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Altair Club Cars Dodge News E-Muscle Car, Dodge Hornet & Hellcat Last Year

Dodge News E-Muscle Car, Dodge Hornet & Hellcat Last Year

Lets talk about some of the Dodge News From The Week! The Last Hellcat Hurrah, Drop Top Challenger, New Dodge Hornet & The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Electric Muscle Car! If you like this video Please subscribe & check out My Channel or the links below!!!

Hello and welcome back to the channel everyone this is motor mike media as always i’m motor mike and today we’re talking about some dodge news dodge had a very exciting week now i’m going to just hit some of the highlights here and we’ll start with the charger and challenger they’re gone in 2023 they’ll be the last year production but they’re going out with a bang

Special colors are coming back one year only colors will be available for this year so you can customize and personalize your vehicles the way you want them the hellcat itself is still here for one last year so if you want it get it now now the challenger you’ll be able to get a drop top now a lot of people always wondered why dodge never did this from beginning

Now a lot of people have been taking the aftermarket shops to get this done but now you can order one and basically the factory will build your vehicle they’ll send it out the drop top customs for 25 999 dollars they’ll turn into a convertible it looks pretty sharp actually now yes it’s a pretty penny but it’s a one year only a last hurrah so if you’re into these

Vehicles buy them now while you can and also the good old durango hellcat is coming back for one year as well now the durango is limited production for 2021 they’re bringing it back because popular demand and give it one last good old hurrah now i like that thing so if you need the 700 plus horsepower and three rows that’s the way to go moving on to day two

Basically it’s a 2023 dodge hornet now i think this vehicle actually looks pretty sharp in the front end you can see the front end has a scalloped hood the nice led lights that gives it that dodge dna this is technically an alfa romeo tanali if you will now alfa romeo yes it’s built in italy and stuff like that but they have a pretty pretty playful platform dodge

Said hey this has dodge dna in it this is a very quick vehicle it’s supposed to be sporty it’s a sporty cuv vehicle now i know a lot of people hated on this vehicle with this thing we debuted the other day people were saying this thing’s ugly it’s stupid dodge lost their way you gotta remember they need to make some money they need a vehicle that can sell in high

Production where they can pump these things out make money on them so they can invest in the ev future for the brand this vehicle comes standard with all-wheel drive which is awesome it starts just under thirty thousand dollars and two liter turbo engine is standard that thing makes 268 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque 0-60 is like 6.5 seconds it’s supposed

To be a nice playful platform so i have to wait and see when people start test these how it actually is but you can upgrade to the rt basically the rt is a hybrid system a 1.3 liter turbo engine paired to that hybrid system makes 288 horsepower but 383 pound-feet of torque so that’ll be the one that people want performance wise and they also show us a concept for a

Ghost-like hell model and that vehicle is uh basically their direct connect parts so that vehicles lower special rim special paint a tune for the vehicle so it’s cool to see that direct connect is making all these aftermarket components for this new vehicle and other mopar products so we’ll have to stay tuned to see more about that but the biggest news of the week

Was the dodge challenger daytona concept srt now this thing looks so awesome in my personal opinion now i’m a big muscle head i love v8 engines but this thing is very interesting very different dad said hey if we’re gonna go ev we’re gonna put it and make it dodge it has our dna in it and we want people to see that now when you see this vehicle from afar you look

At the front end this big led front end everything kind of looks squared off it reminds you of those old muscle cars back in the day it’s got the old school symbol i’m not going to try to pronounce it because i always pronounced it wrong when you start looking at certain angles you can see that front end is just a big spoiler if you’re going to have a boxy muscular

Vehicle like that you’re not going to be the best aerodynamics so by designing that front spoiler the air can flow up that looks pretty cool in certain angles it looks so sharp in my opinion i love how this charger if you will is a two-door model once again like the old days everything slopes back the rear ends got the nice race track lights in the back it mimics

The front end good aerodynamics and an interior that looks pretty impressive larger screens i like the instrument panel the uh pistol grip shifter it just looks very interesting very nice they have the banji symbol this is a the banshee platform basically or the power plant you should say they don’t know about power yet we don’t know zero sixties we don’t know much

Of anything to be honest with you we do know what makes sound though dodge has this uh little tiny exhaust system in the back they call it an exhaust system we don’t know exactly how it works i think when the electric motor is revving it’s pumping air up into a baffling system it sounds different after you watch this video go check it out listen to it uh people

That went to the event the people that race cars for a living that have car collections older gentlemen that are just gear heads in general were pretty impressed by this they said in real life it looks better than photos in real life it sounds better than it does in these videos which is really impressive that some of these hardcore gear heads that aren’t really

Into electric vehicles said that they would probably rock one of these in the future they said there’s gonna be nine different variants of this vehicle we’ll have to wait and see about more information but let me know in the comments below guys of all the dodge news what was your favorite what are things you liked what are things you didn’t like do you like the

Hornet do you hate the hornet do you like this ev muscle car or the e muscle as they like to call it please let me know all your thoughts all your opinions down below let’s have a conversation guys but that’s all i have for you today i thank you all for watching and if you haven’t already and you want to please check out my channel i keep trying to give you guys

More more content about cars trucks crossovers and suvs combustion engines and evs a little bit of everything but please like comment subscribe hit that notification bell that way you guys can stay up to date with the lacing race for my channel and as always i truly truly appreciate you all for watching and i’ll see you all in the next one

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Dodge News! E-Muscle Car, Dodge Hornet & Hellcat Last Year! By Motor Mike Media

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