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Altair Club Cars Comparing 2022 Highlander Limited FWD vs AWD: How to Decide

Comparing 2022 Highlander Limited FWD vs AWD: How to Decide

Full 2022 Toyota Highlander Limited Review: all-wheel drive vs front-wheel drive. Pricing, features, differences, much more! What’s your choice?

What is up everyone i’m jeff teague this is toyota jeff reviews welcome to the channel let’s not forget what famous philosopher michael jackson once said you know i’m bad i’m bad shimon and i’m pretty sure he was talking about the toyota highlander when he said those famous words today we’re going to take a tour of the highlander limited lineup this is 2022 limited

Front-wheel drive in blueprint and this right here highlander limited all-wheel drive in moon dust so with these ones there are just a couple differences one of them is the all-wheel drive mechanism itself the other is the price that’s right on the right limited front wheel drive just a hair bit over 45 000 and on the left the all-wheel drive a hair bit over 46.9

Well you know one of the differences well it’s not going to be performance because the engine’s the same the transmissions the same okay i’m calm this is a 3.5 liter v6 engine it produces 295 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque matched eight-speed automatic transmission this has multi-link rear suspension so it’s real smooth on straightaways on highways but

Then it tightens up going around country turns so this one has front wheel drive the wheels are powered in the front the front wheels do all the work front-wheel drive and actually my first observation is this is a strange sight because this is something you don’t see very often on highlander the hood up unless it’s regular service intervals very bizarre just soak

That in so reliable this one here the all-wheel drive that has dynamic torque vectoring dynamic torque vectoring all-wheel drive that’s a mouthful that’s a huge buzzword and what it means is that all four tires and wheels are capable of doing the same amount of work if they need to because you can send torque to the back wheels if you need it and then they go left and

Right to each individual wheel where it needs the most traction the most grip on the road it’s great for i’m coming back rain snow mud ice things like that where you normally would be slipping and sliding away slip sliding away but oh this is going to be weird a song and a plane in the same instance playing safe travels my friends you know what i was going to tell

You about the front end i got them lined up but first i want to tell you another difference and it’s not with price or anything like that or configuration the interior colors you got to see this this limited front wheel drive has oh i just found another difference this one has the ash interior so the default is going to be seating for seven that means limited has

Standard captain chairs not to do because this one has the zero charge factory upgrade seating for eight bench seat my friends bench seat how do you like that ash gray let’s compare it to beige here we go with our limited awd it’s in the house we’ve got beige interior with brown accents so this is the factory default captain chairs or captain’s chairs everybody

Looks at it different captain’s log stardate here we go it’s real interest in the use of beige and brown what are your thoughts on that now would be a great time to leave a comment tell me which interior you like best highlander limited comes with full led headlights daytime running lights and led fog lights as well which is a nice perk then we’ve got chrome and

Of course you’d expect it on something of limited caliber here along with gloss black reminds me of like throwing knives like right here gloss black beautiful it has front parking sonar parking parking sonar right here along with the matte black lower bumper bit of trivia here highlander and camry were the first ones to come up with toyota safety sense 2.5 plus

Which means you’ve got all the normal suite of safety features except for it’s got intersection support and evasive steering support as well so again more safety don’t you just love the fall look at those leaves shut up don’t you just love those leaves brilliant my friends brilliant with the power tailgate you can operate it three different ways you can use the

Key right how do i do it like that or you can come over here hit that grippy right there or you can do a daniel larussa and you can kick it just like that so three different ways look at me walking off dropping the mic the minimum amount of cargo space is 16 cubic feet that we see over here with the third row seats up that’s standard third row seats a lot of

You know that has a mat here it’s all weather jbl speakers i see so we could easily keep that up or you could put one of the seats up one of the seats down or you could have them both down and really open up the possibilities of what you can do in this ride here when we’re talking about rear seat passenger space there’s a good amount of room back here this is

With the seat all the way back and i still have plenty of room i can adjust my seat forward and backward i can recline it which is nice and i’ve got this walkway with cup holders i can use or i can move that seat too but lever good amount of slide now slide oh this would be fun now we’re in the front wheel drive one with the bench seat we can still move our seat

