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Altair Club Cars Does the 2022 Nissan Rogue Have a Heart of Gold? Theres More To It Than You Think

Does the 2022 Nissan Rogue Have a Heart of Gold? Theres More To It Than You Think

( Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! The Nissan Rogue itself may not be new for 2022, but its engine is: A 1.5-liter VC-Turbo engine that’s even more potent than the old 2.5-liter engine. But does the new heart make this the best Rogue to buy? Nathan takes a look in this review!

Hello you lucky viewers and welcome if you will the 2022 nissan rogue platinum this is an important vehicle for nissan and it has very little to do with what’s going on on the outside and it has everything to do with what’s going on on the inside we’ve already reviewed the rogue and this is the large rogue it’s not the sport this has something special under the

Hood so special in fact that it sort of reshaped the company i kid you not it’s that important this new engine which i will tell you about in just a moment is going into other vehicles not just the nissan rogue in fact right now it’s inside of an infinity on top of that it even has a new type of continuously variable transmission cvt on top of that it already has

The award-winning interior one of the best in the business for this price i’m going to show you all that and i’m going to take you for a ride right now it’s a funny thing i grew up with three cylinder engines being something just for economy cars little tiny tiny cars had very little horsepower and the whole point was they were very efficient however what if you

Strap a turbo and add a few other really cool components to make a powertrain that is powerful and fuel efficient well let me introduce you to the vc turbo that’s right you are looking at a 201 horsepower engine that puts out 225 pound-feet of torque this is one of the most efficient vehicles in its class with a combined 31 mpg i mean that’s with all-wheel drive

Guys that is really impressive and up here with the turbocharged engine it gets up and goes i’m not just saying it’s a rocket i’m saying that it moves really well high elevation is really difficult on these little crossovers when they have naturally aspirated engines inside they revised the continuously variable transmission now many of you know that they’ve had

Issues with cvts in the past however this has been revised to the point to where it is considered smoother and quieter along with being more efficient and hopefully more reliable recently nissan hasn’t had too many problems with their modern continuously variable transmissions their cvts so let’s hope that this one is even better than those we are all tired of

A sea of black a sea of black interior where everything or gray for that matter where all the components are exactly the same we complain about it often and the reason we complain about it is because we know automakers can do stuff like this this is what i call a nice interior i love the mix of materials this wood which is not real really does feel pretty damn

Real the layout for the instrumentation is really good okay having something that’s under nine inches when it comes to an infotainment screen may seem a little archaic i think it’s fine i honestly am not one of the people who needs to have a 12 inch 14 inch screen or whatever and this one is really easy to use the infotainment system works on a basic level very

Simply doesn’t do a whole lot but at the same time this vehicle is covered with gadgets and gizmos everything that is offered in premium vehicles is offered here it’s including everything from lane to part assist and radar guided cruise control stop start all that type of stuff it’s all here and it has a digital dash which i didn’t like at first but honestly

It grew on me almost immediately it looks really good a couple settings can be changed but for the most part this combined with everything else that’s the that’s inside this car really shows me that nissan’s come a long way and that’s why i’m so happy oh and by the way not only do i fit in the back seat but roman and andre who are a lot taller than i am also

Fit comfortably in the back seat i only have a couple minor complaints in regards to the interior one of them is the seats are heated but they’re not cooled now these are zero gravity nissan seats and they’re really good with comfort i admit then you know i’m part of the gimmick i love it but they should be cooled and they’re not and that is an issue because

Competitors offering a vehicle for the same price do offer that their modern gear lever isn’t too bad i’m not thrilled with the parking button but everything else is easy enough and one of the important things about it is that it’s still a gear lever a lot of the competition does not build that honda i’m talking to you i like this what else do i like the fact

That this is a smooth vehicle i’m actually like kind of rooting for nissan because the last one of these that i drove i thought it’s great but it just didn’t have enough power and the economy was okay you know stuff like that i didn’t really think that it was that much better of a buy over something like a honda right condos are great but then it can do this

The ratios that it goes between are incredible and the fact is is that it’s not high powered i’m not being pushed back in my seat but the power is there no matter what it doesn’t behave like a regular power strap cvt the engine itself has an amazing change of ratios in terms of its combustion so in other words it can burn from one point to another making this

Vehicle either extremely efficient when you’re laying off the gas or really powerful when you’re laying on the gas i know that sounds kind of silly but think about it this way you can kind of have both dude 31 mpg combined with the vehicle this size with a wheel drive is damn good i have the sticker right here and it shows the price for this vehicle is forty

Two thousand three hundred and twenty five dollars and that may seem like a lot however consider this other vehicles in this class this is the platinum so this is the top of the line of this vehicle all the other vehicles it competes against and i’m talking about honda i’m talking about toyota and of course everything from volkswagen and general motors they all

Have comparable prices with their top trim vehicles what makes this nissan unique is the fact that it is more efficient than the competition it has really good power and one of the best interiors in its class seriously this is a step below and only a small step below genesis which is one of my favorites period it’s that good would i buy this maybe but here’s the

Important question and something that i’ve asked nissan and they’ve laughed at me and i don’t know why where’s the hybrid where’s the phev all of the competitors the big ones have hybrid powertrains as an option kind of curious to what nissan’s waiting for as it stands this is an exceptional vehicle a decent value and downright comfortable and in 95 degree

Heat i’m about to go inside and enjoy a fine air-conditioned moment i’ll see you next time you

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Does the 2022 Nissan Rogue Have a Heart of Gold? There's More To It Than You Think! By TFLnow

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