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Altair Club Cars D&D: 2022 Cadillac XT6

D&D: 2022 Cadillac XT6

The 2022 XT6 is a superbly safe family vehicle, brought to us by Cadillac. This 3 row cross over is well thought out. Engineered with a 3.6L v6 and a 9 speed automatic transmission producing 310hp, this vehicle will get you to every destination fast and safe. Every passenger is equipped with what they will need to enjoy this ride. Individual charge ports, vents, and cupholders. Cadillac made sure with an array of windows and convenience features no one feels left out of the experience. I hope you enjoy this review. LIKE! SHARE! SUBSCRIBE! THANK YOU!!

Hey host gqj and this is drip and drive let’s talk about today’s vehicle now this beautiful cadillac xt6 that we’re going to be reviewing is not your daddy’s cadillac in my own opinion it’s for the moms this is a three-row crossover 3.6 liter v6 producing 310 horsepower 271 pound-feet of torque and let’s get into it so right here in the front you’re greeted

By this nice large grill with a beautiful cadillac badge right in the center very nice touch off to the side you have your nice horizontal led front headlight as well accompanied by this unique vertical headline that doubles as an indicator as well as daytime running lights here we have our 20 inch alloy rims as well on the side you have a beautiful

Cadillac badge and a nice aluminum and down here you have a nice xt6 insignia in this chrome or silver looking finish right alongside the running boards of the car these lovely door handles leading up to our beautiful side mirror which has a nice black trim in the front has um blind spot detection with a nice indicator light in the front and also this

Car is equipped with wi-fi and onstar very nice touch moving on to the back you have these t-shaped tail lights the xt6 badge on the left and a 400 badge on the right which literally stands for nothing down here we have a nice exhaust tips we have a rear view camera right under the cadillac badge let’s open up this trunk voila you get a nice looking

Rare rare look at the trunk you have nice storage you got hooks here on the side and a nice neat feature which we’ll get into is the third row it actually is motorized very nice touch controller about a push-up button right here we got nice storage small items and then down here we have another storage bay which as you can see can fit like some umbrellas

A jacket rather small items on there nice and comfortable tucked away very nice touch so this is what i was talking about with the third row you have third row power folding seats down and up let’s check it out see right there the header snaps forward and then the rest of the chair moves forward as well and in the second row you have control of the third

Row as well so very convenient tons of options i love options down and up very nice touch now the second the second row is in power you can do that manually but you can also bring that down from back here that fully folds it but the driver’s seat is a little bit more up but you can’t bring the uh second row back up by the push of going to the third row of

Course here you can you just have to manually flip back up the headrest or manually all right let’s move on from out of here tons of space in the rear space so that’s pretty much the exterior of this beautiful cadillac xt6 let’s take a look at the interior and also get to our favorite part the drive all right so as we enter into the second row just take a

Grand look at the introduction to this vehicle you have a nice wood grain finish in the door with aluminum trim and a beautiful bose speaker system right there all right here we have our second row seat which we can move forward by pulling on this latch right here on the shoulder area of the chair and slide that baby forward and the second row has captain

Seats which is very very nice easy to access in and out of the vehicle when there are captain seats and here in the third row it’s a two-seater bench very nice very spacious in the vehicle now when i roll these seats back it does kind of rest right before my shin but i must say for third row and me being six feet tall it still is pretty comfortable back

Here and one passenger back here might be able to have the legs on the stretch out one of their legs in the middle of the eyes now look at that nice airy opening of the panoramic now in the rear we have cup holders you have a 12 volt outlet which is a very nice touch to have in the rear uh as well you have your usb type c port so passengers back here are

Not neglected their devices are not neglected which cadillac made sure to keep every passenger in mind when designing this vehicle as well on the right side of the vehicle you have a cup holder and your nice quarter panel window and your rear view window so this vehicle lets a lot of the outdoors in visually which is a very nice touch up on the roof you

Have your ventilation vent very adjustable as well as your reading light and your bose speaker system and there you have your usb c port for your third row now they have a very nice ergonomic armrest on these captain seats check out the design now let’s move to the second row see that very easy to move throughout this vehicle now in the second row i

Have my hair up as you can see and it’s still not touching the roof of the vehicle tons of leg room what more can you ask for now this is the nice part you have two cupholder stores right down here and behind that is your storage area where you could probably fit some keys small items right above that you have your usb port and your usb type c port very

Nice now this is the piece demo resistance you have dual well climate control and dual heated seats for the second row very nice touch digital display chrome aluminum finish i mean aluminum finish with a nice cadillac uh insignia written into the aluminum now as you can see right here on the left you can control your heated seats you can control your

Ventilation right now it’s set to auto for both sides your fan speed right temperature now these dials are or these buttons the levers are very nice when you touch them they don’t feel cheap they don’t feel too lightweight they actually have the luxurious uh feel to them now here’s your second row vents just like in the third row right in the roof and they

