crazy mopar collection in sweden
Altair Club Cars Crazy Mopar Collection in Sweden

Crazy Mopar Collection in Sweden

We finally made it over to Sweden and got to shoot with our friend Johan thanks to the guys at CTEK Chargers. Johan is a pure Mopar guy and has 5 incredibly cool Mopar’s in his badass garage. You’ll recognize a couple of them without question. It was night time when we arrived there so we didn’t get a chance to drive but wait til you see his collection and hear his stories…

Hey guys what’s up it’s sean ototo plai have finally made it to sweden i finally made it to sweden to hang out with my buddy johan my viking brother and usually we do one car at a time yes i’m drinking but tonight we’re gonna shoot all of johannes cars real quick so we’re gonna start with your viper yeah okay what you’re not the six now i know you well enough to

Know this isn’t a stock viper no no i mean obviously you’ve done wheels and tires right so made 450 originally how much now at least oh 650 or 700 okay i expect power from you always johan all right so you guys are gonna freak on this one if you haven’t seen this car before you’ve probably been hiding under a rock somewhere this car made its debut in 2017 at sema

It’s when i actually met johan and the ctek guys and this car just caught everybody’s attention and it continues to do the same this is your 68 right yeah from the beginning yep started out as a 1968 charger now we’re not gonna be able to walk you through everything that’s been done because we can make 20 videos on this kit but one of the first things that caught

My attention how big is your rear will it’s 24 by 15 and a half right yeah and everything everything is made of this car so we have capped off over 3,000 kilogram aluminium right so you’ve done tons of aluminum which is the wheels the center console the steering wheel i saw it at sema right when i first met you then you guys came to my shop before you went and

Shot over jay leno’s good carelessness i never forget that oh dude it was so fun to have this car in my shop and that was also the first time we because we worked so hard to get it ready before we come so it was the first time we got a tree it was burbank yeah in a funny story i have of johan was at jay leno’s the vice president of america was there joe biden

Secret service yeah and johan being johan decides he’s got to go give vice president i thought secret service was gonna pull a gun and shoot i swear but he was really interesting in course and he liked muscle cars and hey very much so it was really he was with the car for half an hour yeah so the the motor in this car becomes the same v10 viper generation –

But this time i don’t know why super shark this time we take twin turbos yeah and this one makes pretty big power – yeah the engine is built to take up to 1500 horsepower but we don’t run the turbos so hard so about eight ah no no seven i dunno so yeah it’s enough there’s so many great details on this i mean this how it matches that how you cut out the hood

To fit it all in there yeah alright we’re gonna keep showing you guys cars you so another charger yeah this is this is a 68 it’s a 440 it’s not done so much with this other wheels on just take it down a little otherwise it’s a stock yes absolutely oh women and the history by this was me and my brother and two other friends 2008 we go to los angeles and i buy

This car from a guy in san jose so me and my brother and two other guys we take this car go to vegas and drive it there for a week and take it back to la and that’s when you started here it was i mean it was crazy when we come there and when we come to the hotel they i do a real big burn out there in vegas yes and the cops take me and put gloves on and they’re

Filming handcuffs yeah hank we call those handcuffs that’s when you’re spending the night behind the wars yeah you know we do boss all the time but they’re explosive yeah not so much not so happy to do it on the strip in long history of course you did outside the bellagio and it’s yes when they shoot the water up there that course you heard out to the people

You know when they when the caps come the day was really tough against me they put the gun yeah yeah welcome to america yeah we are so over and everything it was like a movie but after after i see we were sober and we take it easy and we were good guys that were they say like they get a hello from her but i never want to see but not nothing happened so they

Took the bracelets off and yeah on your way okay that one’s got a good story janet that’s a good story let’s go check out your other one we’re gonna go out into the super-cold it’s about 18 degrees fahrenheit outside we’re gonna show you i gotta say probably my favorite of your cars yeah i think yeah there we go we’re going into the cold yeah there we go look

At that another 68 charger but radical i mean the funny thing is it’s not as radical in some respects as the rtr right cuz you didn’t do all the crazy fab work and stuff the bodies the body is the body of the charges half of the work in this car yeah the supercharged is obvious the blower yeah but what’s what’s the motor the motor from the beginning is a 400

Block because the 400 block is it is stronger than the 440 okay and it’s 501 cubic inch now and it’s 871 tires 693 horsepower and 987 new top and it’s i don’t want it any stronger because it’s you know i want to drive it in the street and have fun and it’s a nice shot if you burn out i mean you could do a burnout i love i mean one of the things tell me this

Doesn’t stand out to you right away is the perfection of the cut in the hood the blower comes right up to it it’s so perfect i won’t get so cleanest i can’t i mean i know a lot of people see it they probably have probably reminds them of the car from fast and furious right yeah but and no-knock to that i mean my friend dennis builds a lot of that stuff but

This is a whole different car this is so beautiful i mean i know it’s powerful and it is yeah i think blower we have yep donna call so this we have kept out so much so everything is billed by halloween in there everything is okay and this is all you again doing this you and your friends yeah yeah we do it in their spare time in their free time in the weekends

Oh yeah these guys aren’t pro builders just so you know they build at this level of build we do it in there and it’s a hobby for you yeah weekend’s just crazy and at first glance it looks black but it’s definitely not just new i that was my idea well i wanted to look really black but when it come out in the sun or in the sunlight it will come out there’s great

Yeah and it’s like going like done madam yang accident absolutely yeah i mean stereos in his cars you guys are enough to to you could you could like pull into a park somewhere crank it up and the music will be loud enough to make a party for everyone for hey i want to have a clear pure zone let’s get the rock out here let’s say goodbye to these guys that let’s

Go drink some more yeah we can do that okay guys we’re gonna end this with johan starting his 68 charger yeah up one of his 68 chargers dependent fire it up yeah let’s do it how’s that not a problem

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Crazy Mopar Collection in Sweden By AutotopiaLA

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