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DRAG RACE! NEW 2021 BMW M4 COMPETITION VS AMG A45S! – Get your own Insta360 camera here:

Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another drag race video where today this is going to be epic because we have an awesome race for you we have the bmw m4 competition the all-new one which is uh very controversial rear-wheel drive all drive one is not here just yet but it is it’s fast we’ve put it up against different things before and it

Is fast but we’re also putting this up against the king of drag races pretty much and this is the a45s the first a45 was rapid this a45s comes out the new one and it is just so fast and it beats pretty much everything because of the four wheel drive system it is seriously seriously quick the golf r kind of matched it but this is ridiculously fast and what we’re

Gonna do today is we’re gonna see if this car can beat a car which pretty much isn’t in his class being the m4 completely different price points but the a45 just just being ridiculously fast and this video has also kind of been sponsored by insta 360. we have amazing action cams for this video and i can’t wait to share the content which we’re gonna get from these

Cameras what i have in my hand is the insta360 one x two this is an incredible action cam and what i love about it is you can just put it on your car wherever you want and then basically what happens is you can capture all 360 surroundings and it captures everything and then you can go into your editor and place where you want the angles to look and everything

Else these insta360 cameras i’ve seen a lot about them online and we’re going to put them to the test as well in this video and i cannot wait to share how this content is going to look because this is a complete game changer so before we get going we’re going to put two of these in each car and then we’re also going to do we’ve got the massive pole as well and

We’re going to place it on the top of that and that will capture those mad angles that you see from behind the car capturing those 360 angles so yeah and also one on top let’s quickly put it on the car and here we go we just place it on the top of the car just like this and that’s it interior bang and bang away we go and then that gets all the inside angles

As well and then we have the one on the back as well pull it out and then boom and that’s going to capture everything so honestly complete game changer so what we’re going to do jump in the cards for run number one a45 versus m4 two standing starts then rolling start let’s go okay so here we go it is time for the drag race welcome everybody this is going to

Be awesome myself and insta360 have an amazing race for you today and this is putting a bmw m4 competition the all-new one up against the king of drag races the a-45s obviously the a45s pretty much beats everything it matches the goal far the way it gets off the line is just ridiculous of its four-wheel drive and we are putting this up against something which

Pretty much isn’t really in the same class in terms of price because these are about 70 80 000 pounds but the a45s is now i think it’s about 50 000 pounds i actually paid 45 000 pounds for my one ages ago uh but anyway the prices in the supercar market have gone mad but what i mean is that this will this win basically because we don’t have the all-wheel drive m4

Competition just yet we have the rear wheel drive version as this this is the only version we have in england at the moment so with the all-wheel drive or the four-wheel drive on the mercedes will it stand a chance against this well we’re gonna find out basically i’m just unsure completely unsure on what’s gonna win because this car should be quicker but will it

Get a better start we’re gonna find out so let’s roll up to the line for run number one m4 comp versus a45s okay here we go three two one go oh a45 i knew this was gonna happen i knew it was gonna get a good launch and now we’re reeling it back in oh it’s gonna be neck and neck i might get him on the line i don’t think the lines can be quick enough i think

The m4 just won i think it reeled it back in that car the a45s gets off the line rapidly but this reels it in reels it in if that was a wet race no chance i’m surprised by that but yeah happy with that but it all comes down to the launch and my launch wasn’t even great so let’s do another one because i need to get a really good start every single time here to

Stand a chance because if i don’t the a45s will just easily win um so anyway let’s go up to the line for a second standing start and then we go into rolling starts so fingers crossed i think we’re i think we’re gonna be all right i think we’re gonna be all right so let’s go right here we go he’s ready three two one go oh that’s better that was better oh he’s

Got better traction than me and now i’m pulling away with that start i got a better start and then the gap just stays the same pretty much get in maybe i preempted that start a little bit too much so i got the edge on him off the line and then the a45 if this gets a half decent start the a45 can’t win it cannot win because it cannot keep up with you whereas if

The a4 the m4 gets a bad start then the a45 will win basically so i’m happy that if it was wet i wouldn’t stand a chance literally imagine if it was wet i’d be there just spinning up wheels massively and i was hoping that this day was not going to be wet or damp or anything because it wouldn’t stand a chance this car will drive compared to that a45s it just shows

You the the way that car gets off the line is just mine mind-blowing absolutely mind-blowing so i’m pleased with that and uh yeah come on we now have one more run to go and that is a rolling start and it should really be should be a win really for this but we’re gonna find out right we’re ready here we go first second i’m gonna go third and then we get to the

White line and go oh no my reaction time wasn’t great and now i’m getting my foot down and now i’m off come on that is a victory get getting forgetting my reaction time was terrible my right shoulder is actually terrible there but the m4 still won we got a good launch i just he just got on the power a little bit earlier than me basically the story is when

This car is rolling it’s rolling fast basically very very fast and the a45 doesn’t have the power it’s got the launch it’s got the speed in terms of from the lower end and if it was wet it would be another thing but when this car gets going on a rolling start the two power of these new m cars really comes out and this when it has the four wheel drive system which

Is going to be very very soon is going to be unstoppable at drag races just because it will eliminate all of that low attraction stuff so we’re getting all the excuses and apparently there were miss shifts in the a45s so we have to finish the car off by doing it again because we can’t go home if someone’s not happy with their shifts so we’re gonna do one more and

Then we’re gonna find out so let’s go to the line for run number four let’s go ready let’s go that’s 20 miles an hour third gear go oh that’s better that is a better start that is a better start from the a45 oh my god i got the worst start ever and i’m gonna have to reel him in oh i’ve got him fifth gear he doesn’t have a chance at fifth gear i told you these

Races surprise me he was not lying about that he just got a better start this when it hits four fifth gear will beat a lot of cars a lot of cars flip here now get in one all of them but that surprised me these cars always surprise me it’s rapid that thing fourth fifth gear bang done so um yeah i’m happy with that right there we go that is the drag race finish

So it was really really good race in terms of the m4 and the a45 um yeah two standing starts uh win for the m4 and then with the rolling there was a slight miss shift but uh we redid it and uh yeah at the end it was just the m4 just had everything on the a45 to be fair if this was a if this was a wet day or a damp day when it wasn’t as hot as it is today then the

A45 probably would win to be honest on the standing starts uh but yeah the day is today and when that m4 hits four fifth gear that is where it just really gets the speed so i cannot wait for the all-wheel drive version i keep on saying it uh but when it’s here it’s gonna be ridiculous and we will bring it down to drag races i think it will just beat a lot of cars

So gonna be very cool and a massive thank you obviously well obviously to the owner we’ll leave his details on the screen so go and check him out and also insta360 i will leave all of their details down below what you would have seen in this video and all those angles were from these action cameras they’re a complete game changer you need to go and check it out

And we’ll leave the links in the description and also in the pinned comment how you can go and purchase them because yeah they are just a complete game changer i can’t believe the content which we’ve just seen all come out from these action cameras so i hope you have enjoyed it anyway let us know what you want to see next with the drag races just put them in the

Comments down below and we will get going for the next one i hope you’ve enjoyed the video don’t forget to subscribe you haven’t already i’ll see you all very soon foreign

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DRAG RACE! 2021 BMW M4 COMPETITION VS AMG A45S! By Archie Hamilton Racing

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