cybertruck finally has a deliver
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Cybertruck FINALLY Has A Delivery Date

Clip from Lew Later (Tesla Cybertruck Official Delivery Date Announced By Elon Musk) –

Elon musk has given us an update on the cyber truck and i’ve been waiting for an update since 2019 you know what happened in 2019 well go ahead the carony hey that’s how long ago it’s been remember yesterday you made a sound effect you went that’s what 2022 feels like when you think about when decide when you first saw the cyber truck how different it was how

Different times were there are no words it’s crazy man yeah 2019 anyway i remember giving 500 bucks or whatever it was and just thinking this thing is so crazy this truck is so crazy i remember them talking about the prices and saying i was going to start at like 50 grand or whatever and just thinking that’s so ambitious how’s that going to happen obviously the

Order page has changed since then what happens if you click order now what does what are the options it gives you they just want 150 bucks they don’t even ask what you’re ordering but back when i gave them the deposit they actually wanted to know are you getting the the build well not the whole build but just which which uh setup you wanted for like a dual motor

Or whatever it was you give you you had there was preference i think it said whatever the estimates were for delivery if you were getting the more premium model it was coming faster type thing but of course in the meantime ford has put out the lightning it’s an actual thing that exists i see it in the wild and they plan on delivering a hundred fifty thousand one

Hundred fifty thousand units next year something along those lines uh obviously rivien is a thing that exists now like so much has changed 150 000 f-150 lightning’s in 2023 that’s what ford says it plans to make and so the landscape has moved a little bit but elon has finally provided some kind of an update tesla ceo elon musk has said that the company hopes to

Start delivering the cyber truck the middle of next year this was on a recent investors call and it is the most specific timeline that musk has given in a while it doesn’t have like hopefully associated with it does it and it’s just middle of next year which is good which i’m happy about some some level of specificness specificity um apparently there’s been

Some slowdowns one of which was the the windshield wiper fiasco i don’t know if you remember they’re like how do we do a cool windshield wiper what do you mean we have to have windshield wipers yeah and we talked about on this show how it kind of sucks from a design perspective that you have to make this thing look more like a normal car but then you start to

Think about it like yeah of course has to have normal car things because you have to drive it so the wiper is one thing the mirrors is another thing and it just can’t be as futuristic as the initial uh version that we saw at the event i mean even on the website you still don’t have any mirrors you still have any wipers even on the website when you order it and you

Have those warthog halo wheels or hubcaps or whatever they are at some point they’re gonna have to update that with what it’s actually gonna look like but i think they know that people who have ordered this thing don’t care they’ll just take it yeah whatever it ends up shipping looking like they’ll just take it but anyway apparently there’s some complication that

Arose around that wiper it’s a single unit that goes back and forth you obviously had covid shutdowns and things like that and other shortages and that have slowed things down which suck we have had our fair share of spy shots and things like this um but now we have a date so middle of next year we’re gonna see the cyber truck according to elon musk cool that’s the word at the moment

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