It’s just attached to this center of the 60 40. same thing like that good headroom too let’s take a look at this third row you’re not going to get me to climb back there today not going to do it not gonna happen wouldn’t be prudent alright so we’ve got cup holders there that’s also the square cut out for our tonneau cover if you wanted to use that we have air

Vents that go to the second and third rows that’s for the third seat belt back there so we’ve got that and you can just slide this back and expose our captain chairs so how do you want to do it get to the back this way the seat forward we also have sun shades just like this so that’s nice nice soft touch here nice wood grain right here looks good double

Pockets there’s a lot you can do for back seat folks here we’ve got rear temperature we’ve also got grounded outlet back here and usbc’s which is nice oh yeah that’s nice of course this is beige with brown let’s look over the front seat features in the all-wheel drive here the main difference is going to be you’re going to see the all-wheel drive mechanism

Controls multi-terrain select two two different memory seats got heated steering wheel certainly like that highlander sill sister-in-law seal we’ve got lumbar support no leg extender but we got lumbar support and then look at these seats here very comfortable seats i really like how the beige interior opens things up it provides bright airy atmosphere leather

Wrapped steering wheel with all of our controls and this has a seven inch multi-information display just like the front wheel drive nine inch multimedia touch screen with android auto apple carplay amazon alexa has a smart storage shelf here over there got one usb a usbc in usbc 12 volt circular port as well and then look here we’ve got different controls so if we

Push those controls we’ll come up over here so you can see we’ve got mud and sand rock and dirt push for normal you can also do snow mode so that’s an option that one’s up here in the green just like that i like mud and sand that looks cool or do you like rocking dirt better all right so here we’ve got heated and cooled seats standard on the limited right there

And right there you can adjust it yourself i feel like i’m not given enough attention to the um what do you call it to the other one to the gray one that’s not fair got jbl speakers homelink for garage door openers auto dimming rear view mirror i’m going to show the other stuff on the other limited so let’s take a look at the limited front wheel drive this has

The gray interior and the bench seat i really want to show these features but i don’t want to replicate what i’ve already done because that would be boring i mean i guess i could do it like a freestyle you got a bench seat second row you know this is perfect for eight on the go not very good but it was on the fly like bobo would say it’s off the cuff it’s off

The cuff howard all right we got this then we’ll look from the back and then we’ll go to the front let’s just keep vlogging it yeah let’s keep vlogging let’s do it that way oh wait we got a plane oh all right so as we come around to the front we’ll see just what we saw on the other one look around i really just want to show you how the dynamic of the vehicle

Changes when you have a different interior color like that same seven inch screen the thing you will not see is mud and dirt rock and sand just like that here we go it’s missing multi-terrain select but it still has heated seats cooled seats that nine inch multimedia touch screen homelink auto dimming rear view mirror little look at me then we’ve got sunglass

Holder you’ve got moon roof control safety connect where is it right here yeah right there and then we’ve also got this boom like that with sliders and then one last thing i want to show inside here we’ve got smart charging the q wireless charging and a tray so there are a lot of different things you can do in that center console how does it look let’s take

A look at the window sticker so you can see standard features front wheel drive made in princeton indiana a blueprint with ash interior safety ratings here’s the fuel mileage we’ll show you standard equipment this will be relatively the same other than the all-wheel drive mechanisms you’ll see that under mechanical and performance and then exterior and interior

Here’s the pricing on this one starts at forty five thousand this one has seating for eight it’s a zero charge upgrade get the destination fee here of twelve hundred and fifteen dollars we’re going to add in some options just take a look these were added at the regional assembly port and that puts this one at forty eight thousand six ninety two all-wheel drive

Moon dust with beige interior the mpg went down slightly but not too much you’ll see the multi-terrain select and the dynamic torque vectoring at the bottom of mechanical and performance that’s different it’s kind of cool being able to see these window stickers so you can actually see how they’re equipped it’ll help with your research pricing this one’s going to

Be about 1900 more expensive has that moon dust color added to it destination is the same we got some options here and then we’ll go all the way down we’re at about 50 000 on this one everyone thanks so much for watching please follow me at toyota jeff reviews youtube instagram and tic tac i think i’ll do a instagram video right now on this one what’s it gonna

Be i wonder hmm anyway thanks so much for being here i really appreciate you all what do you think of highlander do you like the limited would you pay the money the 1900 for the all-wheel drive mechanisms all right see you next time

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