Are adjustable handle as well as your reading light push on and off again a lot of the ins outside come inside so many windows in this vehicle it’s such a great family vehicle like you don’t want to be inside a vehicle and feel congested especially when it can hold up to six passengers you want to still feel like you have space and this car provides that now

Leaving the vehicle you also get a nice parting uh cadillac badge to let you know that you’re exiting the second row of the cadillac very very nice let’s head to the front again dark wood grain aluminum finish multiple seat settings total cockpit control by the driver and also down here there’s a dial which allows you to uh activate the tailgate whether

You want to open it three quarters or all the way nice little uh cubby storage right in the door there’s a nice look at this nice cadillac driving wheel got your nice aluminum finish in the center here’s your electric on the parking brake your light control for your heads up display which uh usually works at night you can’t get it on during the day your

Ventilation adjustments now one of the subtle marks of a true luxury vehicle is the window operation now this window is on a standard motor a more luxurious vehicle would have a unique operating window now right here on the steering wheel you have your heated steering button as well as your voice activation phone answer and your cruise control buttons on

The right side you have your volume control different ways to interact with the infotainment system down wheel and buttons as well on the infotainment touchscreen now down here you have your climate controls where you can see you have ventilated seat options as well as heated seat options now themes might look as touch screen but this is actually buttons

Behind this kind of laminate finish on the climate controllers you have three level heated seats as well as three level ventilated seats your levels to raise the temperature up and down up here on infotainment now this is the touchscreen part you have park assist auto ignition on and off touchscreen you have your mute and as well as your home and gap

Adjustments as well as your hazard lights or lane keys i should say now you can put your navigation up here tons of different um features in the infotainment screen as you can see but let’s go to one that everyone must know and this is your rare and front climate controls from the infotainment touchscreen very very nice touch here is your central console

Storage where you have an sd slot a usb type c and a usb 2 tier storage now this is a nice size storage area and right here in the front is your wireless charging area you can fit decent sized phones there and under this is your cup holder very nice finish you push on that and it automatically closes very nice here’s your dial wheel to interact with the

Infotainment screen as well with some other buttons to interact with the infotainment screen right here you have your dial wheel which interacts with the infotainment system and if you know me i love options on being able to do one thing several different ways so right here you have a button for navigation music a volume dial phone and your backlight as

Well over here you have traction control to turn on and off and as well your various drive modes let’s check it out so we have off-road tour all-wheel drive and sport very nice turn the traction control off all right so we’re on the inside of the 2022 cadillac xt6 and let’s take this baby for a drive now again this is a very safe and secure family vehicle

Third row seats six all right let’s get moving nice make sure i didn’t leave anything by checking our handy dandy rare view mirror camera system and as i look in my rear i see absolutely nothing very very nice and neat feature like right head on out of here now this vehicle has very very superb dampening and what i mean by that is you barely feel the road

As you’re driving i like a nice floaty airy kind of drive as well to match a quiet interior when we’re talking about luxury vehicles and yes my friends this is a luxury crossover vehicle steering is very nice very responsive and again the suspension is very smooth i actually enjoy this vehicle let’s let some light in here you got your panoramic sunroof

Which is fully operable and like i said what i like about this car this car guys is that we have tons of options for uh accessing and manipulating certain features you can get to the phone via the touch screen or you can also get to it using this dial wheel with also this buttons in combination i can have my navigation show up on the infotainment system

With the push of a button and i also can have it pull up by the touch of the screen go to phone music things of that nature i must say cadillac did a great job with this vehicle you have a nice aluminum finish on the bose speaker um system very nice touch like all the materials in this car blends very well together very very well together and this car

Is just a real great driving car real good suspension it’s very luxurious looking and also subtle at the same time so it’s not like it’s going to be turning heads if that’s the type of thing you’re looking for this is not really the suv unless people know i surprisingly now know because before i got in this vehicle i didn’t really think too much of it or

Uh look at it too much from the outside when it’s driving by now every time i see the vehicle i just i look and i do one of these because i know like this is a very very nice and luxurious uh crossover suv to behold and own nice cornering nice pickup and power you hear that and it still puts the power down right there i’m already doing 50 jesus christ

This car is fast i do not care what anybody says some people think that it needs to have more power it’s not a race car this car literally picked up for a three-row crossover this is really a good engine no lie like that must be the biggest takeoff i’ve done in this car so far and that gave me a little bit of rush gotta check my pulse i’m not gonna be

Doing donuts in this vehicle but jesus that was some power just now can’t hit on the cadillac xt6 cannot hate on this at all this is the bu look at that beautiful crystal clear crystal clear camera display and augmented reality cannot beat that very nice with trajectory options to turn on and off which i absolutely love well there you have it let’s take

A step outside the vehicle it the 2022 cadillac xt6 a smart safe family vehicle again i’m your host gqj and you know my slogan you click i drip you subscribe i drive until next time don’t forget to drip so you

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