeah it’s just mud so i thought we would just pull over after that but i really just thought we pull over and have a chat as we go back down the runway because i thought so it stitches i’m so amazed oh my gosh so quick one quick anything

All right yeah neatly inside you’ve got the virtual copy and everything and it just it feels so so good to be there and as soon as it launches up the line it’s just gone it’s an icicle i know i’ve been defeated right now and i’ve been defeated badly but i do feel we can have another one and get lose again yeah we absolutely go thing is we haven’t even done

A rolling start yet usually with this and these races which some of you might have seen before the launch control is usually the bit where i get my little bit when i’m close whatever i’m not even close i’m three four car lengths away i makes a slightly different story to the julia it makes a different story for juliet but both four-wheel drive i’m totally

Blown away with me trs i think it’s so so impressive and we should do it again that way so let’s just after that painful defeat i feel we should do another launch i have got no words that car the tdrs is just i’m in shock i’m in actual shock how fast that car is there’s just no words like it’s just baloney it 45 away there could be time to make my misery

Even worse than ourn against a rolling start a rolling start of 40 miles an hour like usual to the white line and then we are going so this could be incredibly well what we’re talking about it’s not going to be incredibly close it’s going to be incredibly inoculating your any question 41,000 euler the thing is i know i’m going to lose most of what i there is

No show today he’s going and she got hot and as the dress alone that’s close that was two dollars an hour glue sir so effectively the pgrn old control it shows you there that he is so much better than the aiport decide because on a rolling start we should just amaze me it’s closer take it i lost i don’t get me wrong i knew i was going to lose but this car

From a launch control compared to tc rs just another world it was a total of the world so when the cars are moving it was interesting to see that the gap actually got smaller which are really my honor i can’t even look you guys are incredible water cannons control on that and i was drive system it just funk i think we summed it up pretty well didn’t

We because we did the launch controls yeah and then we did the final run the rolling and the rolling was close to linear so i think it’s something after that launch control is clearly better than the f-35 doesn’t mean easily find on a bad car actually is a very very good car very good so i say that i’m a primate and i think he’s a tc you don’t get me wrong

But it’s basically an all right it is when you sign it you’d never really know you might want to say that but to close everything and everything about it was so i didn’t expect it i’m a bit surprised us words it’s going to go home and look on your face when you look like a part of that what is the things you guys going to be offering again it’s a missing half

Pride you all are profoundly a35 again omg and on the tt rs i only have three sixteen to enter and it’s a very quick lineup of us might develop thank you very much again remember coming out oh yes was going to be another element to that cycle of watching guys don’t forget to check out the atp’s links there all below don’t get subscribed as well you

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DRAG RACE! Mercedes A45 AMG VS AUDI TT RS! By Archie Hamilton Racing

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