dealership oil change service on
Altair Club Cars Dealership oil change service on 2015 Kia Sedona 3.3L engine. #sedona #kia #oilchange

Dealership oil change service on 2015 Kia Sedona 3.3L engine. #sedona #kia #oilchange

2015 kia sedona all change service stay tuned all right guys so while i’m inside the car it is time for me to uh go ahead and check the wiper blades and also the rear wiper blade your signal light about the hood the multi-point inspection let’s check the engine filter engine filter doesn’t look bad check for your power steering fluid level up the coolant

Reservoir fill your washer fluid the oil filter lives here also check for your brake fluid check all the lights i already checked the fog light it works fine check the wipers rear light car is a little dirty ready to go off has 92 000 miles on it let’s uh go ahead and carefully check the brakes brakes still look pretty good they do have excessive tire wear

Here oops they hit something both side he has 17 millimeter drain plug and let’s take this thing out where there we go so while we’re waiting we can go ahead and check the tire pressure all right guys so here’s the dream plug always replace the gasket if i can take it out there we go so and here’s the new one here’s your 17 millimeter again okay so i got

My torque wrench here and stored the drain plug to 32 foot pounds clean the drain plug wipe it off lower the car down so so lower the car all the way down all right guys this is the oil filter right here it’s uh you’re gonna need 27 millimeter sockets to remove this here’s my 27 millimeter oops here is the filter and

Here’s the new oil filter with a part number remove the rubber gasket using your pocket screwdriver and install the new one make sure it’s installed correctly here’s your filter and put a little loop here so when you install your oil filter make sure this guy is lined up there’s like a little hole down there so how i normally do it is put this oil filter in the

Center and then turn it clockwise and then you’re going to fill it stuck right there and all you have to do is press it now you’re ready to install dark speck for this one is 35 newton meter so the oil for this vehicle is sae 5w30 all right 5 30. here we go this engine size is 3.3 liter and it’s gonna take 5.5 quarts we’re getting close there we go that’s it

Put your cap back close this lead all right guys so i’m inside the car right now and let’s go ahead and start the engine we’ll back it off a little bit so i can get out easily another car is trying to back out so let’s wait for for a moment all right now we’re free so remove the old sticker wipe it down because there’s some sticky residue still in there then

Your new sticker there you go and don’t forget to reset the maintenance light suppress this button once and then hit okay there we go now the service interval is reset okay so we’re back here we’re just double checking for any possible leaks and make sure double check your um fluid level and here’s your fluid level we are in the middle spray this up a little

Bit so let’s clean and install the engine over back and she’s done she’s ready to go shower alright guys we are done so i’m gonna take this car to a lot of tendon so they can watch this car bye

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Dealership oil change service on 2015 Kia Sedona 3.3L engine. #sedona #kia #oilchange By CAR Laws Channel etc.

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