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Altair Club Cars Cybertruck Vs. Rivian R1T – Rivian is dead in the water

Cybertruck Vs. Rivian R1T – Rivian is dead in the water

Now that the Cybertruck is available I do not see any compelling reasons to order the Rivian truck. The Cybertruck is better in just about every way.

Alright let’s just get straight into this today i want to do a comparison between the cyber truck and r1t from rubian and why i think the riven is essentially pointless for anyone considering a truck for a number of reasons the first being that the cyber truck has a cheaper starting price we know that it is scheduled to be delivered in the end of 2021 and moving

Forward from 2020 to you know up until whenever we don’t have an exact delivery date for the caribbean so that’s all speculation now reservation wise one is $100 the other one is $1,000 so i think you know it’s a lot easier on your wallet or credit card just to reserve it but the reason why i think the tesla is just going to be better on every metric that i can

Think of with the exception of possibly just the look i think if anything the riven has this traditional truck look that most people are comfortable with so that’s up to the buyer i personally don’t care about the look as long as the utility makes sense okay so start looking at the size right now the cyber truck is 231 inches 17 9.8 inches wide and 75 inches tall

So i was looking at the specs on the ribbon here the ribbing is not what i’m looking at the wrong page here we go so the truck has the following spectra here it’s length is 217 inch and the width is pretty much the same i think the height might be either slightly shorter or if anything pretty comparable but the biggest issue i have with this truck the riven is

Actually the trunk i just the bed is just so short it makes no sense for any truck buyer who wants to use the truck for anything beyond beyond carrying like some small boxes this bed right here is four point six foot and for anyone who was on the truck wants to own a truck and wants to make use of a truck that bed length honestly is so pointless i don’t know why

You would get a full-size truck with this metal net let me give you an example so my truck right now is a nissan titan right it’s a four door crew cab it’s got 5.7 foot bed and even honestly if i had an option or if nissan had an option to give that a 6.5 foot bath i would have taken that over the 5.7 foot bed but for this bed to be a foot long i’m shorter makes

No sense so to me anyone who is looking to buy a truck at this price range should definitely go with a tesla because look at this you got a truck that’s full size is shorter with a useless bed in my opinion i mean this bed is good for carrying like water coolers or grocery it’s gonna be a pain in the ass for you to try to put like a 2 by 4 by 8 piece of lumber

Along this bed at least with a 5.7 foot bed when you put it down like diagonally and i have to lit support it it still looks okay even with a 8 or 10 foot piece of lumber but four point six man it’s just way too short way too short and we know that the cyber truck is gonna be six and a half foot and that makes a big difference so that’s coming from someone who’s

Using a truck to carry you know lumber all kinds of different stuff you know construction material home renovation material big appliances etc honestly what would a trunk side like this with the bed being only four point six foot i just can’t even imagine putting like a 75 inch tv box in there i don’t know why they went with this length it makes no sense okay so

That’s my big gripe with vivian and then the other one i have issues with is the price point we know that the tesla comes at three different price points right 40 50 70 and the riveting truck is starting out at 70 k so 70 k is the starting price and check this out if you look at the battery options on the truck you see that it’s 105 kilowatt hours 135 and 180 so

If 70 thousand is the starting point i’m thinking this actually is for the 105 kilowatt battery our battery size and anything above that like this these two right here are gonna be much more expensive so 70 k is a very expensive via price for something with about 105 kilowatt hour so that range is probably going to be about 200 miles to 250 miles and that’s that’s

Basically the starting price of the single motor cyber truck now obviously if this truck is coming with four motors and it has a 105 kilowatt hour battery pack it’s still gonna be faster and stronger than the cyber truck even though the range is similar so that’s what it’s got going for it but the moment you start bumping up the battery size it’s gonna start looking

More and more at a disadvantage compared to the tesla so that’s the issue i had and honestly this truck doesn’t really offer anything more than what i would consider enticing qualities right i mean it looks very similar to a standard truck and the body they didn’t say anything about any specific special materials that the body is gonna be made out of we know the

Exoskeleton is gonna be it’s gonna be that out 300x stainless steel and it’s gonna be extremely durable extremely strong we don’t know anything about the ravines material yet let’s see and then if we look at the numbers so his word gets a little bit deceptive in my opinion you have you cocaine so you got the range of up to 400 miles right acceleration three seconds

It’s got quite a motor system which i think is actually pretty pretty cool right here to have four separate motors and this is actually something that i didn’t see from tesla they didn’t talk about this much waiting depth over three feet this is actually pretty cool so your truck this truck can be under 36 inches of water and not have an issue so whenever you’re

Going on vacation off-roading and there’s like maybe a patch of like stream or water that’s a puddle you know and you can just go right over it without any issue and honestly at 3 feet it’s more than the putter it’s more like a small little river um i don’t think i would take my truck under that depth just to test it out but that’s a cool feature the towing is a

Little bit less the horsepower is rated at 5 750 we don’t know what the tesla is gonna be but basically what we’re seeing here from ribbing these options and these features and these capabilities are not gonna be the low 70 k version if anything this is gonna be more like closer to like eighty five ninety thousand version because you’re not gonna get four hundred

Plus miles on a hundred and five or 135 kilowatt hour battery pack so it leads me to believe that the top in ribbon is going to be what more expensive than the top me in tesla so i don’t want to sound harsh but essentially i i think this ravine truck is trash right now compared to the tesla there’s no compelling reason why anyone would get this truck versus the

Tesla cybertron i feel kind of bad for them because they came they first came out and announced it and talked about it for the last like two years plus and then all of a sudden just tesla just came out with this truck on the stage and you know i think they they stole their thunder and they’re gonna probably get get it in the market even before vivian at a lower

Price point with better capability with a more futuristic look so i i hope riven does something otherwise i feel kind of bad for them i mean they invested a lot of money they got for investing in them they got i think amazon also invested in them but now it seems like no one’s really caring about what they offer everyone’s talking about the side truck myself

Included obviously i’ve already kind of mentioned that i really want to get this truck versus you know anything else on the market right now so i don’t tell me what your thoughts are because i feel like the people who pre-ordered this truck are probably gonna cancel it get the $900 in the pocket and then put $100 towards the tesla alright

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Cybertruck Vs. Rivian R1T – Rivian is dead in the water! By Tesla Truck

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