dont expect the equinox ev to re
Altair Club Cars Dont Expect the Equinox EV to REALLY Cost 0,000

Dont Expect the Equinox EV to REALLY Cost 0,000

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Zach right as the average new vehicle transaction price climbs to 48 300 chevrolet comes along and says they’ve got an ev for us that will cost just 30 000 do you buy it you’re doing a disservice to what chevy is proclaiming because the average transaction price last night month if i’m not mistaken for an eevee was again north of 66 000 more yeah yeah it’s about

66 500 so yeah that that’s pretty up there if you ask me uh it absolutely is what do you think the odds are that gm actually holds true to their promise and delivers a 30 000 electric vehicle i don’t know it’s hard for me to imagine but hey the ultim platform maybe that’s why they did it right right first of all gm says around thirty thousand dollars so that’s

The key word right there around but i do think and i hope honestly i hope general motors can get the equinox ev to market for under 35 000 for the base trim but i have a bit of skepticism and i’m going to share that with you today zach about why exactly i don’t think most equinox ev buyers would be buying the vehicle for close to thirty thousand dollars you ready

I’m all ears let’s hear it all right first one it’s a bit interesting it’s not really a surprise gm is gonna have a fleet variant for the equinox ev and i think that’s great because that’s one way to really accelerate fuel savings and also have an impact a good impact on environmental uh pollution type things right whenever you’re converting an entire fleet to

Electrification however if you think about it they said the equinox ev is gonna start around thirty thousand dollars that’s the quote i imagine that the bare bones fleet variant would be about thirty thousand dollars and maybe the one lt which has recently been revealed would start closer to thirty three thirty five thousand 000 now why exactly am i so skeptical

About a 30 000 price tag for an ev in 2023 consider the following recently we had ford executives admitting publicly that they do not make a profit at all with the mustang maki and zack you know what the mustang maki starts at i do not remember off the top of my head but i know it recently went up by a significant amount of money so did the lightning yeah so

Now the mustang monkey starts at 46 000. but back when he made those comments a few months ago it started at like 43 000 so ford was not able to turn a profit on a 43 000 electric vehicle i’m hoping gm has some ultim powered tricks up their sleeves to uh bring affordability and profits back into the picture for evs but i’m a bit skeptical and now there’s something

Else to consider but first zach i wanna i wanna get your take like what were your thoughts whenever you heard maribara proclaim that the equinox ev would be starting around 30 000 did you buy it i’ve watched this movie before like that’s what i that’s what i thought right when i saw the headline which is i’ve seen elon musk say it i’ve seen farley say i know how

This movie ends like maybe for a short period of time we have a more price attainable electric vehicle and then ultimately it’s too expensive to actually sell at that price point plus not to mention dealer markups so fortunately the data that we referenced at the beginning of this video is talking about transaction prices which include whatever the dealer markups

Would be on top of msrp we know evs are a hot commodity i think justin you know as well as i the expectation that there’s a surplus of evs is not in the near future for us so sure maybe gm maybe chevy gets a 33 or 34 000 msrp equinox into the market next year your out the door price on that’s probably going to be closer to 40 grand no matter what once you factor

In everything else so it’s still going to be an expensive vehicle so i feel like i’ve seen this movie i know the ending i’m skeptical that’s for sure yeah and to be fair i’m actually in support of having even an under 40 000 ev as long as it’s well equipped with decent fast charging and range which it looks like the equinox ev will have honestly zack i am kind

Of impressed with what gm is offering in the base 1lt trim of the equinox ev you get 250 miles of range estimated by gm and a pretty solid charging time of 70 miles of range added in 10 minutes honestly it’s looking like a pretty good package even end up if the price ends up being closer to forty thousand dollars which i think most equinox ev buyers are gonna end

Up interested in the one lt or the two lt trims if they don’t want to have just the bare bones who knows maybe even gm would put a hand crank windows into it just kidding but uh you never know these days right uh yeah i think most equinox ev buyers will be more interested in the 2lt and 3lt and that’s definitely not going to cost 30 thousand dollars but it would

