cops pulled me over in lamborghi
Altair Club Cars Cops Pulled Me Over in Lamborghini Aventador

Cops Pulled Me Over in Lamborghini Aventador

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We are counting money we got stacks on deck everyone is literally counting there’s so many stacks look at this this is absurd you’re probably wondering where all this money is coming from and it’s quiet because the cops are out there we don’t want to get in trouble i’m just kidding we’re selling a dirt bike for eleven thousand dollars but they came in twice so

That’s what 11 000 and 20s looks like hilarious anyways i figured this would be an awesome way to start a new episode of carter’s life so guys welcome to the vlog oh my gosh guys i was just about to leave and i saw something in the road yep that’s exactly what i thought it’s a turtle about to cross the road and probably get hit by a car that’s not good we gotta

Go put them at some safety fly on it and take a horse fly oh my gosh he made a little like oof noise when i picked him up i think he wants to be over here not on the road let’s see if he likes this better i’m not sure if he’s a water turtle but he’s definitely not a street turtle i do not want to see him get squished anyways there it is this is what 10 dollar

Bills look like each one of those is a twenty for a total of ten thousand dollars hey liz look what i got for you oh thanks you’re welcome you deserve it really so sweet how much is this oh i meant you just can keep the rubber bands i’m just kidding wait can i actually i’m going to be taking my lamborghini aventador aka the rar genie to the first ever car show

Guys i’ve been dreaming about taking this car to car shows meeting other people with awesome and crazy rare ridiculous rides just like this one but i’ve never had the chance ever since i got it with the pandemic and all these things and moving i never had a chance so today i’m super excited because i’m actually going to be taking this amazing car and show it off so

People can see it in person i can’t wait maybe there’ll be some fans there maybe some of you guys will be there to see this thing and i’ll be able to say hi and meet you guys and i’m just so excited so let’s get in hopefully there’s no issues at all and let’s drive to start this car you flip up the little button and push this oh my gosh liz quick where is it there

It is it’s right in the middle of the road i see it oh it’s big oh it’s big there’s a baby turtle in the road liz is gonna try to save it oh he’s big just shoo him he’s a big boy scare him this way okay he’s probably a little bit of a snapper yeah pick him up yep and go a little further too i feel like he should go this fun is good yeah we’ll pass there you go

There we go you did it liz another turtle saved all right i saved one the other day when i was driving this little car to lizza’s house it was smaller and it was just saved one and you’re saved on the other day too save the totals but before we go too far we got to fill up on gas oh boy it’s farther than i thought luckily we have a gas station right here in the

House but i gotta connect that to here let’s see if this works didn’t realize how far away i still was there is a chance this will reach you guys are wondering what this is i actually made a whole video on opening a free gas station here at my house that’s exactly what this is it’s literally free you don’t have to pay at all all you got to do reset the numbers

So you know how much gas you’re getting to zero pull on this the pump starts up and then you squeeze like anything else and you get gas and done a little bts of the hide and seat video we got cape man tea on the chest and we got table boy what’s up the adventures of tape man and table boy check it out i’m watching youtube up here yeah that’s awesome this is

Ridiculous oh my gosh we just got to the car show and some crazy cars are pulling up including this ford gt guys i do not see these very often at all i don’t even know if i’ve ever seen one in person actually check it out guys this car is amazing it only has one door in the front then you climb in with a steering wheel there but it’s so small it’s even smaller

Than the cars i have where’d she go where’d she go where’d she cars are rolling in this one’s crazy this one right here has got such a nice orange sparkling in the sun just gorgeous this car is so loud guys fully custom and it has a wheelie bar because it actually does wheelies and it’s definitely way faster than my lambo that thing is crazy a little bit more

Bts cape man is trying to un-tape himself it’s a little difficult to get out of the costume once tape man you’re always taping it always take my hand take me out for life no i don’t think i hit the shirt at all yeah you didn’t there we go hold on hold still be very careful to cut that point right at me i’ll try to point it away but it’s hard to get under there

Well let’s cut my pants off first because these are like these are my good things too it’s coming it’s coming a little bit just keep pulling tape man’s coming off i’m coming out of my shell oh my god this is awesome this one’s too tight let me cut yes okay almost there just pull there it is one side one side released yes my watch oh no we’re going to have my

Watch on in there man that thing literally is cutting like layers of tape and cloth yeah oh my gosh i love these razors they’re so sharp and so cheap yeah yeah yep that’s what you thought that’s what she figured there you go oh my gosh uh-oh guys we are legit getting pulled over right now so we will see how this goes okay here she goes she’s about to sign for

Two and a half million dollars with a little booty on and a puppy underneath him and a croc and a dog over here what is wait i don’t know how the sound is under here it doesn’t say what to say yeah i’m on time there she goes we are getting pulled over we’ll see how this goes all right so put your license registration back okay all right speeding ticket for 74

To 60. okay it’s a non-mandatory court appearance um non-mandatory okay you can pay it online if you so choose to or even requests to be dismissed if you want they might they might not i don’t know all this done by this date here you’ll be good to go okay so final amounts at the bottom right side all right thank you 746 it doesn’t sound too bad officer at the

Bridge i guess they got multiple eyeballs out i guess i don’t know if i go to court and challenge it you’re not gonna let me off right what’s that i said if i go to court and challenge it you’re not gonna let me off right oh okay all right thank you yes sir have a good day there he goes sheesh

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Cops Pulled Me Over in Lamborghini Aventador By Carter’s Life

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