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Altair Club Cars CSR 2 | Lexus LC 500 | Elite Tuner | Live Race Setup

CSR 2 | Lexus LC 500 | Elite Tuner | Live Race Setup

In this video I will show you a good live racing setup for the Lexus LC 500

What’s up racers race abhished here and welcome back to another csr2 video now in this video i’m going to show you a good live racing setup for the lexus lc 500 now this has been a widely awaited video but before we get any further i would like to inform you that uh i have created a brand new discord server so feel free to join the server guys link is in the

Description okay now what can i say about this car in my opinion this is one of the best tier four cars out there it is a super low performance point high evo uh car and it is a very good live racer uh and basically anyone who is doing the elite storyline gets the elixirs for free okay because of that this car became instantly popular and the fan favorite ever

Since its release a lot of people have this car in their garage and lot of people are using it in different live racing lobbies it is very commonly used in live racing in fact if you go into some of the 10 second or even 11 second lobbies you will find those lobbies filled with lc500s that’s how good this car is now because this car is so widely used it becomes

Even more important to have an effective live racing setup on this one uh you will need to have a setup that can ensure uh that you are able to dominate the lobby you are in and also beat other lc500s in that lobby uh as well okay so with that being said uh today i’m going to show you such a setup so without further ado let’s check it out uh let’s have a look at

The upgrades now uh i have engine at stage three and transmission add state six as well okay so this gives me a performance point of 620 for an evo point of 1973 so this is a good low pp high evo setup as i always mentioned in my previous videos having a low pp highway setup gives you significant advantage in lobby matchmaking quite often you will get placed into

Lobbies where your opponents are running much slower than you and as long as you don’t go all out as long as you control your runs or you will still get those wins and won’t get bumped up that easily okay so with that being said um let’s have a look at the touring for the setup now keep in mind as far as the tuning goes uh dual tuning might be slightly different

Than men depending upon what fusions you have uh but this is just to give you a baseline okay if you’re missing few fusions you will need to adjust your turning accordingly so for me nitrous all the way to the right final drive at 2.46 and tire pressure at eight psi this gives me a dino of 11.403 so i’m dynoing somewhere around an 11.4 but keep in mind i have a low

Performance point high eo setup and because of that i will be having a significant lobby advantage in fact in a lot of live races that i had with this car quite often i was getting paired with opponents running 11.5 um 11.6 uh and we’re probably dynaming even slower than that and uh me on the other hand i was capable of running much faster than them but unlike them

I really didn’t have to go all out uh i was just trying to control my runs uh and trying to go as slow as i can and even after all of that i was still getting those wins and not getting bumped up at all okay so this proves that since i had a low performance point high he was set up i was getting placed in much slower lobbies where i had the advantage so this is

The beauty of having such a setup guys now uh before getting into the live races that i just mentioned uh let’s do a test run and i will also show you the shift pattern for this car at this setup here we go okay so let’s see what we ran there we ran an 11.289 with a dino of 11.403 so this car definitely beats dino uh but keep in mind uh since you have a low

Performance point high he was set up and the lobby advantage because of that you don’t need to beat dino you don’t need to go all out instead or you will have to control your runs try to go as low as you can and still get those wins okay otherwise you may risk getting bumped up so this is the setup guys now uh i will show you a few libraries with this car but i am

Going to stop my commentatory enjoy the live resource guys this is recently signing up see you in another video bye is machine racing queen i’ll take you wherever you wanna go tonight machines tonight we all know here so me behind so you

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CSR 2 | Lexus LC 500 | Elite Tuner | Live Race Setup By RacerBeast CSR2

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