drag race 1100bhp audi r8 vs mcl
Altair Club Cars DRAG RACE 1100BHP AUDI R8 vs MCLAREN 765LT


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Welcome back to the aaa mf youtube channel in our last drag race you saw this 765 lt beat the mclaren 600 lt and the new 911 turbo s today we’ve brought something with 1100 brake horsepower chris who do you think’s gonna win i think it’s going to be the audi for me i think it has to be the mclaren is going to have it off the line uh but the audi 1100 brake

Horsepower and four-wheel drive four-wheel drive four-wheel drive stride i just can’t see how it’s not gonna win i think it’s gonna be an interesting one so tell everyone why you’re here today and how you can help our viewers as an insurance broker we cater for high-end uk-based vehicles such as the fantastic ones that you’re gonna see here today we take the

Time to understand our clients requirements so we can present a more accurate picture of the risk to our specially selected insurer panel our benefits include agreed value and should the worst happen you can choose your repairer with our in-house claims specialists so all triple h mf viewers have a dedicated telephone number and this link to get in contact

With us so if you own a vehicle worth over 80 000 pounds or a collection of vehicles and live in the uk please contact us today we’d love to chat with you very loud we’ve got the audi r8 v10 with about 1100 brake horsepower up against the reigning champion the mclaren 765 lt 765 lt only has rear-wheel drive it may struggle to get off the line but it should

Be fast once it gets going um so i’ve been told by the drone operator that the audi won but not by much which is quite surprising well not surprising because the mclaren’s epic but let’s see what they uh the drivers have to say look at that we didn’t know what else to bring to race against the 765 lt so we brought along an 1100 horsepower audi here we

Go look at that how was that not by much oh he said it didn’t even launch properly we’re gonna do another run race two oh wow so we gave the mclaren another chance sadly he lost how was that how was that okay so the owner of the audi is saying that his car isn’t launching properly so i don’t know where this would be this was launching properly but

Thanks to alex for bringing his audi r8 twin turbo unbelievable it’s a little bit loud actually and thanks to luke for bringing the 765 lt still a stunning stunning car remember this is stock obviously this isn’t stock if you think that you can beat this car in a stock car give me a call thanks for watching don’t forget to click onto the link a plan clients

If you have a car worth 80 000 pound or more we’ll see you on the next drag race or car review foreign

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