diesel bmw m2 triple turbo 580hp
Altair Club Cars Diesel BMW M2? Triple-turbo, 580hp, NOS and Water Meth mental M2 M50d

Diesel BMW M2? Triple-turbo, 580hp, NOS and Water Meth mental M2 M50d

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Oh too much too i’m gary martens and ex bmw master technician and now in my own business greece monkey motor garage and big fan of bmws this is my 220 diesel bolt what i’ve done is taken a 220 diesel made it an m2 look into competition front and added a big ass diesel 50d motor hybrid all three turbos nitrous and water meth basically you’re looking at

A diesel burner that has got 435 kilowatts on the flow and 1070 newton meters what i was noticing in the industry is uh diesel’s becoming obsolete so electrical’s coming hybrid’s coming and diesels eventually they’re not going to be manufacturing diesel anymore so what i wanted to do was to be known as the last diesel track race car as as one of the fastest

Out in south africa so i’ve always had this racing in me through my father and my family that used to own bmw dealers i started off with a 40d conversion on a one series and i was looking for more and the one series was more of a drag car not a track car and i decided to do the samala hill club and the only way to enter into that is to make something that’s

Really special so i said let’s let’s do this this project is the one you know with the experience that i’ve got from the one series and over time i’ve done quite good research on actually some of the engine mountings that we import from overseas and we were able to fit it without any modifications to the body quite close to the right side of the firewall was

The big turbo where we had to just adjust the big turbo give a few shavings off and yeah with the play on the motor leaning left and right no problems at all standard steering rack i kept the eco mode sports the regional management systems and so i can use this car as a daily at the moment i’m actually driving it as a daily getting the temperatures studying

The the the oil cooling system um as on the track we’re still having a bit of issues with heat and looks like within this week we’ll have it sorted out so the car is basically two versions or call it three versions i can actually drive it as a normal road car with normal the m3 seats that i’ve modified and fits it and then with the seat that i’m sitting in

Now we can actually fit it take that spare seat out for light weight and readjust the suspension turn it into a track hole with the extra semi sleek wheels and then the third version is i can just put the drag mickey thompson’s on and drag the car with the nitrous i’ve got three tuning methods for the nitrous so i can use one for hill climb one for track

Racing one for for drag racing so it’s fully progressively controlled so i wanted an all-rounder vehicle and something that was reliable and fast so a lot of prep and a lot of thought went into this project so because it was a 220 diesel the rear fenders were definitely too small to fit the the bigger wheels so we did widen the rear arches um the rear bumper

Is an m2 bumper that we’ve we fitted and then the front fenders are m2 front bumpers the m2 competition bonnet was customly built with carbon fiber and the rear bootlet is fully carbon fiber with a boot spoiler to lighten the vehicle as well then we decided to spray it the metatona grey and something that i prefer then then wrapping the vehicle with a braking

System we upgraded it to the m5 in the front the f10 m5 brakes with the vari discs and pads in the front the rear calipers are m4 we’ve added the 330 diesel gearbox which i have adjusted the torque converts a little bit to handle the torque and there is a software that’s been done on the on the gearbox the prop shaft is is original 330d which we had to shorten

And the diff is a 330d diff which i’ve lsd the diff the driveshaft is m135 so we’re hoping the driveshafts can handle the power but for now everything seems to be working in part another thing that helps to lighten the vehicle we removed the rear seats then we’ve did a bolt-on roll cage with regards to the exhaust we running an 86 mil right through straight

Pipes no silences we did ceramic coat the the down part for heat extraction we’ve also did the acropofic tail tips so with the three turbos it generates a lot of heat we run 3.2 bar boost so your normal diesels they do run higher boost than petrol vehicles and um we were able to push it even higher on a diesel vehicle so to to compensate for the extra boost

And the nitrous i had a specialized cylinder gasket designed and we brought the compression ration from 16 down to 15 which helps with all that volume of air and water meth and nitrous coming in so we don’t damage the motor so with the heat situation we run three water radiators with an external water cooler we eliminated the charge cooling completely and ran

An external air to air cooler a nice big one to really help with all their teams and we had to relocate a few of the turbo actuators because they were heating up and putting the coin to limp mode and we’re finally getting to a point now we can we can run maybe three or four laps on a racetrack without any heat issues at high boost obviously the longer we can

Turn the boost down and then and then successfully run even more laps and so for now the the car is built for the samala hill climb that’s our main focus for this year it was cancelled last year and i do have four sponsors on the vehicle and we’re hoping to make an impression i’m not expecting any major things there but the car does have over a thousand newtons

So i think going up the hill i think we’re gonna do quite well

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Diesel BMW M2?! Triple-turbo, 580hp, NOS and Water Meth mental M2 M50d By Cars.co.za

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