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Altair Club Cars Dont waste your time: First impressions of the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive 40. S26 – EP6

Dont waste your time: First impressions of the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive 40. S26 – EP6

From BMW’s web page, “The BMW i4 eDrive40 is a distinctive and distinguished champion of a more sustainable future.” I had the pleasure of speaking with BMW sales associate Tom, who at 74 years young walked me through the company’s latest electric vehicle.

So so i’m talking to tom and believe it or not how old are you 74. look at this guy this year 74 years old oh my god i don’t believe that august 15 74 this year caesars he was born in 1946 1948 48. oh my god you look well yeah thank you i feel great good good okay it’s selling these bmws thank you young buddy you buy one of these you’ll

Be young like me well i got a tesla so i’m still young at heart how about that yeah all right so let’s talk about this i-4 really quick because i know you’re super busy okay so walk me through it um just give me some of the specs on this vehicle so can we walk around to the sure real quick okay the i-4 is the same body style as the 430 and our 440 style so we

Kept the same style okay this is the i-440 rear-wheel version 300 300 mile range on it about 336 horsepower 58 000 price tag on this one this is this the less uh expensive i3 i all uh electric car that we sell right we do sell the mini over here too yeah we’re going to talk about that but whatever i have a mini guy talk to you about that okay okay 300 mile range

Four years 50 000 warranty 36 miles from maintenance we have uh four years of roadside assistance unlimited mileage on the car we have over 43 000 charging stations in the united states that’ll work on this car we also have 404 service stations tesla has about 202 and they only have 1200 charging stations so it’s a it’s a pretty unique car that can go anywhere

You can travel cross country in the car uh like i said it’s just a really well handling car i drove it here i was really impressed the first time i got a chance to drive it it just came in today you want to charge this car you can charge it within 40 you can charge it up to 80 within about 40 minutes if you take it over to sam’s club at 50 watts okay you can

Charge it in your garage at 240. it’ll take about four hours to do it so i i recommend all my customers that they buy the turbo charge cord they get the wall mount they plug it in when you come in the charging cord is in the back you just plug it in and let it charge overnight or it’s cheapest to get the rate and then you get in the car the next morning this

Is pretty well it’s a lot more environmentally it’s like the i3 there’s a lot of uh materials that are used that are recyclable inside the car uh that was where uh the i3 was really a big hit because it used a lot of stuff that was you know it kind of sustained the the environment so this is definitely a good earth day car right here right yeah i like how you

Tired earth day in today oh it’s superb with the batteries the weight of the car doesn’t feel like a heavy car it just handles so well and this is the rear wheel drive version we do make the m50 all-wheel drive version of this car so it’s 636 horsepower same range on it but these cars are incredibly fast there’s zero torque at zero or in europia so the four

Wheel version is a little bit more expensive than the four wheel version you’re looking this is 58 you’re looking probably around 65 to 75 in that car depending on the options how you do it so any last comments that you want to tell anybody uh about this thing what you should do is you should come by bmw of an office and drive the car it’s a lot of fun one of

My one of my customers was just here who drove it today for the first time skip skip yeah skip and jump i met him he told me that she was back down here yeah he’s a retired navy guy really great yeah yeah he’s a great guy he’s nice he’s really excited because i think he’s going to get this one he wasn’t he was he was on the fence with it and he said man he says

I like this car so i’m going to do it right i recommend that you just come drive them yes there’s going to be a lot of electric cars out there i recommend that you know find one that you like but drive one of these my name is tom hamill stop by the dealership all right we’re glad to see you all right well thanks again and i appreciate it and i swear 74 years

Young you look great it’s the cars and the and the exercise to keep me good that’s a good thing thank you good to meet you sorry thank you but it’s even further down now towards uh this you

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Don't waste your time: "First impressions of the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive 40." S26 – EP6 By Don’t Waste Your Time

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