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Altair Club Cars DIY Car Repair 2018 Honda Clarity Hybrid First Oil Change

DIY Car Repair 2018 Honda Clarity Hybrid First Oil Change

DIY Car Repair – 2018 Honda Clarity (Hybrid) First Oil Change.

Hey everybody brad your again i’m about to do the oil the first oil change actually on my 2018 honda clarity and i’m doing this two reasons one was to prove that i did it and another in case any of you folks actually have one of these things to and you need to do it i haven’t seen any videos online yet about this it’s it’s a twenty eighteen thirty hybrid which

Means it’s a plug-in one plugins right over there you know right there pretty cool thing but my the hell this thing is the big ol plug oh he drops it through the room this is the plug you know typical whatever they are you know you think i’d remember what the hell that’s called but i always forget anyway it’s a level two charger because i got 220 my garage which

Is awesome but this thing actually has run the gas motor a few times so it’s about time i did the oil on it which is interesting because it’s about 13,000 k but i’ve only really run the gas motor for about two of those but it’s time anyway so down there down the police flew like right down here is the oi where the okay i just covered the dark but that’s where the

Oil filter is but there’s a service well there’s a pan there and there must be like a service trapdoor thing so i got to get under that and see otherwise i’m going to drip oil all down the front of my nice car okay watch me do this folks see you later all right well yeah i’m doing the oil but i’ve got the wheel off because i wanted to do that just to see if had any

More room under there plus you know might be easier so this is our jack the thing out by jack it up from the support where the flat chuck reguarly up scissor jack and then because this thing is just nothing but flat under here take a look at this is the no we’re really the support this thing that isn’t covered with plastic so i don’t want to take the risk but the

One stand even though i’m not having lowered the jack on to it you can see it’s right into that what would be well it is a frame support there’s a question excuse me and then this one is under presumed this must be another like this thing comes undone and then that’s what one of the supreme supports is which is a little interesting but i got it there too because

Again this is only if the jack fails which it shouldn’t but you know if it does i got two solid stands under there to keep me from getting crushed the other thing i did was i checked the rotor but i touched it with my dirty hand so you’ll see that there’s some mud on the rotor there which i’ll wipe off but excuse me after thirteen thousand kilometers there’s no

Marks on it it looks good the pads look good but these are pretty huge ass rotors for you know this car is a couple tons i guess but excuse me it’s even i was surprised to see that there were that big invented of course too as they should be so anyway well so we go so it goes and now i’m going to climb under and drop the service panel thing access panel and see

How that works so stay tuned folks okay well i thought this was worth mentioning this is the service trapdoor thing that comes off the bottom it’s clearly made of a woman it’s held on with these eight little quarter turn fasteners i just took a flathead screwdriver there did it and conveniently of course it puts up the whole underside of the motor for me to undo

And drain the oil i could have drafted there from the other side yes i think the drain plug actually will it’s a little ugly it’s on the driver’s side not the passenger side but it is low enough the oil come out and all the rest that i the filter is extremely easy to get out as well under here so i’ll take you back under there and you can have a look for yourself

But anyway really interesting i really convenient not plastic and you know it’ll keep under it’ll last a long time looks like anyway enough rambling under i go think okay so i’m under my car here let’s so you can see from where i am this is where that whole service port thing goes this is the motor it even says engine oil right there don’t make the mistake i did

I actually cracked that i didn’t think this singer she had transmission solo but i gotta figure out that was so don’t do that start it back up it’s all good it all came out wasn’t i think it’s 3.5 liters i’ll double check that but then you know i’ll do that when i when i’m about to fill it so i’ve drained all the oil that’s sitting in there here’s where the oil

Filter is it’s really easily easy to get at rather so now when you yank that and trying to make a mess so i’m gonna put the camera down so i can do that without making a well-recognized i got the new filter in you see it’ll fill through in the oil there once i’ve done you know new crush washer in torx no i don’t know i don’t bring my torque wrench under here but

I know i’ve done enough to know where it is the wrench is good or they use a filter wrench just because it’s a little easier plus when these things are new like this one is this is the first oil change it’s ever had because i bought this car brand new it’s a little snug you know so that’s that now i’m gonna put the cover back on dream’d pour this oil out and

Something i can recycle and then obviously fill this thing and check to make sure it’s all together so stay tuned alright folks well that’s that and boy it was drained and refilled new filter down there drain plug on with new drain plug gasket and that was pretty easy and like i say it’s the first time i’ve done this on a clarity it’s nothing more scary than any

Other car just don’t hit the big orange cables there with anything sharp because there’s a lot of voltage in there or and this is what would kill you but pretty straightforward if you guys have any questions about what i did or how i did it please don’t be shy because again just because it’s a fancy-ass new car does not mean that it isn’t the same old thing for

When it comes to draining and refilling oil the trick part is is making sure the gas motor actually comes on and you can test the or i can fill the fill the filter and then check the oil again but other than that pretty straightforward anyway bye for now folks thanks for watching

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DIY Car Repair 2018 Honda Clarity Hybrid First Oil Change By Brad On Cars

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