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Delivery GHOUL SRT

Charger Ghoul SRT 7.0L 426 Hellephant V8 Hemi – 1000hp!!! Did Youtubers really order a Ghoul SRT from Dodge in April? Let’s visit a local Dodge dealer to check on the status of the Charger SRT Ghoul. The Hellephant 7.0L 426 is the dream engine for most within the Mopar community. If Dodge decides to use it in a production car it will be a massive success.

All right guys so welcome back thank you for hanging out spending a few moments here with me now a whole bunch of youtubers were able to place their order for a ghoul back in april and i’m so pumped we’re gonna go to the dealership and i believe i’m gonna be the first one to have a ghoul in their driveway so uh what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna get a cold start on

This for those of you that are new on this channel this is a twin turbo 397 dyno day august 25th so i should have some power numbers uh hellcat fueling system so who knows how much power it’s gonna make but uh it should be entertaining nonetheless so we’ll get a cold start and head out so we made it to the dealership we got to go to the new section over there

Now a whole bunch of people have told me that the ghoul is real and that i didn’t know what i was talking about it’s not an april fool’s joke uh so the ghoul is two hundred thousand dollars has a hell elephant engine in there thousand horsepower just an absolute beast with a warranty so i’m really excited to get my butt into it are you a mopar technician yeah

Kinda have you ever heard of uh srt ghoul it’s basically a charger with a elephant crate engine put into it is dodge planning on doing that well they’re considering it i mean it is it’s been on the drawing board they’ve done experimentation but are they going to put it into production so it there’s no production it’s kind of just still in in like a the drawing

Board yeah it’s making everybody drool over it so that way everybody’s got the hellcats srt and everything else okay so there still is a chance that it could potentially yes come out still hit the streets which would be nice and it it it’s the thousand crank horsepower 426. and allegedly totally amazing nice i’ve been a viper srt tech since the early 90s so

Do you think there’s with the whole epa cracking down and everything do you think it’s actually going to happen it very well could they’re going to have to go with like they did with a lot of the vehicles they’re going to have to go multiple displacement all kinds of stringing permissions of course cutting back on timing fuel delivery as long as they can make epa

And emissions requirements it’ll hit the stream you’re still gonna have to pay a hefty to probably known the way our new commander-in-chief is that luxury tax is going to go up through the ceiling yeah so you will pay dearly for a v8 so the the rumor has it that it’s going to be in the ballpark of about 200 000. is that something that’s crazy off the wall or are

You thinking i’m not really considering the way they’re designing it from what little i’ve read of it because believe it or not they supply more information to the outside to the press and everything than you guys than us guys we’re left in the dark we even learn about recalls you guys will get a notification first about a recall before we find out about it it’s

Amazing that’s interesting okay our government so you do you you work on these cars right and everything so you really are entrenched into the dodge world and the mopar world right okay all right man thank you for your time ah no problem bro all right we need some inside info man you have to hear of an srt ghoul mrt cool cool crate engine dropped into a charger

No 1000 horsepower sounds familiar yeah no dodge is planning 200 000 to sell it you know limited production really you don’t know anything about it no idea heard some pieces about things like that i’m going to plan on doing that but nothing official nothing official so there you have it guys a little bit of mixed reviews here on the ghoul who knows whether it’s

Really coming out or not you never know what dodge either way i got a buddy with a 426 with a dodge demon blower on there and uh it’s making some crazy power so i’m gonna show you guys a real life cool this is a 426 many of you guys have seen this up on the channel it belongs to my buddy uh mario it’s store 426 fully forged piston rods everything cam um so

What we did this time instead of going to stand around and go with a bigger whipple you know 4.5 whiplash wanted something different okay you know all right let’s see this thing so it’s a 2.7 liter instead of a 2.9 liter like the whipple but it’s more efficient boost and it’s an upgrade from the hellcat blower that’s sick you see we’ve got nitrous got a 200

Shot of nitrous have you run the nitrous yet not yet it’s useless right now on the streets oh my god damn how much do you think you have invested in this thing one thing led to another and now i have a 950 wheel horsepower charger foreign laughs you

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