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Altair Club Cars Convert a Single real Wheel to Dual rear Wheel step by step

Convert a Single real Wheel to Dual rear Wheel step by step

In this video we explain how to convert a single rear wheel to a dual rear wheel. Step by step instructions on how to convert a single real wheel to a dual rear wheel. If you need to carry more weight, then this video is for you. We explain how to bleed the breaks when you convert a single wheel to dual wheel rear. We also have videos on how to add airbags to a truck so your dual rear wheel can handle the weight. We go step by step to convert a single rear wheel to a dual rear wheel.

Okay so today we’re going to be converting dodge 2500 to a dually we’re gonna go over everything you need right down to bleeding the brakes so first thing of course you need is a rear you know you can find them use this one it’s got low miles on it and it’s in relatively good shape it’s got surface rust on there the first thing i do is take off the butt rear cover

And clean it or make sure it’s clean when i get the old one out it’s a single wheel in there now it’s got over 500 thousand miles on it and i’m gonna show you the difference between a rear that’s bad and a real that’s good the this is a dana 80 and it’s basically the same internals it’s a limited-slip and that’s what my single wheel is the only difference is they

Call the single wheel a hybrid the axles are a little bit different and of course the length is and you need to have one that came off a pickup if you got a pickup and the other thing you’re gonna need is to figure out how you gonna put the dual wheels on there which means you need to get some rims a lot of times you can pick them up if you get it from the junkyard

You can pick up the rims and tires a little with it and you need some type of flare in other words for the tires to stick out you can buy those separately and they have direct bolt doors if you just google it you can bolt on the flare right onto your bed or you can replace the bed or if you want to put a flat bed on there you know you’re making it yourself or

Whatever like that so anyway first thing we’re going to do is we’ll start getting the old one out so what we got to do is we got to jack it up and get some nice strong jack stands and we’re going to support it off the frame so the rear is loose then we remove the tire so we’re going to go ahead and do that jack it out put it over on the jack stands remove the tires

And then we’ll move on and i’ll show you what we got next okay so first thing we want to do is take the driveshaft loose and he’s just got buck bolts for your half round clamp right here and sometimes there allen sometimes they’re square these are 5/16 regular socket so the only thing you’d be careful the caps will fall off you know it’s not a bad idea to stick a

New universal joint in there while you’re at it they’re not that expensive under $30 just buy new ones slap it in but anyway then we got to take our shocks low so we’re gonna go ahead and do that first we’re going to take our universal joint out our shocks loose and then we’re going to start along the brake lines and the other things so next thing we got to do is

Get our emergency brake out and if you look at it it’s pretty simple you just you know get some slack in there you may have to loosen up and down a little bit and these cables just pull out the holes so ones for left ones for right take those loose then if we go back here on the driver’s side the easiest thing to do is if you come up here you have a proportioning

Valve they call it mine it’s non-functional in the top if you follow the line up from your splitter here this line right here follow it up and the top there’s a bowl take that loose and that flexible hose line bring a break will come loose all right if you’re a coffee drinker you should put something down are we saved my coffee things because they make grace great

Catch holes you know if you look on the rear right on the other side of the top here if you have a tie locking breaks there’s a plug right there for it so you want to unplug that too and you can see the shock here that’s gonna be in the way if we’re trying to slide the rear out the back so you go ahead and take that one loose at the top to the other ones in front of

The axle that’s fine let’s just go ahead and take that shock out of the way you’ll be happier in the long run so we’re going to go ahead and do all that next take the brake thing loose and take the rest of shock off take the plug out for your anti locking if you have them and then we’ll move on to see what’s next so one other thing – you have your vent tube if you

Follow it up it’s just got like a slide on clip just pop that off and i probably should have mentioned i leave the jack under the axle because if the axle hangs down too low makes it hard to get the shocks off and what-have-you like that so you need something to just support the weight of the axle you don’t want to lift the truck up leave the truck on the jack stands

But just support the weight of the axle then for your emergency brake they go into this bar here now the one is got these push pins it’s kind of a pain if you take a screwdriver you have to kind of prime in it’s a little bit of a pain to get out but if you keep working with it you can the other one they make different i don’t know why necessarily but it’s got this

Plastic one that clips on the front side of it that holds it in and you just take a screwdriver and pry the ring off of there and they’ll both slide out you want to be careful because it is a plastic ring you don’t break it if you follow it back it’s got a hook here they sit down in here and then there is a another like half hook that you can work it out of get

It out of there and then everything should be loose as far as breaks your anti locking your words see very capable everything like that so next thing we got to do is unbolt it now i have airbags on here this is a moment if you’d i put these on myself for like a hundred dollars so go ahead and subscribe and take a look you know you can see how to put airbags on

Your truck um have a lot of videos for dodge a lot of repair videos and everything else so i’m gonna obviously have to remove the airbags just take them loose at the bottom not remove them so i gotta take these bolts loose and then you have your bolts down here holding your u bracket for holding your axle to your spring now some people really complain that they’re

