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Altair Club Cars DIAGNOSING Chrysler 300 lightning BOLT warning LIGHT….INDEPTH TROUBLESHOOTING and FIX…


Hey guys how’s it going welcome to my video all right so we are going to be talking about the lightning bolt in parentheses now i already did a video on this but i’m gonna go a little bit more in depth on uh why it exists or why it’s there on your dash how to get rid of it how to troubleshoot it and get your car driving normally again so basically what happens

Is if you get that lightning bolt um on your dash um and it starts blinking obviously what’s what’s gonna happen is uh your car is gonna drive differently you’re probably gonna get um a cut off in power uh if that happens to you definitely pull to the side of the road and um you should be able to clear it for a little bit by just uh turning it off turn it

Back on it’ll reset itself the computer will reset itself and at that point you should be able to just limp along uh quote unquote figuratively or maybe literally it’ll go into it’ll shift into limp mode sometimes or it’ll just drive normally until the computer redetects whatever the problem is with the car now in in a lot of these situations as far as

Troubleshooting is concerned um now if you get a check engine light with that um obviously that’s going to be a better situation because then you can plug an obd2 scanner in scan the code and it’ll tell you directly um why the the uh the the thunderbolt blinking uh why it’s blinking why it’s there what the issue is all right however if you get that blinking

Light without a uh a check engine light and it does happen a lot of times it does happen it becomes a a little bit more of a harder thing to diagnose because if you plug a scanner in there it’s not going to read anything all right it’s not going to it’s not going to give you a code so most of the time when you have that done both the with the uh with the blinking

All right the blinking thunderbolt what it what it’s telling you is it’s either there’s either some kind of miscommunication with the car’s ecu the car’s computer the ecu or for the most part there’s an issue with the throttle body or some portion of the throttle body that controls um you know that that’s connected to the vacuum system etc etc anything that has

Any connection to the brake throttle body at all could cause that that that blinking light um it could it could also be the throttle body itself malfunctioning which would cause that blinking in the um that thunderbolt blinking uh issue now for the most part if you get this issue um it’s still drivable you could still drive it um it you know sometimes it’ll be

You’re gonna drive it in lip mode which is exactly what it says you’re limping along other times um you know like i said you can still drive it but if it comes back again which it will after a little bit you know unless there’s just some um you know some some miscommunication with the system or some kind of um um computer error or something like that sometimes

That does happen where it’s just maybe a glitch it happens once you turn off turn on turn the car off turn turn on you know and uh it resets itself and you won’t have that problem again you know that could happen you know that’s happened that could happen uh a lot of times it’s a recurring issue where the blinking uh it’s recurring because there is an issue that

Needs to be resolved a mechanical issue an electrical issue whatever it is that needs to be resolved in those instances um you can still drive the car not a problem you can still drive it um definitely but but um you could you know if it drives well after you turn it off and turn on you know there’s a good chance that it’ll get backed into um the same situation

It happened you’re gonna uh pull back pull on the side of the road turn off turn on again just to get to where you need to go so again um if you guys have this issue um you know for the most part like 99 of the time 90 of the time it’s uh something to do with the throttle body um you know if there’s a breaking communication with uh you know your car’s computer

And the throttle body or some issue where you know your pedal and the throttle body is is is uh off something having to do with the throttle body um it would it would cause that light to um come on anyway um i’m repeating myself at this point but um yeah so if you guys have this situation uh definitely definitely check your throttle body replace your throttle

Body uh most of the time it’s your throttle body that’s the issue um and um definitely if you guys get a check engine light with that definitely um you know get a scanner it’ll tell you exactly uh what you know what is causing uh that issue and if you guys are not getting a check engine light with with the blinking light unfortunately that’s gonna be a little

Bit more diffic difficult to diagnose but know that uh this whole situation with the with the blinking the thunderbolt little symbol blinking on your dash does have something to do with your throttle body so if it’s if you replace the throttle body and uh in the worst case scenario where you’re not getting a check engine light and you replace the throttle body

And that doesn’t resolve the issue it’s still there normally if you replace the throttle body obviously you’re gonna have to reset everything and there’s ways to reset the throttle body um but after you reset it and you’re still getting the issue definitely um look at the other components all right double check the other components that is associated with the

Throttle body all right it could be um it could be a vacuum leak it could be another sensor that’s connected to the throttle body that’s causing it um you know a whole host of things but um hope this has helped you guys out um if you guys i hope that this has helped you guys out if you guys have any comments on the comments uh comments on this video please

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DIAGNOSING Chrysler 300 lightning BOLT warning LIGHT….INDEPTH TROUBLESHOOTING and FIX… By Peter L

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