did my vw id 3 really lose 10 ba
Altair Club Cars Did my VW Id.3 really lose 10% battery in 2 years?

Did my VW Id.3 really lose 10% battery in 2 years?

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Hello everyone and thanks for hanging out with me this is my volkswagen id3 first edition plus and today exactly i have it for two years i drove 41 600 kilometers and today uh i will be doing a degradation test i did a range test at 90 kilometers an hour uh a day after i got it then a year ago as on september 10th and now uh a year later i will do it again so we’ll

Go on a highway drive 90 kilometers an hour so there is no heat loss um charging first to 100 percent drive it under 10 and then we look at the consumption and the kilometers driven and the state of charger will arrive and with that we will calculate the battery capacity that the car is giving me of course this is not amazingly accurate that’s why i also have the

Evalu battery tester on this is connected to the obd dongle and it will send data to a server and then read out the battery the whole time and then evalu tested already many id3 so they know if i stop at eight percent this is how much energy is left in the battery and and at the end they can tell me this is the battery capacity i made a special video about evalu

Battery test you can see it here charge 100 and there we go foreign 93 kilometers an hour which is gps speed 90 but that’s not important today uh but i did this the same time last year and the year before i’m already at 93 percent and i drove 24 kilometers but the first 10 kilometers uphill that’s why my consumption is also high 174. remember last year my

Consumption was 119 i think or even less i can’t remember it was very very low but it was different weather it wasn’t raining like now and wet and we have 13 and a half degrees so the climate is on i have the seat heater on by the way new 2.4 ct that goes down in steps i had it on three and then after 10 minutes it goes down to two maybe it did that automatically

Before too but it didn’t show it um and i’m in eco mode so that’s what i’m doing to to to to not draw too much energy out of the battery so there’s no heat loss but let’s drive a bit foreign drove 83 kilometers well you can calculate times four uh 300 32. something like this yeah with this high consumption because of the rain and the heat totally normal

Average speed is great um 14 degrees out there it’s raining a bit less but the road is wet and like i said it’s cold heat is on and i needed the ac as well but this is not about consumption today we’ll see at the end what the number is that’s way more important still driving my 93 live stream is going on foreign i’m at 50 percent we drove 163 kilometers

So there’s 329 kilometers consumption high because of this um i turned the heat down even more and more it’s it’s not i don’t need it that much so i don’t think the heat is doing a lot now but it did before i have 135 kilometers to the charger so back where we started just the underside of the highway and 182 kilometers of range that is 47 kilometers of margin

It’s a lot maybe we have to drive a bit more to drive it down at least under 10 percent that’s important but let’s go on in this ugly weather yeah just calculated and if i take the kilometers and this consumption i think the consumption will go down but if i take this consumption it’s 52.3 kilowatt hours available in the car and last year i had 54.4 and in the

When i got the car it was 58.8 so i lost whatever that percentage it is i’m at 25 percent okay the data 253 kilometers driven average consumption is going down and down here on the way back 148 now and that’s because the rain has stopped the heat is off and it’s going a downhill as well um i i still have 66 kilometers of margin but i will go not to pasa

Now i will go to the direction of regensburg to have a bit more kilometers so i want to get the car down to at least 10 percent so the 30 kilometers or 35 something like this i arrived with nine percent drove 326 kilometers average consumption 143 average speed is not amazing but again this was not a range test we calculate i will look at google maps what the

Kilometers were for real and then we calculate those together i will now give back to me at home because there will calculate everything and also show the avenue test of the capacity but i calculated a bit right now and looked at the real kilometers and everything and it looks bad yeah so back to homey hi from the studio it’s three weeks later because the results

Don’t make sense i don’t know if i did something wrong but it’s not looking it looked horrible from my taste but evolution says something different but let’s go through the result so this year i drove 326 kilometers to 100 to nine percent that’s full kilometers so 100 to zero percent of 358 kilometers average consumption was 143 waters per kilometer so calculated

Available energy in kilowatt hours is 51.23 and those up here are the numbers for 2022 and 2021 that would mean from 20 to 21 i had a degradation a 7.91 from 21 to 22 so from last year to this 2.69 that doesn’t sound like bad a bad but from the start of the car till now it’s 10.39 10 is a 10.4 percent that’s a lot um and of course you might say hey wait a minute

You’re taking the kilometers that the car is showing maybe it’s not the real kilometer that’s true but the consumption is based on the kilometers that the car thinks it drove not the real kilometers and if i would take the real kilometers and then do uh with the average consumption that it says for the shown kilometers i even get to 11.27 percent of degradation so

It’s even worse now let’s look at the evalu battery test that i did and this shows seven percent degradation um so from 100 to 93 weird in here is that evolution says the id3 only has 54 kilowatt hours available for driving and i thought that evilu is doing from 100 to stand still so not to zero percent so it would be like you drive on even though it says zero

Percent till the car is shutting off in my ai calculation is from 100 to zero not driving further so evalu should show more than me but the show less they show 50.26 kilowatt hours um so i don’t know where those four kilowatt hours or gold at the 58 kilowatt hours that the id3 should have because i thought the four kilowatt hours from 62 to 58 is the buffer on

Top so the battery is never full and the buffer on the bottom that it’s never empty but they think it’s eight kilowatt hours that are then available because of that i did the test again so i drove evolute test again and this time it showed eight percent degradation so barely a difference now it’s it’s 49.73 kilowatt hours available but this i did over a few days

With preheating and all this stuff um but this is how the test should also work and i also did the test again with driving the id3 but this time with 130 kilometers an hour and then i drove 224 kilometers 100 to 12 percent favorite consumption 198 that’s 50.4 kilowatt hours that it’s less than the 90 kilometers in our test makes sense because i drove 130 had to

Accelerate more more heat loss and this is just gone this doesn’t show up in in the graph this would would but this makes sense here the um but the the 10.4 percent seems a bit high but this is real real uh kilowatt house and real range that you can drive yourself and driving with 90 shouldn’t be a lot of heat loss it should work the weather that it was cold on

That day and that it was raining it shouldn’t have an impact because then they have higher consumption but the the kilowatt hours getting out of the battery should be the same by the way i also calculated the difference in the kilometers that the car shows and the re the real one that google maps is and in the first two years this was 2.82 2.81 in 21 but this year

It was 1.85 so this changed too i i can understand it with tire wear that the kilometers are different uh uh but that it was so much from last year to this year and the first year it was nothing uh it’s weird um so i’m not sure but 10 but again 10.4 percent is what my id3 with real driving shows less can drive less kilometers than what it did two years ago that’s

Because you when you drive you’re not gonna drive past zero percent you drive from 100 to zero in my car i do the same my car shows 10.4 percent less range that’s what i have okay write in the comments what i did wrong if i did something wrong i gladly make a video and uh show what is wrong because i don’t know but that’s it for me thank you much for watching

Have a great day and take care bye

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Did my VW Id.3 really lose 10% battery in 2 years? By Battery Life

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