drag race audi q5 vs sq5 vs q5 t
Altair Club Cars Drag Race: Audi Q5 vs SQ5 vs Q5 Turbo Diesel

Drag Race: Audi Q5 vs SQ5 vs Q5 Turbo Diesel

( ) Drag Race: Audi Q5 vs Audi SQ5 vs Audi Q5 TDI Turbo Diesel Smack Down!

Hey guys welcome to another classic tfl mashup drag race i’m driving the brand new audi q5 nathan dude all you got i have the sq5 alright and michael what have you brought oh this is my aunt’s car dude what if you have your aunt’s car it’s a diesel that right there is my aunt’s 2015 audi q5 tdi it’s a diesel and audi doesn’t actually put the tdi in the q5

Anymore they don’t really sell any diesel’s in the us at this point now the reason for that is because this car was part of outies and volkswagens emissions scandal aka diesel gate which happened a couple years ago as a result of that my aunt was cut a check for about $9,500 8,500 from audi and 1,000 from bosch to compensate for the fact that they were cheating

On emissions but it still has 428 pound-feet of torque which i think should make it really good for drag racing under the hood of the audi q5 is hey it’s a 2-liter turbo everything’s a 2-liter turbo puts out 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque but what will make this car victorious is the fact that i’m the only one with a 7-speed that’s right a 7-speed

Dual-clutch transmission and everybody knows that a dual clutch is twice as fast as a regular automatic all right just so you guys know that car over there the diesel that’s the cheater that car over there the cheerleader that’s the soon-to-be defeater and this is the beater cuz it’s gonna beat that ass and the reason why is because it has a three liter turbocharged

Engine it’s a twin scroll that puts out 354 horsepower and 369 pounds of torque and it’s hooked up to an 8-speed automatic transmission why because it needs that many gears because it’s so damn fast cheater no more is this audi tdi you can see right here by this sticker that it has been fixed by audi it still makes 240 horsepower and 428 pound feet of torque

Out of its three liter turbocharged v6 diesel power is sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission so first race has got to be this beautified versus the tdi obviously we’ve got the two cars with the least amount of horsepower even though mike’s got the most amount of torque all right so my big disadvantage here is that this 2015 audi q5

Wastes 4,400 pounds where that new one weighs just 4,000 pounds so hopefully my 428 pound-feet of torque and give me enough of an advantage to be running here but see so let’s do this we took off like a scalded rat what a monster oh he’s catching up now i’m catching up oh man wow holy moly you killed me they took off dude you took off like a scalded rant man

You were boom 420 pound-feet of torque we’ll do that i guess call me impressed i am blown away all right well let’s see what nathan can do let’s do it dude that thing is fast he launched punches like crazy yeah you do workout for you yep speaking of power boys where are your exhaust pipes you had to go there mike didn’t you i did yeah yeah well they’re

Hidden under our girlies skirts apparently because you can’t see him nathan yeah i can’t stand hiding them i can’t stand fake ones it’s it’s a travesty and that leads to his aunt’s car you’re gonna be wondering if there’s any power decrease from the flash that volkswagen and audi gave to the tdi’s after the dieselgate scandal and according to volkswagen and

Audi there’s not a huge noticeable difference in performance however you will notice a 14% increase in de f diesel emissions fluid usage come on tv i/o got to do another one man nathan jump that start bad he was gone like a scolded pouty but dad oh he found out you but he’s got to do it again tonight’s dude i didn’t jump the line this time i didn’t jump the

Gun he didn’t jump the gun but i smacked him down like a little boy he is oh man he’s just way faster oh i got sick flies the beast the proof is in the pudding dude yeah does it still sting from the slapping you look i was just curious yeah give me lotion baby or we both be robbing up the same time i got to smack the get around a little bit this is a good day

Well boys we’ve got three turbos oh all-wheel drive and we’ve proved one thing there is no replacement for displacement heck no torque oh no no because i had less torque and i still kicked his ass yeah but that thing kind of it’s great out of the hole and then it falls off a cliff once you start getting going fast enough oh mine keeps going it wants to keep going

Like there’s a saturn five rocket on its ass well guys thanks for watching remember check out tfl caricom for more news views and of course three audi drag race reviews see you guys next time ciao yeah if they poop in your mouth to sign a good luck that’s just not you it’s it’s absolutely it’s absolutely true you gotta go back to college

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Drag Race: Audi Q5 vs SQ5 vs Q5 Turbo Diesel! By The Fast Lane Car

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