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Altair Club Cars Digital World Premiere: The new Mercedes-AMG SL

Digital World Premiere: The new Mercedes-AMG SL

Get ready for the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL! The brand new roadster is the reinvention of an icon and returns to its roots with a classic soft top and sporty character. It combines the sportiness of the original SL with unique luxury and technological excellence. Join the digital world premiere of the Mercedes-AMG SL!

We’ve been hearing rumors about german engineers working on a completely new race car a car inspired by the structures of airplanes the secret of this new two-seater is its super-light construction they call it the sl first competition is expected three mercedes entered for the race are odds on favorites mercedes are ahead of anyone else a certain german victory

Is the rare stroke of genius the dramatic deadpool for one of the great cars of history and now the very successful light race car has become a car sought after by celebrities a star among stars the legend of mercedes continues with the new psl technician albert this is the stuff dreams are made of for almost 70 years the sl has been an object of desire for

The world over a true icon are you ready for a new star the star is reborn this is the new mercedes amg sl the luxury sports car of a new generation a model series that keeps making history dsl is an icon of our brand this roadster stood for automated fascination and desire for decades and you will find this special fascination of dsl in every little detail

Of our newly designed roadster this car was designed for maximum luxury but also delivers maximum performance it’s rigid lightweight aluminium space frame has been completely designed from scratch the new sl will be launched in several performance variants two v8 by turbo engines with 476 or horsepower will be available and of course we’ll take it another

Step further later on the sl will also be available with our formula one inspired hybrid technology e-performance it will feature electric power unit at the rear axle for optimal fracture the sl comes with fully variable informatic plus audi drive by the way this is a first for the sl and also for the first time the sl offers rear axle steering it turns the rear

Wheels up to 2.5 degrees for higher agility this feature also increases stability at speeds above 60 miles per hour what’s more the new space concept allows for even more storage in the back and in the trunk the updated layout of the new sl allows for two plus two seating arrangement this is the most digital sports car we’ve ever made the combination of

High-tech and bold analog appearance give it a tension in its design which we call hyper analog you can properly feel the car and still enjoy the digital experience and the angle of the center screen can be adjusted to reduce glare the design of our new sl embodies the perfect symbiosis between emotional sanchez counters digital and analog luxury to create the

Extraordinary look of the vehicle interior details are inspired by those of airplane cockpits with the air vent resembling jet turbines high-end materials abound and all elements are seamlessly integrated with our amg active right control the sl gives you amazing command of the road in any situation this new suspension system reduces body roll thanks to constant

Adaptive adjustment it also lets you better experience the different driving modes from very comfortable to extremely sporty and also we are proud to give the sl a soft top once again it can be opened and closed at up to 37 miles per hour and does so in just a few seconds a true legend for the future this is a true sl with the performance of an amg and the

Comfort of our mercedes mercedes amg has completely reinvented it but it remains the symbol of an exclusive lifestyle and a distinct brand shaper now let’s start celebrating crazy you

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