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Altair Club Cars Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Estate Sale Truck EVER

Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Estate Sale Truck EVER

Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Estate Sale Truck EVER!

Today we’re going to be cleaning our 1990 ford f-250 we just picked up from a state auction a couple months ago we’re supposed to clean this thing up a little bit sooner but we’ve just been slammed at the shop here in dothan alabama we uh you guys know the shop’s been crazy but we finally got a little bit of time to come back here clean this thing up today and

See what it looks like and how good a condition it is after then we’re going to get this thing running and potentially keep it potentially sell it we don’t know yet me and my brother are halves on this thing so you’ll see hunter in the video today we’re going to be cleaning the outside first pulling it inside cleaning the inside and then seeing if we can get

This bad boy running it’s in great shape from what we can tell it’s only got like 80 something thousand original miles and it was a farm truck and the guy took somewhat good care of it we think so we’ll see if we can get this thing shined up today see what it looks like under all this peat moss and algae that’s growing on it all the cobwebs in the interior we

Think it’s going to turn out mint at least on the interior so we’re excited to see how it turns out and let’s jump right into it let us know down in the comments below what y’all want us to do with this old truck a lot of people that seen the first video know that we got this from a doomsday prepper which is pretty cool he had a bunch of other diesels

On his property this is the one that we picked up um seem to be in the best shape i think we got the luckiest with this one another guy found a gun inside his truck though so maybe we didn’t get the luckiest there’s no gun in this one we haven’t found one at least yet he was known to hide things money guns he was known to hide a bunch of items so we haven’t

Detailed the interior yet we may find something today in the interior like a gun we hope so well who knows all right so we aired up the tires now we’re going to push it back because my pressure washer hose reel won’t reach around it way out here so we’re going to push it back to the concrete and put it in position to pressure wash this thing we’re

Gonna have to push it this interior i think if we die this seat after we get done cleaning it i think it’ll turn out pretty good i wish the seat went back a little bit lord so much crap all right we’re in neutral should push a lot easier now we had to push it on the trailer we got it from that guy’s property and it was hard as hell to push it should be a

Lot easier now brake’s not on it’s in neutral all right one two three straight on back all right thank you okay thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign so that’s going to do it for this video we got a ton done we got the exterior detail the interior detail we did a

Couple test sections on the paint you can see right here this is 1500 3000 compound and then polish you can see here and then next to it you can’t even see the lights above but here you can at least see the lights here there’s nothing so i think uh this combination at the four stage correction is what this thing needs and it’s not like it’s perfect paint but

It’s a lot better than this uh this test section over here turned out great this is a this is better paint we only three staged this so we did 3000 wet compound and then a polish and this i mean this is the test section right here and it looks good the interior looks good we’ve got a fan on it now drying it all out we still have to do a couple things to it

Like dress the interior with 303 to kind of bring it back to a matte finish we got to clean the glass and we’re still thinking about taking the seat completely out and extracting on underneath there but it didn’t look bad this truck’s not that that bad of shape but we probably still will take the seat out eventually and clean out of there we got to fix the

Glove box we got to put a steering wheel cover on here we already ordered the dye uh spray so we’re going to dye these seats back to red so they’ll look better and that’s pretty much all it needs i mean the carpet turned out great the seats turned out great it has no smell in here we have the ozone machine in here last night i don’t smell anything hunter to

You dude it’s literally smells like i’m getting in my 2021 f-150 i smell nothing like no rat urine or anything like i was before and that’s that’s good news so i think if we can get this thing started get the paint shined up get it running or not only started but running and driving at least here you know around the shop i think we can sell this thing for

A good amount of profit we got this at an estate estate sale about a month ago and easy easy money on this one easy money i think let us know if we should keep the camper shell on we’re probably leaning towards keeping it on and letting the next owner decide if they want it if you guys want to see this we haven’t let this out yet so this is going to be all

The dirty extraction fluid from the seats and the carpet chocolate milk that is disgusting all that smell is now out of the truck and it is not stinking like it was it’s about five gallons of fluid that we extracted out of a single cab 1990 f-250 i’m gonna go dump this outside end out the video stay tuned for the next one if you guys want to see this thing

Running and for all of you that have stayed tuned to the end of the video come check this out mater is at the shop guys um this is for all of you who’ve stayed to the end of the video i’ve got a million questions about mater ‘s at the shop i’ve got to clean it up i’ve got to tie up um the clutch the brakes and the steering and then mater’s done man it’s

Kind of been waiting on that for like a year and a half at this point it’s been waiting on steering brakes and clutch i’ve got mater in my possession now i’ve got to find a mechanic if you guys know somebody in south alabama that’ll come to the shop they can work inside ac and they can wrench on this thing i got to get the clutch the brakes than the steering

If you know somebody who can do that let me know uh just comment down below and i’ll hit him up so that’s gonna do it for this video guys we’ll see in the next one peace

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Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Estate Sale Truck EVER! By ParoDoXz

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