compared 2018 alfa romeo stelvio
Altair Club Cars Compared: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63

Compared: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63

( ) Compared: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63

Hey guys welcome to a classic tfl matchup review and to my left is my man alex from alex on autos and alex what are you driving today i am driving a 2018 alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio which is quite a mouthful that is and i’ve got a mercedes-benz amg gl c 63 yes that’s also a mouthful and how much does yours cost mine is 85 000 and mine is 87 000 and mine’s

A better value than yours all right yours is a better value but by the end of this review we’re going to tell you which one we would buy if it were our money and that is coming up right now on the fastlane car so under the hood of this amg of course is a ruddy big 4 liter v8 with two turbos nestled in between the v to give it better performance puts out 469

Horsepower 479 pound-feet of torque and it is mated to a nine-speed automatic with paddle shifters what do you got alex i have a 2.9 liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine so it’s a little bit smaller than what’s over there but more power 505 horsepower 443 pound-feet of torque and a ferrari pedigree because they basically took a california v8 and they locked two

Cylinders off it it’s a 90 degree v6 which i think is hilarious it’s even labeled right here as 90 degrees even though the optimal angle for a v6 really is 60 degrees as a result this doesn’t idle as smoothly as that v8 but it does give us more power and 0-60 in 3.6 seconds now my 0-60 is 3.8 ish or 3.9 seconds but you know what i mean you can tell the difference

Between 3.6 and 3.8 right there’s really only one way to find out which of these engines is better and that is a rev battle now for all you mercedes-benz fans you’ll know that there is a coupe version of this the s which gets a little bit more power but i got to tell you style wise this looks like a compact luxury crossover on steroids it feels like a mercedes

That went to the gym and pumped me up i mean look at those huge tires look at that huge grill is it stylish yeah kind of in a i want to punch you in the face sort of way i don’t know roman this front end kind of looks like someone was inflating a balloon and they just blew a little bit too far it’s a little too inflated alpha definitely went for lifted hatchback

With a stelvio we have this raked rear window right there overall the side style definitely screams more hatchback than traditional crossovers so we don’t really have anything very square going on there i love love love these wheels huge brake calipers on there obviously painted red that adds extra horsepower we have these shark gill functional hood vents right

Here i really love those and then up front unfortunately we don’t find led headlamps i think that is really disappointing on the stelvio we only have hid headlamps the overall look is very angry up front this is an awful lot angrier than that mercedes right there we have this huge very distinctive alpha male grill going on right there you know alex i agree

This alpha is certainly angry kind of like an angry bird no no no make that a very pissed off bird hey alex um what’s the size difference between these two cars only an inch this is one inch shorter than the stelvio really because the mercedes feels like a compact crossover whereas that feels like a midsize crossover but if you’re saying it’s an inch let’s see

How much room there is now i’m gonna adjust this to where i normally drive and you tell me if i’m gonna scrunch you okay all right fair enough let’s try that in the uh alfred mayo hey alex i got plenty of room back here are you sitting where you normally drive i am not let’s move that back there whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we have uh we have a little less

Room i think in this one you know it’s not bad though with this big panoramic sunroof uh and the fact that this vehicle is what two inches higher off the ground wonder why that is i don’t know it stelvio’s crazy high actually off the ground there’s a lot of like pretty quirky things about this let’s go through a good bad and weird on each of these cars sounds

Good or bad here’s a good bad and weird about this mercedes benz the good has got to be this four liter twin turbo v8 that is one of the best engines in the automotive world not only is it fast not only is it fun but when you put your foot in it it’s also very furious in other words it’s very fast the bad has got to be this infotainment system specifically the

Way that you interface with it when you have both a rotary knob and a touch pad to interface with your entertainment system that to me says you quite haven’t figured out how to best design the system yet and the wear has got to be that there are two versions of this vehicle there’s a glc63 and the glc63s now the s gets 40 more horsepower and in america it comes

Only as a coupe why not just make all of them the s that seems like a win-win the good for the stelvio has to be the exhaust note it is simply pure sex whether you’re in the dynamic mode or the normal mode and it gets even better in race mode sort of like good sex as with the mercedes the infotainment system really is the weakness in this cabin the screen is

