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Decked Out Equipment Trailer | Diamond C

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What’s up guys today we have a beautiful blue gooseneck lpx what is special about it you ask it is the x ramp the all-new x-ram and max with package that’s what we’re going to be taking a look at today plus a few of the other options that this trailer has but we’re going to spend the majority of our time on the x-ramp so the x-ramp is our solution for the two wide

Ramp system on the lpx that’s 102 wide we haven’t had that you guys have been asking for that but we thought you know that over the last year we’re going to do one better rather than having the two wide ramps and having to flip two individual ramps we spent our time developing the x-ramp the xramp is one single ramp that is the width of the trailer on a 102 wide so

Used to we had the frame extension package that made it 102 wide now we have what we call the max width package which it is the 102 watt frame extensions includes your drive over fenders but then you have the 102 watt x-ramp as the option when you need the full width loading surface the cool thing about it we use the same spring technology spring and hinge technology

That we’ve used in the max ramps for the last five years really tune them to where that it’s easy to handle even with one hand you can see i’m actually having to force it the other way rather than it slamming down and being heavy on the dovetail then with one hand i can still walk it back all the way well to the balance position but then all the way to the ground

As well it sprung really well to where it’s easy to handle but it’s one ramp to flip it’s not two individual ramps gives you a really versatile wide safe loading surface all the way across the back of the trailer so that you can load atvs side by sides equipment vehicles a very wide variety of cargo or or driven equipment cars things like that you can load on the

X-ramp and you have the full width loading surface when you talk about the max width package the other benefit to it is that in front and behind the fenders you can treat the trailer as a flatbed either flatbed goose snake flatbed bumper pool that’s 102 wide therefore you can load pallets that you can side load palleted goods long material and you have the full

Width loading surface of a flatbed trailer that’s 102 wide and you have the rubber on stake pockets down the side to tie down to versus the standard lpx you only have the 82 wide between the fenders which is a really cool feature a lot of guys you know they don’t quite want the the center of gravity that a deck over a gooseneck has where the bed is actually way up

Here over the tires this allows you to lower your center of gravity to be able to haul your equipment keep it low and lower profile for um you know the majority of whether it’s tractors skid steers and then the accessibility of your cargo that i was talking about so the x-ramp and max width package coming in clutch to be make the lpx very versatile whether you’re

On the construction site whether you’re on the farm wherever you are versatility is king you want to be able to invest in one trailer that can do all kinds of jobs if you’re the guy who never knows what he may be getting into that package may be the one for you this particular lpx is set up with the 210 package which is a 20 000 pound gvwr comes with two torsion

Lippert 10k axles 215 17 5 wheels and tires which is a 16 ply regroupable tire super heavy duty that you get on the construction site off-road you name it and the 16 ply really comes in clutch because it’s it’s super puncture resistant the 210 package also includes diamond’s exclusive engineer beam technology that we developed five years ago what the in short what

That allows us to do is really have control over the main frame the height of the beam the thickness of the material optimizing the weight in this trailer to give it the highest payload for that given gvwr or length walking up to the front of this one it was also outfitted with the stillwell hydraulic jack option which makes hooking up and unhooking a breeze it’s

So much faster if you’ve ever you know com been able to use regular jacks and then use hydraulic jacks and compare the two it’s a no-brainer game changer you get in the truck and you’re not all sweaty and hot and out of breath simple push of a button you’re unhooked and re-hooked this one also has the eight by eight deck on the neck or eight by seven sorry eight by

Seven deck on the neck which is awesome because you can obviously put cargo on top of it use it as extended deck space you can put implements attachments buckets tarps people use them for all kinds of stuff it’s obviously this is normally void deck space on a regular goose name they opted for the 2000 lumen led work lights as well this is great for at night time if

You’re grinding early in the morning or late at night this really lights up your work and lets you be able to see what you’re doing work safer work smarter jump on the website there you can configure an lpx however you fits you best right you can either do bumper pull gooseneck anywhere from 16 feet all the way up to 30 feet long in the lpx different colors different

Weight combinations you can build one to fit your needs we’ll see you on the road foreign

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Decked Out Equipment Trailer!! | Diamond C By Diamond C Trailers

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