Terrible to get off i’ve had mine off a couple times because i’ve replaced my spring bushings and i have videos on that too so it’s something you know if you’ve got an older truck and your trucks weighing around sometimes it feels like it’s swaying from the front and really it’s from the rear for use of spring bushes we’re out to carry a lot of weight like i do

You know these are kind of things that really pay off you know for amount of money you put it in the spring bushings aren’t that expensive to do i put the polyurethane ones in there but i got a video on that too and this is already i got a tool body on here it’s a dually tool body so i don’t need to mess with my bed or anything like that so anyway what we’re going

To do is it’ll take the bottom air bag loose and the primary reason i’m doing this i just don’t want to stretch the air bag because there’s nothing going to be holding it up once i take the axle loose and make sure you’re supported your jack is supported under the axle before you take the bottom bolts off well like i say mine have come off pretty easy you know

I’ve heard people say i think part of it depends on where you’re driving at you know but anyway i’m gonna go ahead and take those loose next and then we’ll move on and see what’s left okay so it’s out so what i was going to show you is if you watch the you can hear how much slack the reason that that’s every time you shift or something clunks it’s a good quarter

Inch of play and here’s a new one if you watch that there is virtually no slap it’s tight that’s the way it should be so this is what to get you to clunk it every time you shift and you get vibration i mean it’s it needs a rebuild but i wanted to do it anyway and just to note the brakes are the exactly the same on the dually as they are the 2500 as long as it’s a

Dana 80 so if you find a dually rear that doesn’t have the plate and brake assembly on it you can take your one off the single the only difference is is the dually has a bigger deeper drum for your brakes but the shoes are exactly the same the setups exactly the same everything else is exactly the same on a dana 80 single and a gain 280 dude so you can do that what

You have to do though is remove the hub to get the backing plate off which is a whole nother story but it’s not that difficult so anyway it’s out sitting in the ground i’m think i’m gonna switch over the brake lines and all i think this one came from a area that has a lot of road salt you can tell it’s got some rust on it it’s got some rust in the brake area but

I got new brakes and all the hardware for the brakes i’m gonna replace all that anyway once they get in there so anyway i’m going to change over all my brake lines my emergency brake line and what-have-you like that and then we’re going to slide it underneath down right here as well if you have a friend that owes you a favor call it in now because this sucker is

Heavy anyway so we slide it under there we get it under place and then we gotta get a jack underneath of it this also works if you have a transmission jack works pretty good for this if you set a transmission jack under it and you can slide under there pretty easy anyway we’re slide it under place where it goes and we’ll see what’s next okay so the rear is bolted

Up under there i got my shackles over there now there’s a couple different things you can see the rim sitting over there what i did is i had a couple old rings and i just stuck on there and i was able to roll it underneath the truck this is what i was saying about two people it’s a lot easier now i did this by myself but it takes more time you got to go back and

Forth back and forth trying to get it to line up right but it’s pretty much you know you put it together way you took it apart you know pretty much sit where it goes but getting the thing in there it’s a heavy rear so you know just be prepared so now we’re gonna hook everything else up we’re gonna do our shocks brake lines and emergency brake cable and then almost

Show you i thought was the easiest way to bleed these brakes out because of course the lines are empty by now so we got to completely fill up again so anyway stay tuned and we’re going to do that okay so believe me the brakes otis is coming out on the video but anyway the easiest way i found is you open up the both bleeder valves fill the reservoir up with fluid

Pump the brakes once or twice such a touch bucket down there and let it sit and then you know what will happen is it will flow through itself and bleed itself then you got to make sure you keep the rise of wormhole and if you look at the bleeder valve the driver’s side is actually closer so that’ll show up first what will happen is if you look at it you can see

A steady stream of fluid coming out you watch it for a bubbles and as long as no bubbles or air gaps coming out then you’ve got a solid line fluid what you want so just felt the rise of or crack both both valves open pump the brakes or two twice and sit back and let it flow and it takes about 15 minutes you can see it dripping off of there now didn’t like i say

The driver side will bleed through first and then you just shook that one and then the passenger side the right side will come through second once you got a good flow coming out then you know it’s a solid line the fleur close them off and this always works for me it’s a lot easier than trying to do with different ways the other thing that you may be saying with

Duley’s what about the front well this is actually a adapter off of the dodge and don’t ask me why they cost a fortune if you don’t want to look for so your options are you can find one of these adapters buy the adapter or you can actually you can just leave the front tires alone you know and just live run regular rooms a problem with that is you can’t rotate the

Tires but anyway i guess they all just end up in the junkyard is why they cost so much but most people i mean they’re up there one hundred fifty two hundred dollars for a set and it’s a chunk of steel anyway you know we should just about have it i got my new brakes so in there everything is all set up just gonna put the drums i got a mount the tires and we got it

You know i hope this video helped somebody and be sure to subscribe like i say we’ve got a lot of videos for dodge repair upgrades i got have to be compound turbos i mean relief spartan bushings front control arm bushings you name it we got it so subscribe take a look at some of the other videos and see if they can help you out some you have a good day

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Convert a Single real Wheel to Dual rear Wheel step by step By Glenn

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