connecting ford ecosport via obd
Altair Club Cars Connecting Ford Ecosport via OBD #OBD #CarEngineScan #ConnectCarTOMobile

Connecting Ford Ecosport via OBD #OBD #CarEngineScan #ConnectCarTOMobile

Today we will see how to connect our vehicle’s engine with our mobile phone through bluetooth and to diagnose if that vehicle is having any issues now most of our modern cars are designed by high-end scientists however the repair is done by generally 10th fast mechanics so it is very important to know the basic of vehicle diagnostics for this what we need is an

Android mobile with a basic app called torque as you can see here and a simple onboard diagnostic dongle available on amazon for thousand rupees as you can see this now this kind of dongle every vehicle has a onboard diagnostic port and this dongle can be connected in this port very easily and after connection we need to switch on the vehicle as we’ll do now

Now after connecting a vehicle this dongle via bluetooth will connect to this torque app here and as you can see the revolution permanent rpm of the vehicle as it is showing on the vehicle screen same will be shown on the mobile screen the engine has connected to this uh mobile phone via bluetooth now the benefits of this are that we can see the vehicle health

We can see how the mass airflow sensor how much air is entering how much revolution per minute main thing is we can see the load on the engine as you can see here i’ll switch on the air conditioner and you will see how the load will increase a shot up from 33 percent to 55 percent and then i’ll switch off the air conditioner the load will come down also you can

See the effects of lights like i’ll switch on the headlights as you see i’ll switch on the headlights and you can see the effect on the vehicle slight increase in load with the fog lights and with all the high beam running it will put 10 to 15 percent load on the vehicle then you can see it the temperature at which the coolant is coolant is the boost produced by

The turbo and you can see exhaust gas recirculation egr sensor the voltage produced by this thing uh alternator the torque vehicle is producing and various other parameters and the main use of this is if there is any fault in the vehicle we can see the fault codes and the scan of ecm will be done and any faults will be reported to the user so that necessary

Action can be taken now as we saw in this torque app no faults are sound in this vehicle we’ll go back to the menu and we can see the basic real-time information of the vehicle on this and as you can see various parameters of the vehicle so in the modern vehicles which are total the engines are total computer controlled this is a must no thing and a must-have

App and it doesn’t cost much now i’ll disconnect this dongle to just give you a switch of the vehicle and i’ll disconnect the dongle just to give you an brief of as to how the machinery looks like hi yeah now i have disconnected dongle and you can have a look at various other dongles these two are available in the market and every vehicle has a sport which you

Can connect the dongle onto and then through this door cap it will connect to your mobile

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Connecting Ford Ecosport via OBD #OBD #CarEngineScan #ConnectCarTOMobile By Luhar Tech Vlog – LTV (Blacksmith’s Technology)

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