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Altair Club Cars Dan the Volvo Man Explains Volvo Plug-In Hybrids

Dan the Volvo Man Explains Volvo Plug-In Hybrids

What are the benefits of the Volvo Plug-In Hybrid Recharge models? Dan the Volvo Man explains. The Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid does everything well. Check them out at Lehman Volvo Cars in York or Lehman Volvo Cars in Mechanicsburg.

Hi dan lair here at limit volvo cars and this is a charger you know them we use them we need them every day this is also a charger it’s connected to the volvo recharge plug-in hybrid and unlike the chargers we use for our phone you don’t necessarily need to use this every single day i’m here to explain to you what the volvo plug-in hybrid is all about and how it

Can make your life a little more flexible in the year 2030 volvo will be a fully electrified car brand but even today everything that volvo sells is either a mild hybrid a plug-in hybrid or a fully electric car and out of those three options we’ve actually offered the plug and hybrid the longest for over a half a decade you can get the volvo xc90 and a plug-in

Hybrid back then it was simply called the t8 t for turbo and eight for the amount of power equivalent to an eight-cylinder engine way back then when all my hair was dark the volvo xc90 t8 was the only seven passenger suv plug-in hybrid on the market since then we’ve expanded the range under the name recharge it includes the volvo s60 s90 v60 polster engineered

Xc60 and of course still the xc90 all available with a great plug-in hybrid powertrain the plug-in hybrid works you have a traditional internal combustion engine that’s turbocharged and supercharged producing 312 horsepower in the middle section of the vehicle is a battery pack that supplies power to an electronic rear axle producing an additional 143 horsepower

So doing the quick math that is 455 horsepower so yeah it is quick we’re talking about 455 horsepower now that’s more power than volvo’s own race cars of course this weighs substantially more than a race car but that battery pack is in the center of the vehicle so there’s a great equal weight distribution meaning this thing doesn’t feel ponderous it feels very

Solid and very secure and it’s handling and did i mention it’s quick we’re talking 0-60 in five seconds flat you get a lot of instant torque from that rear axle this is electronically powered torque from the back of the car and torque from the front of the vehicle so you really get the best power combination of this car just being absolutely ready to go it’s also

Very frugal so while you have those two powertrains working together to provide excellent power they also work together to provide excellent fuel economy plus you have an electric range of up to 32 miles so pure electric on 32 miles now i know that confuses some people they think well i drive more than 32 miles however the gasoline engine works together with the

Electronic motor so you get a great range there is no range anxiety with this car you get the best of all worlds great power great fuel economy great range and pure electric mode now even if your hybrid battery is low you’re not going to fully deplete the battery because just like our mild hybrids power is regenerated under braking now you won’t get a full charge

Into that for that you’re going to have to plug in and charging your volvo plug in a hybrid couldn’t be easier you can charge a volvo plug in a hybrid on a standard 110 outlet or an upgraded 220 volt for faster charge times so there you have it the volvo recharge line makes it easy to be green check out yours at lehman volvo cars in york or mechanicsburg for more

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Dan the Volvo Man Explains Volvo Plug-In Hybrids By Lehman Volvo Cars

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