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Altair Club Cars Drag Race: Lexus LC500 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe, on KLIA runway – AutoBuzz.my

Drag Race: Lexus LC500 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe, on KLIA runway – AutoBuzz.my

Yeah, we know these cars are very different. But we are pretty sure you are as curious to know which is faster. NA or turbo? RWD or AWD? Convertible GT or SUV Coupe? Let us all enjoy the glorious sound of V6 and V8 on KLIA runway as we find out who will cross the 400m mark first!

Today’s drag race is probably something you never expected to see because these two cars are from totally different segments he’s not holding it at all i’m just pulling away are you ready to lose let’s see if there’s any limit in your performance the cars in this drag race episode are powered by petronas primax 97 with pro race power to move beyond so behind

Me is the new facelift glc 43 coupe and on the other side is the very beautiful lc 500 convertible yep it’s got a five liter engine three liters in mind naturally aspirated turbocharged in mine v8 v6 in mind rear wheel drive all-wheel drive one million ringgit half a million will do but why are we doing this well for fun let’s say you own one of these cars and

You see the other one at the traffic lights wouldn’t you want to know which one’s faster yeah we’re about to find out which one you’re taking no price for guessing which one i’m taking yeah you see the old men go for that young men nowadays buy cars like that we leave the best for last with the biggest engines for the finale of our drag series both lc500 and

Glc43 will race down this 400 meter track to see who will get there first both cars will go full throttle at go with no launch assistance and as usual low rev building as well this is to minimize the human factor to how the car get off the line just to be fed to cars so naturally aspirated or forced induction rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive let’s find out

Gentlemen start your engine melodious v6 right i know this video seems like absolute nonsense to you but if you think about it if you actually compare the spec sheets between these two cars it’s actually quite relevant because on one hand you have a naturally aspirated big cc engine rear wheel drive on the other hand you have this suv looking thing that is

Also somewhat it could pay and then it’s got a smaller more efficient engine it’s turbocharged it’s got all-wheel drive this is actually quite an interesting race because this car is more powerful than that car over there but it is a lot heavier than that car by 200 kgs this car weighs two tons surprisingly but if you actually calculate the power to weight ratio

This car has more horsepower than that car over there and it looks a lot more beautiful that itself 10 more horsepower maybe don’t tell gc this but i think the little little details on that car is just twice as expensive definitely worth it it’s just completely different levels as for the race itself honestly i can’t offer any predictions and i’m really excited

To find out i do expect the car to take off just because of his all-wheel drive system and it’s turbocharged but as for me i’ll just whoosh my way from start to end to take the wind not only is it the thing of the present which is an suv it’s a coupe as well yeah that’s for someone who doesn’t have a comfortable rooftop to get mine sky is the limit let’s see if

There’s any limit in your performance uh i think it’s been a while since this kli runway has seen any action at all so today it’s going to be awoken by the roaring v8 and the screaming v6 okay gentlemen let’s oh goodness it’s pulling away oh that just is not good the vehicle is better no way he’s waving his hand it’s ridiculous that’s easily two three car

Lengths right there very comfortable victory for the lc 500 the 2-ton naturally aspirated lc500 with rear-wheel drive had a rapid yet amazingly graceful start getting off the line the glc43 was hanging on side by side as both managed to achieve identical century screen time at 5.7 seconds and pulling away the glc’s moment ended quickly as the convertible grand

Tourer picked up more speed for the 200 meter midpoint and it just took off leaving the glc with an impressive gap at the finish line the 43 sounded really good but the 500 with the street suite v8 it’s like smearing honey in my eardrums so i guess the old dog still has some tricks up its sleeve looks good sounds so good v8 yeah i think your naturally aspirated

Throttle response places your advantage it just wishes from start all the way to the end but i expected your car to just pounce through yeah i thought 4matic all-wheel drive better traction off the line but i guess you saw how it went so the never one second that you were in front i managed to hang but literally for a second and then i noticed when we were passing

About 100 kilometers an hour i was just completely helpless you just kept seeing the lc going further and further away it was so fun and i did it in style so if you happen to own a glc coupe even though it’s a 43 amg if you see one of these at the traffic light please don’t go and catch out of lola and really worth that one million bucks huh yeah actually i guess

Twice the money twice the craftsmanship and also twice the performance yeah many times the comfort style i hope you guys would like this drag race episode if you like it please give us a thumbs up share to your friends and also subscribe to our youtube channel and once you have hit that button there is a bell icon just underneath it hit that as well for the

Latest notifications on our newest videos right i’m gonna go home now looking like a million bucks we have come to the end of our drag series we hope you enjoyed all of our races and if you missed any of our episodes simply go back to our playlist on the top right hand corner or the description box below victory is mine team bmw it’s not right you’d like

To thank our partner petronas for supporting us and not forgetting kuala lumpur international airport for their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would you guys like to see more content like this let us know use petronas pre-max 97 with pro race for more power and better performance you

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