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Altair Club Cars Custom Paint 2017 Chevrolet – 9 Passenger LUXURY Conversion Van | Sherry Review

Custom Paint 2017 Chevrolet – 9 Passenger LUXURY Conversion Van | Sherry Review

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Hi folks nick ruiz here paul sherry conversion vans today i’m showing you a 2017 chevy nine passenger explorer van stock number cp16834t this van is a beautiful faded paint custom faded paint job it’s a brown stone metallic gorgeous paint job on these 2017 with 75 000 miles on it six liter v8 in it it’s got 20 inch aluminum wheels and tires wheels are oxidized

A little bit on each each wheel the tires look great now this is a long wheelbase nine passenger high top we’ve got power running boards gorgeous interior interior is a two-tone leather we’ve got a beige on the outside with dark brown inserts in the middle of the seats of course you got two captains up front four more captains in the in the back and a rear

Sofa gives you a nine passengers here ‘s your miles on it 75 000 miles it’s 2017. you’ve got your cruise control your hands free telephone onstar capabilities navigation radio cd player power windows locks mirrors of course you got fog lamps privacy glass all throughout the rear and your skylight on top is also a privacy glass it’s your explorer badging

Rear backup camera tow package we’re back up sensors as well the barn doors here in the rear plenty of cargo space here actually there’s a power sofa it’ll go forward and back go forward for more luggage room back here we don’t need the leg room foreign storage spot here with a vacuum cleaner in there dc plug right next to it clean up your van after a long

Trip storage compartment here for the jack tire jack we do have window shades all throughout paints in excellent condition on this van like i said it’s a faded paint job so you got the lighter brown on top going into the brownstone darker brown on towards the top of it power running boards again deploy as soon as you open the doors very nice love the trim here

Got a two-tone dark brown and tan match the leather seats on the inside here in the back you’ve got a samsung tv with a samsung blu-ray player use your rear controls for the ac and the heat you got hdmi hookup air you play games on a tv if you like what have you lit up you have the lit up cup holders all throughout each side of the van here seats are in great

Condition you have your indirect lighting right here along the top they call it the lower direct lighting and you’ve got your upward direct lighting right here in the ceiling there in the back you’ve got a cabinet just a little storage spot again you’ve got the blinds for privacy all throughout front two captains are power and heated there’s your power lumbar

Foreign the four captains here in the rear or swivel they’re on a swivel pedestal and a quick release pedestal so you take the seats in and out if you had to carry something or didn’t need all that seating just needed more storage space there you have it folks 2017. chevy 2500. explorer limited van nine passenger 75 000 miles here at siri conversion vans come see me nick ruiz

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