cop tells elantra n owner his st
Altair Club Cars Cop Tells Elantra N Owner His Stock Exhaust Will Cost K To Fix

Cop Tells Elantra N Owner His Stock Exhaust Will Cost K To Fix

Cop Tells Elantra N Owner His Stock Exhaust Will Cost $7K To “Fix”

Like many new vehicles the 2022 hyundai elantra n offers several different drive modes one of them is in mode which among other things makes the turbocharged too zero liter engine sound a bit more lively apparently it’s too lively for a california police officer and officials at a state testing facility now the owner can’t drive his elantra in until the problem

Is fixed but since it’s new and allegedly stock there’s nothing to fix the situation as explained both in a reddit post and a video shared by the intense youtube channel in short this driver was pulled over by a california motor officer due to backfiring noises coming from the car a 2022 hyundai elantra n the driver explained the car was stock and offered to pop

The hood but the officer declined instead he told the driver his registration would be suspended and a state representative would send him back to the dealer the dealer has to remove the track options you have to pay for it it’s about four thousand dollars later in the conversation the officer bumps that figure to seven thousand dollars it’s unknown how the officer

Arrived at these numbers but he then advised the driver that he could sue the dealer for the money saying dealership representatives should tell the driver that driving in track mode isn’t allowed and he could get his four thousand dollars five thousand dollars back the registration was susp apparently that was countermanded by state officials as not being allowed

But wait there’s more the owner of this elantra and took the car to an inspection station and was allegedly told it had to be tested in the vehicle’s loudest mode in this instance it was tested in sport mode and still failed the sound test at which point the owner was told to take it back to the dealership and have it returned to stock which it already was the

Dealership confirmed as much but since no work was done the elantra n can’t be tested again and since it can’t be tested it can’t be driven the video and reddit thread suggests the inspection station conducted the test incorrectly forcing the car into a louder mode instead of its default setting this isn’t the first time we’ve seen bizarre situations regarding

Vehicle noise levels in california in 2021 porsche was forced to stop selling manual transmission versions of the 911 gt3 because it was too loud but the same car with the pdk gearbox was fine that situation was ultimately resolved rather quickly but in this instance it’s been several weeks and as far as we know the elantra n is still sidelined we’ve contacted

Hyundai seeking comment on the situation as we’ve heard nothing about new elantra and sales being barred in california presumably if hyundai is allowed to sell the car there it must pass existing state regulations thanks for watching credits to and spy build llc please subscribe my channel for more auto updates

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Cop Tells Elantra N Owner His Stock Exhaust Will Cost $7K To "Fix" By HSR Motors

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