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Did you know your 2019-2021 GMC Sierra (or Chevrolet Silverado) could do these things? Just some cool tips for those of you who might not have known!

Hey everybody general motor jeff here from pro chevrolet in sault ste marie ontario and do you own a 2019 to 2021 gmc sierra or chevy silverado well if that is the case i have a video for you today because i want to show you some really cool things that your truck can do that your sales person might not have shown you or you may not have even figured out yet but

That is what we’re gonna look at today but quickly before we get started i wanna know did you learn anything after watching this video were there any cool tips you did not know about that you didn’t know your truck could do that you now can put into practice and more importantly maybe there’s a tip a cool thing that i didn’t put in this video that i’ve missed

That you know about that you can share with me so that i can share it in one of my next youtube videos so we can all learn all right but let’s get on with the video all right so i’ll preface this video was saying i realize that some of you may already know these features but some of you may actually appreciate hearing some of these tips and first i want to start

Off right here on these mirrors many of you think that that is a turn signal but guess what that is an actual spotlight yes it’s an led spotlight which which is actually very bright keep in mind it only works when you’re in park i’m going to show you very quickly inside here where you turn that on so not to be confused with that right here is your fog lights right

But if we press this button right down here and go around and have a peek hard to tell right now because it’s pretty bright outside but those are your front spotlights all right next is another one i’ve actually done a video on already which had quite a few views a lot of you didn’t realize this i know some of you did but it’s in regards to the back here and many

Of you have thought that this and this are a camera that is not true in fact what this is right here while this is a camera okay this is actually a spotlight which will shine down right down there on where your hitch is and i’ll show you inside where to turn that on all right so back to where we were before just a couple minutes ago right down here okay see that

What like some people like to call a jellyfish launcher that button right there will do a few things and it’ll turn that spotlight on not only that it’ll turn the third brake line lights on it’ll turn those on there as well and on the hd trucks we don’t have it here on the halftimes but on the hd trucks there’s actually a spotlight on the back that shines back

Here too so that button does three functions in three quarters on but it does or probably for the three-quart time but it does three functions here uh in the half ton and again this is actually a really cool really bright light that some of you will be surprised at how much you actually end up using so when equipped how many of you would like to know how to do

This i’m going to show you inside all right so if you’re looking at the touch screen the first thing you want to do is go to settings next you want to go one to go to pardon me vehicle and you’re going to want to go to comfort and convenience after that you can see right there remote folding mirror i have it turned on and all you have to do when you’re outside

Let’s just show you real quickly it’s actually a pretty simple thing when that is turned on you just press the lock button hold it down and they’ll fold in easy as that it’s a hot summer’s day and that is the way we’re headed so you want to get the truck down you know cool down as soon as possible and obviously one of the easiest ways is a remote start to get the

Air conditioning going but another way is a little option what you can do which is this i did it with this you want to see how all right to do this we go back into the settings which we were in before instead of going well you’re going to go into a vehicle but instead of going into comfort and convenience what you want to go to is remote lock unlock and start

Once you’re there you’re going to scroll down and you’re going to see remote window operation and that is what i clicked on now in order to get them open what you’re going to do is you’re going to it doesn’t matter if their vehicle is as remote started or not that unlock button there all you’re going to do is unlock it and then hold that button down for two three

Four seconds whatever it is and those windows all four will roll down help the vehicle get cooled down faster okay i know i’ve already talked about two things with the mirror with the outside spotlight and i’ve talked about the fact that they can fold in but how about this feature when i put the truck over here in reverse and this can do it on both sides watch

This it tilts the mirrors down so that you can see those parking lines or whatever it is and soon i put it in park and obviously the mirrors go back up now i’ll show you how to do that we’re gonna go back again into settings we’re gonna go back again into comfort and convenience after which you’re gonna see right there reverse tilt mirror now the cool part about

This is you have a few choices you can have it off which you know some of you are gonna leave it at obviously that’s fine you can have it on both sides or just the driver or just the passenger i guess it depends if you’re backing up maybe maybe you back up to a curb every day and it’s on that side and you just want that one mirror to tilt down so you’re not going

To scratch up your 22s that is another cool feature that some of you may not have known about all right so this one might not be a super exciting one but i did want to show you a cool feature or a couple cool things you can check out in your driver’s information center now always you can check things like tire pressure how long they run a fuel obviously that kind

Of stuff but did you know you can also check your air filter life and your actual brake pad life those are two cool things that are kind of new to 2019 now one of the other you know 2018 2020 2021 of course now one of the other cool things that some of you might not realize is that on this information center page here which you can obviously go down if you scroll

Over to the far end you can choose what information comes up on that screen another thing so if you can click it on or off so if you don’t want the fuel economy on if you don’t want the brake pad life on but you only want some of the things so you can cycle through faster that is where you can pick and choose those so that’s my driver’s information tip all right

And i wanted to show you this one because this is something i wish they did years ago but they did this they finally did this in 2019. let’s say you have a tonneau cover on the back of the truck and somebody wouldn’t put groceries in or maybe it was you or you you did some gardening stuff you put some stuff in there you’re starting to drive home and you realize

Did i shut the tailgate well one of the easiest ways to check that now is with this in the past this is of course we have the round vision on this one but even if you don’t have that your rear rear camera will come up while driving your rear wheel camera will come up for eight seconds so let’s say you are towing a trailer and you’re hearing chains rattling on the

Ground you want to you want to check it real quick this is how you can do that and it will go on of course we’re in parks it’s going to stay on for virtually ever but if you are driving it will stay on for eight seconds that is new as of 2019. all right so there you have it there’s some of my cool features that your truck can do that some of you may not have been

Shown by your sales person or may not have found out on your own yet i would love to hear if you learned anything today as i said it started the video or if there’s something maybe you think is cool that i have missed that i can share next time around but as always i want to thank you so much for watching take care everybody

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