Smaller than many of the competition we don’t have a touch pad controller we just have this little rotary controller here although we thankfully do finally get apple carplay in this dash it still is a really weak point in this cabin oh perfect song too the weird has to be that there is no button to simply activate the loud exhaust which everybody who drives

This once in order to get it you have to put it in race mode which turns off the stability control and the pre-collision warning hey guys this video is brought to you by the automotive video association which is made up of some of the coolest cars and some of the coolest youtube video reviewers that you can find anywhere if you’re interested i’m cool roman

Alex is cool if you’re interested in watching great reviews of some of the coolest cars by my man jason here i live my life one quarter mile at a time all you have to do is visit their youtube channels turn me on ryman and check out these great car reviews because not only do we have the coolest cars but nick we have the coolest individuals as you can see my

Little bastion of england so check out the abas and thank you for watching this video and be sure to check out all the reviews that all these guys are producing okay you do have to love just how much acceleration without turbo life this car gives you yes i think that’s the big difference between this and the stealth the stelvio definitely has a little bit of

Turbo lag at the bottom end because it’s a little bit of wait for it wait for it that bam yeah whereas this thing i think because they put the turbos into the v at least that’s what mercedes will tell you right the distance that the hot air has to travel into the cylinders is much shorter so you don’t as much triple line although those those are in the v as well

But it’s a smaller displacement higher boost you know this one’s got more more low end towards the bigger displacement and i’ll tell you you know we’re not obviously on a racetrack here but this thing is uh dead planted right and it feels like i am blue to the road taking these corners it’s very athletic in its approach to the driving experience it’s within the

Realm of possibility and you don’t have a less practical sports car you have something that’s still practical you can drive every day it’s there’s a logic to that i think you know alex i don’t think people care about fuel economy when they buy these but they might so mine is 16 in the city 22 on the highway 18 combined and i’m a little bit better 17 23 19

Winner alpha romeo yep v6 for the win if you care about that when you’re buying an 85 000 car you might you might you might you might if you’re on a budget all right so now we’re in the stelvio to me it feels bigger i know it’s only an inch longer but it just feels bigger it feels like we’ve got more room between us it feels like it’s much taller which it is

Obviously i think the interior in the glc makes you feel like a bigger person it’s like the interior feels small yeah i like the camaro that way how does it drive this drives a little tighter i think than the uh than the amg it’s a little bit less polished but a little bit more exciting the shift paddles i think are way better yeah and the noise is absolutely

Incredible it’s like i just find myself putting this thing in manual mode and and just shifting all the time just so i can hear it pop and snarl at me it’s kind of like a lucky charm mixed with the rice krispies that’s the poorly clover that snap crackles the other thing i’ve got you know enamored by the seeds they’re pretty highly bolstered for a big guy like

Me i’ma love them do you like that i love the seats you must have a i’ve got a bigger ass than you apparently my dainty posterior um one thing i don’t like about this car though is that once all of the fun and the shifting is gone you know done and you’re like i just want to go to work and you put this in advanced efficiency which is a hilarious name for a

Drive mode in a sports car um then the sound is not as pleasing as the mercedes it doesn’t have that v8 verbal to it and when you’re stopped at the stoplight it kind of idles like a tractor all right alex these cars are remarkably similar so if it were your money 85 000 which would you get am i leasing it or am i buying it you’re buying it dude you are buying

It you are going in it’s cash i would get the mercedes i’d have to buy them stays it’s probably going to be a little bit more reliable the interior i think is put together a little better both infotainment systems aren’t my cup of tea but the one in the mercedes is better than what we have in the alpha and it’s also a little bit more practical all the way around

I think i get the alpha you know why why because you said it it sounds like makeup sex when you floor it i i have to say that although i would buy the mercedes i would always be wondering what it was like in the alpha and i would always be jealous of someone driving the alpha well guys check out more of alex’s reviews where alex nadas yep and of course come

Back to for more news views and of course real world reviews with my man alex thanks for watching see you guys next time ciao i think that’s real carbon fiber yes it’s real yeah but it’s pointless but real because it’s not actually saving weight because you know carbon fiber is so much lighter than the wood trim but it looks badass that shaves a

Hundredth of a second off right there by making that carbon fiber

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Compared: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63 By The Fast Lane Car

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