diy 2019 acura rdx oil change
Altair Club Cars DIY 2019 Acura RDX oil change.

DIY 2019 Acura RDX oil change.

Hello uh this is do yourself bends but today we have actually a 2019 acura rdx this is a short tutorial on how to change engine fluid with the filter so first you will find a heat shield on the passenger side of the car being helped by these retainers there’s four retainers there’s one two three four just remove the dam with the flat screwdriver twisting it in

The direction of the arrow then just slide the shield towards the back and remove it to expose a filter and a 17 millimeter bolt so we need first is to remove the 17 millimeter world make sure you have a spare crush ring to put it on after you reassemble and after opening up this bolt you have to twist open the filling plug on top to help the oil liquidate

Itself also make sure the engine is slightly warm so it’ll be made easier for the oil to come out me personally i like putting a piece of carton right over there so this is when the stream comes out it won’t dirty the underneath of the car it will hit the carton and go into the container but this is my personal reference preference now when you remove the bolt

Inspect it for any residue it’s got to be nice and smooth while the oil is dripping down let it drip on completely now this is the sorry about the focusing of this camera you gotta change the crush ring make sure the crusher did not stay on the pan replace it with a new crush ring and then once it stops draining just reinstall it now after draining the oil and

Replacing the crush ring on the bolt wipe this down and reposition the bolt tightening to what i believe is 29 foot pounds just wipe off the excess oil keep it nice clean it’s always better to work on a car that’s nice and clean now after doing that we’re going to be removing the filter now be careful because inside the filter there’s also oil and this is going

To be dripping down once you remove it so make sure you have a container underneath the area one of the best way to do this is to get an appropriate tool always use the right tools for the job now after removing the filter make sure that the rubber seal is on it and not stuck to the filter casing because then when you install the new one the seal is not going to

Be perfect so once you renew i’m sorry once you remove the old filter just let it drain out completely and then we’re going to be installing the new one now one very important thing is before installing the filter make sure you fill the filter with fresh oil and lubricate the seal ring with fresh oil the reason for that is because most of the damage to the engine

Occurs during the first startup and since the pump still has to pump the oil into the filter first and then into the engine this will shorten the amount of time the engine runs without the oil in it so highly recommend putting it at least that’s what i do filling the filter with fresh well and then installing it now after cleaning the surface refilling the new

Filter with fresh oil and lubricating the rubber seal on the filter you can install the filter into the bed it’s back its original position now once the filter is reinstalled and the bolt with the new crush ring is tightened to the appropriate spec you can reinstall the heat shield don’t forget to put the clips back in and then refill with oil and that’s basically it

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DIY 2019 Acura RDX oil change. By DIY Benz

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