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Altair Club Cars Divine Red Aston Martin Vantage 4.0 Auto Overview

Divine Red Aston Martin Vantage 4.0 Auto Overview

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A tour around this beautiful Vantage including boot space and cabin space.

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you this 2018 divine red vantage 4 liter eight-speed auto um let’s have a tour of the car first of all so yeah this color is called divine red and hopefully you can pick up in the sunlight what a beautiful color it is it’s very deep and rich um very befitting of an aston martin so just looks stunning in the sun here

And shows off the vantages form rather well so just touring around the car and then we’ll uh we’ll have a look at some of the uh the details more closely there we go what a fantastic looking car um first thing this car’s got that jumps out is the forged lightweight alloy wheels with um the gloss black finish that goes really well with the black brake calipers and

It’s a cohesive theme because this has got the black body pack which follows along the bottom sill of the car spec with the black mirrors and a black central roof panel and again you’ll see that black theme if you pick it up on the uh the front bumper and splitter of the car so nicely spec’d it’s been thought about um and that applies all the way through to the

Rear of the car too so as we just go back you can see every alloy wheel is in perfect condition and then at the rear we have the black tail pipes and uh a black lower rear diffuser to complete that uh that themed look so whilst we’re here let’s have a look in the boot now if you haven’t looked in the back of advantage before just look at that color in the sun

It’s amazing if you haven’t uh seen in the back of advantage before it’s it’s a really practical car it’s a good sized boot now there’s a divider here so this side of the shelf is often used for soft luggage um jackets and so on but this divider folds down and actually rear shelf comes out as well and there’s a remarkable amount of space you’ve probably noticed

This big bag here um that is a car cover for the vehicle so um yeah it comes with a car cover uh we’ll be looking at the interior in a moment but it’s it’s black with lords red features and just just look at the color code it’s really lovely makes a really lively interior so there we go that’s the the boot uh nice leather grab pull up there so just finishing our

Tour in terms of condition you can see the alloy wheels on this side are in great condition as well i mean this car has done just over five and a half thousand miles and it’s lovely as we get into uh the interior we’ll just go past the engine i mean the eight-speed auto team with this four-liter twin-turbo engine um is a wonderful combination and these cars come

With three years warranty from data registration and also five years servicing so there’s nothing to worry about here it’s due a service in august which will be completed um but yeah for the first five years the standard servicing is included so okay so looking at the interior spec here we can see the way it’s broken up beautifully so this this lords red leather

Team with the black is is wonderful the red stitching gloss black inserts um again brings some of the detail from the outside in i can look at that knee pad there on both sides of the red stitch and again gloss back black centrally and then look at the way these seats are patterned they look absolutely fantastic if i take a step back it looks superb in the cabin

And then in between the seats you can see the last and wings logo there so car’s fitted with electric memory seats it’s got heated seats as well full entertainment system with wireless music streaming all of the dark finisher packs so you can see that around the air vents you can see it with the paddles for the automatic transmission it’s also fitted with full

Parameter parking sensors which is uh a really handy feature so it gives you a bird’s-eye video view of the car as you’re parking along with parking sensors to go with it um i think that’s a really worthwhile option and it’s got the aston martin premium audio so it’s got a great sound system in it um what a lovely cabin the seats are fantastic these are sports

Plus seats to go with the sport steering wheel um and they’re really comfortable and supportive a great combination so yeah beautifully appointed in there final thing i was going to mention was the um the black alcantara headlining and that just gives that finishing effect for the overall cabin ambiance so there we have it a beautiful divine redvantage this car

Is a one-owner vehicle that we supplied from you we’ve carried out all servicing and taking care of it it is available to reserve on our websites you can also call us to discuss and we are able to arrange contactless delivery thank you for watching

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Divine Red Aston Martin Vantage 4.0 Auto Overview By HWM Aston Martin

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