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Altair Club Cars Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver Custom Seat Covers Installation – 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver Custom Seat Covers Installation – 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Hi everyone adam today we have a 2017 ford f250 and we’re gonna be taking a look at the covercraft car hard car seat covers so some of you guys were wondering how durable this material is going to be if you’re familiar with the carhartt brand that is how durable it’s gonna be it’s gonna be the same fabric by carhartt and covercraft so these are going to

Be able to hold up against some of those spills as well whatever really throw at it they call it the dwr basically what that’s gonna be it’s durable water repellency so it’s going to just prevent those stains from immediately going to your seats and it is the car heart feel to it so you’re not going to get that sticky feeling with some of those vinyl covers that you

May get or even just whenever it’s a hot day and you sit in your leather seats without the covers you are going to get a little sticky feeling so that’s something i don’t like and this is going to prevent that it will hold up basically the hid anything your gonna throw at it if you’re on the construction site you have a couple tools in your pockets and you kind of

Slide out constantly it’s gonna be able to withhold all that and also with all these seams here all of our main seams are gonna have a triple stitch going through them and that’s going to prevent any of these seams just coming apart and all the elastic like on our head cover here is gonna be stitched on as well and it’s gonna be pretty pretty strong actually it’s

Gonna suck up to the shape of your seat headrest or just your seat in general definitely impressed and also it does have a pocket in the back that’s gonna help keep everything organized some of them don’t come with that and that’s a big plus with me so if you do have a spill on these seat covers or they just get dirty over time literally just plop them off throw

Them in the washer and dryer they’ll be totally fine it’s gonna be super easy to clean and also super easy to install so let’s just go ahead and show you guys how all right so the first thing we’re gonna need to do is take that headrest off of the seat it might be a little bit different for you we’re using a truck whatever you have we need to take this off first

I noticed i’m not gonna be able to take it off with the seat upright like this because it will hit the ceiling so i’m going to lean it back a little bit and remove it from the back door so you’re probably going to have a tab or two on these studs here and you’re basically just put those in and slide it out now we can grab our cover first we just kind of want to

Lay it out make sure they’re not inside out or anything we are going to have a car heart symbol on the front and our pockets on the back and we are going to have these two holes and that’s gonna indicate where the top is going to go so with the holes on top and the pocket facing backwards i’m just gonna shimmy it over the seat be sure to rotate it properly and it

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to check and make sure that the holes are lining up right pull it down real tight we do have a little cover that goes over our headrest too so i’m just gonna do that and then put this down just so it kind of holds it into place well i fastened everything else down so we could put this on our headdress before after we put it back in the holes

It might be a little hard to do it on your own because it is pretty tight so i’m actually gonna go ahead slide that in first pressing those tabs if you have them i want to push it all the way down perfect and there isn’t any labels or emblems on here there’s a little crease on the back end so i’m actually gonna put the creaseless side facing forward just so don’t

Feel it on my head i’ve get a really really tight fit kind of like twist it as you pull down on it it kind of seeped itself into place and it does have a elastic band on the bottom yeah it’s it’s really well actually extremely tight but actually looks as if it doesn’t really have a cover on it so next step underneath our cover we’re gonna have a little string here

And this is like the crease what’s gonna fit in here so i’m actually gonna fish that under and actually go underneath our seat and then once we put this section down around our seat we’re gonna take that strap and put it in here and then plug it in it’s basically just going to help mold it to the actual seat just so it’s not a floppy little cover so let’s see how

That plays out tuck it underneath the head rest and feed this through so we are gonna have to go underneath this rolled section on this truck specifically it might be a little bit different as you can see pull that through once you get most of it you can just slide that underneath your seat to the front trying to avoid any wires just so we’re not cranking down on

Those and maybe breaking connection loose so before we put the bottom section into place what we want to do is take these little foam circle guys in here and basically we’re gonna put that in the crease so make sure you fold them down like that so they go in the right spot and you’ll feel if they were in the right spot there are going to be sums on the side too so

Once we do that grab that string and as i pull it you’ll be able to see how it’s tucking that into that crease so once we do that you can go ahead kind of stretch the suit and just wrap it around kind of just work it into place and you can go ahead and give that rope a little bit more of a tug underneath and there’s a pretty tight fit so i would suggest is taking

This section off and looping it through actually it fits pretty well doing a pretty good tug there is a little bit of slack go ahead pull that tight the last thing you really need to do we have some hooking loops on both sides and that’s just gonna stick to our little carpeted area on our seats and that’s basically all there is to it so you guys can go ahead and

Repeat that same exact process for the passenger side well everyone that’s just about all you really need to know about the covercraft car hard car seat covers on our 2017 ford f250

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Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver Custom Seat Covers Installation – 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty By

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