Still to be fair it would be a great deal for around forty thousand dollars that’s what i’m hoping for for the equinox to be clear at that price point you are somehow somewhere you are undercutting the competition i think we need more automakers to produce vehicles at that price point if we want and expect to see mass ev adoption that’s for sure buying a car let

The team at yaa help use the code fall 20 and save 20 on a yaa membership or use fall 100 and save 100 on an extended warranty now where is the sweet spot with the equinox ev and how much should you expect to pay if you want to get a decently equipped 2024 equinox ev in my opinion it’s the 3lt you got more options but you’re going to pay more money for it what

Comes with the 3lt well in addition to the extended range battery pack you would get uh 300 miles of range that’s that’s impressive of course this is gm estimated of course you would still have that same fast charging capability but you would have a lot more creature comforts as the auto sales people say and by that i mean a sunroof you would have reverse automatic

Braking so enhanced safety features a 17 inch diagonal touchscreen it better not be laggy gm please do a good job sourcing the touch screen please don’t let us down 21 inch aluminum wheels going to be riding on 21s and uh heated front end yeah that’s big bigger than my ioniq 5 limited so ventilated front seats there’s a whole bunch of really really nice things

Going into the 3lt trim of the equinox ev now i got to be honest so far all that they’ve said about pricing is that it’s starting around 30 000 but here’s why here’s why i think that the 3lt which is basically the sweet spot we’ll be starting closer to 50 000 why do i think there’s going to be like a 20 000 jump i’m all ears can’t just be for those ventilated

Seats gm is gonna have to subsidize those more affordable equinox trims that they claim to be getting ready to sell for near thirty thousand dollars they’re gonna have to subsidize that make their profits by offering some much higher priced and hopefully properly equipped trim options so not only do you have the three lt which i personally expect will start around

Fifty thousand dollars you’re gonna have the rs options so the two rs and the three rs i’ve had some y a community members with years of experience in automotive sales in the industry overall they said they expect that the top of the line equinox ev-3rs will start around 60 grand that’s what they expect so i mean we could all speculate but gm’s going to have to

Make up the money that they’re spending our money that they’re likely losing on a more affordable equinox cv considering that in 2022 the average cost for raw materials in the average ev so you know it might have a smaller battery pack than the equinox sure is around eight thousand dollars they’re gonna have to make up for that somewhere remind me justin sorry

To put you on the spot nissan aria do we know what’s what’s the starting price there it is more than thirty thousand dollars it’s around forty seven thousand dollars i believe but it’s at least twelve thousand dollars more than what the equinox ev is shooting for let that sink in for a second i think you’re spot on you’re gonna see most of the equinox variants

Out there closer to that 40. that’s a nissan folks a 47 thousand dollar nissan yeah the reality is that the close to 50 000 is probably where most electric vehicles that are quote affordable end up being and that’s still 15 or 16 000 less than the average transaction price yeah and i dug it up at lightning speed just for you zach and it looks like the aria is

Starting here in the us at 47 000. so look at me look at me go but uh and then i was speaking to justice the other day or my co-host over on plugged in and he had a good point at what point would you be just feeling silly paying for a higher trim equinox ev when you could just go buy a model y or you know any other number of evs and audi e-tron audi tron uh why

Would you want to spend 60 thousand dollars on an equinox ev if you could even just go get a blazer ss for nearly the same price which is far more capable on performance specs i don’t see the benefit of even offering an equinox ev over 55 grand but you know what they say zack inflation indeed they do justin they also say show me the money show me the money show

Me the money yeah i think i think the equinox i think you’re spot on with your thesis i’m i’m hopeful i’m very helpful i’ve seen this movie before i’ve seen the ending twice oh we can’t forget we can’t forget that the equinox ev will qualify for at least half of the new ev tax credit on the federal level level state incentives may apply as well but that also is

Good news so is it possible that an equinox ev might be out the door in 2024 when it becomes a rebate option out the door for under 30 thousand dollars wow what are we even talking about zach that is wild i am not willing to go there no

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